Nightmare Sisters (1988)


Produced & Directed by: David DeCoteau

Associate Produced & Written by: Kenneth J. Hall


Linnea Quigley .... Melody
Brinke Stevens .... Marci
Michelle Bauer .... Mickey
Richard Gabai .... Kevin
William Dristas .... Duane
Marcus Vaughter .... Freddy
Timothy Kaufman .... Phil
Matthew Phelps .... J.J.
C. Jay Cox .... Bud
Michael Soneye .... Omar
Jim Culver .... The Exorcist

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: June 15, 1988



Three nerdy sorority sisters named Melody (Linnea Quigley), Marci (Brinke Stevens) and Mickey (Michelle Bauer) can't seem to get any of the good looking fraternity guys to go out with them so one night they invite three nerdy frat pledges named Kevin (Richard Gabai), Duane (William Dristas) and Freddy (Marcus Vaughter) over for their own little party as they find a crystal ball as a fortune teller named Omar (Michael Soneye) transforms these three nerdy women into sex crazed succubus'.
The head frat snobs lead by Phil (Timothy Kauffman) crashes in on their party while they try to get it on with these lustful babes only to find out that their sexual contacts terminates them to dust.
Kevin and his friends try to find some way on saving their own skin before they all become the next victims.


We spot an overlong prologue with a woman talking to a fortune teller Omar about her late husband trying to reconnect with him which this fortune teller was supposed to be indian and this seems fake and ridiculous interactions with the two of them. There's a nice close up shot on some monstrous hands ripping the head off Omar showing a wide eyed expression which is a nice start to the opening credits which offers a wee bit of horror but mostly comedic.
Then we spot more corny moments with some soroity girl nerds doing their thing including a bucky one named Melody playing the piano and irritatingly singing which got on my nerves but the comedic timing seemed to be on the ball here.
There's more annoying moments when they call some frat nerds and we hear some loud snoring which seems to drown out their discussions big time as one of them are sleeping. Due to a lack of a budget probably weren't able to moderate the discussion and snoring.
We also spot some obnoxious frat leaders giving the nerds a hard time which also seemed pretty annoying to what is all going on between them and the nerds as well as cheesy writing with what they have to say. Yet a nice shot on the door in their room revealing DeCoteau's other film of a theatrical poster on Creepozoids.
A tacky moment when the nerdy girls receive a telegram and Melody reading it as this seemed awfully stale within what happens here.
However there's some fun touches when both frat nerds from the guys and gals get together to summon up Omar from a crystal ball with cheesy green lighting effects as well as interesting camera shots on all of them focusing on what he's telling them. Also neat cheesy lightning effects on the sisters with smoke around them suddenly turning them into lustful babes which offers a nice change to their appearance while we continue to watch.
Things look really interesting when the sisters get hot towards the guys as well as smearing pie over them and acting silly which shows nice timing here as well as their neat erotic one liners on planning to take a bath which gets even more exciting and hilarious when the three of them are bathing one another which I laughed my ass off and perfect close up camera shots on them scrubbing each other with soap as well as the nerds trying to peek through a peep hole as well as the obnxious frat leaders trying to look through a window from outside as this really grabs your attention a great deal to what each person is doing throughout the whole scenery here. I found this moment to be my most favourite scene as well as a memorable one in the story.
Things seem corny but adding flavor to the horror moments as well as the comedy when the frat nerd leader Kevin shows his concerns to his frat brothers about the sisters thinking something is wrong and something deadly might be happening within them.
Some cute moments when one of the siters named Marci trying to play a game with one of the nerds Duane called hide and seek and one of the obnxoxious frat guys kidnapping all of them and tying them up so they can play their game instead as the comedy and horror seems to almost tie in here since we get a feeling that they will get theirs in the end with these deadly women.
There's a nice shot on Marci holding a big lolipop and then turning around as we hear a bite biting sound and then we spot her lolipop bitten with monstrous teeth marks as this for sure offers the horror and slapstick comedy put together.
There's another perfect moment with another one entering Mickey's room which is looking like a jungle and she's dressed as a nude Jane swallowing a whole banana offering more zany comedy here. Plus there's some nice lustful shots on her getting it on with him and then lowering her head which gives us an impression that something terrifying will be revealed with her and it just does and then I was convinced now the horror was coming into the story too instead of this being a plain dark comedy.
We spot a perfect piece of entertainment when we spot Melody going into a rock n roll song dancing everywhere holding a microphone as well as close up shots on her playing a guitar too as it makes you wanna jump in and join the fun here. Kinda looked like a music video while spotting all of this. Also we see her about to get lustful to the other obnoxious frat guy and then a perfect close up shot on her monstrous face and plunging in for the kill in a sexual way. Definetely more good horror timing here. Almost reminded me of a scene in Night of the Demons but alot cheesier and a little cornier too. Plus some nice interactions with Marci coming in complaining that hers got away and Melody shows proff that hers didn't as the low budget zany horror rises up a fair deal here.
Plus there's a good moment with the three sisters tricking the head obnoxious one which is of course Phil to do a threesome so Marci can get her fix too like her other two sisters did revealing lots of rough stuff and showing a viicious attack on all of them lungining into his flesh. This was nicely put in for a sex-horror-comedy.
Then we get into some lame discussions with the nerdy frat guys and and Exorcist they hire but the setting looked good and dark at the same time so we spot some more slapstick horror timing while watching. Just alot of trashy writing like when he talks about a situation of the actual movie we all remember in The Exorcist as I rolled my eyes with this moment thinking Kenneth J. Hall could've been a bit more original by how he wrote the one liners for all of this but didn't succeed.
A nice still dark shot with the sisters cornering one of the nerds as well as trapping these sisters with a net and they show their fangs big time which looked nicely shot here. Also some good shots looking down on the three of them tied to a chair acting vicious while an exorcism is performed.
A neat special effects shot while some large ghost is lured out of the sisters as I was thinking the horror's gonna be at it's finest here but yet this beast talks silly talk in a comedic way but oh well.
Bottom line is that this is a succubus slapstick comedy and horror put together. It barely passes as a horror though with all the silly stuff that we spot here but when we see the elements kicking in it's for sure in that same genre too just like what we see in movies like Evil Toons, Hobgoblins, Vampire Knights, Toxic Avenger and Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare. The film is done by the same makers as Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama using the same three scream queens too which fans of that flick will be pleased by this one too offers alot of skin and suggested sex too. It's basically another film so bad it's good and easily a party flick for a group of friends to watch and not take seriously at all. It's not scary by any means and way more funny. Shot in 3 days which is amazing.

The acting is pretty bad for the most part like we all expect for a flick like this but we have the three scream queens here so let's take a look shall we? Linnea Quigley (Melody) offered nice timing playing a kooky type of buck teethed nerd and really got into this part in a nice comedic fashion. She for sure does well with her speaking sounding totally bucky like and nicely high strung too. Shows alot of great energy too within what she does here. Plus showed a nice versatality with her soothing lustful voise when turned into a horny succubus as well as talking slickly and cool like too. We often see her performing like this in other sexy horror flicks and does it well. She knew on how to spring into action like performing a rock song and was good within her blocking too. Plus was great while showing monstrous expressions when about to do someone in.
Brinke Stevens
(Marci) was another fine one surprisingly since I've seen her work before and seemed to do the same old but here knew on how to show a good nasal type of speaking and coming across as perfectly nerdy. Does well with her clumsy type of blocking too. She also does well acting lustful while becoming a succubus. Plus does a nice job acting silly while prending to come across as a little girl. Yes she was the one who showed to most timing with her comedic skills here and was perfectly energetic too.
Michelle Bauer
(Mickey) as usual is the same like in any of the films I've seen her in. She seemed to act silly as an overweight frat sister but seemed to get carried away too. Of course while turning into a succubus seemed pretty funny with her soothing and lustful attitude like she often does since she often gets cast in a role like this. She came across nicely onto the camera like the other two but not much of a character actress I must say.
Richard Gabai (Kevin) seemed to breeze by ok as the head frat pledge nerd in which he showed some good uplifting energy as well as coming across as the wise one out of the bunch. He also does well acting anxious as well as acting alert with some situations going on. Plus does well showing a good concenred attitude within the strange situations that happens in the story as he showed okay timing within this too. He is not over the top good since I've often found him to be a mediocre actor working in mainly bad films but at least he tries as you can tell.
William Dristas (Duane) was the other nerd who drew my attention as he almost didn't have the looks to be this type but seemed to ahow off some nice adrenaline into what he did in his performance but at times seemed awfully cheesy with what he does at the same time too. He wasn't too convincing when he freaks out with the terrors that strikes him which needed improvements here. He does the best that he could possibly do here which is a nice pointer for him.
Timothy Kauffman (Phil) played the head frat asshole in which he gets too carried away by portraying this role in otherwords too unbelieveable to be doing what he was here. He tried way too hard and needed acting skills. He just doesn't cut the cake at all and seemed to perform like a clown here. Not everyone was meant to be in the acting industry and he's a good example but I've seen worst performers.
Michael Soneye (Omar) was quite annoying in his performance here as the fortune teller whom was supposed to be indian with an accent but he gets carried away with his accent as he was an american trying to sound like east indian. It can come across offensive to people in the foreign area. He was too much for me and was better off as the Imp in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama but he was even irritating in that one.
Jim Culver
(The Exorcist) was fairly okay as the witch doctor as he shows a nice seriouenss to his part but yet he was stiff and wooden too. He tried to show timing with the comedy and horror but more with the comedy. He doesn't seem to know what he's doing at times within his performance whenever he tries to be funny and seemed a bit confused by doing all of this.

Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer have their full breasts exposed after they are transformed into lustful succubuss' and smear pie over their bodies when they have an appetite.
Also they take a bat together as Michelle's crotch is briefly exposed and Brinke's butt is totally exposed here too as well as good close up shots on them rubbing their breasts with soap on them.
Linnea exposes her breasts while performing a rock song and then trying to get it on with an obnoxious frat guy.
Michelle is barebreasted in her room as a jungle woman.
Matthew Phelps exposes his butt and briefly his crotch while about to fornicate with someone and the same with Timothy Kauffman.
Linnea, Michelle and Brinke take it off full breasts while nearly performing a threesome with the head frat guy before doing him in.

The music put together by Michael Sonye sounded terribly corny, comedic and trashy especially some sitar indian music for the beginning of this flick since it features him playing a fortune teller. Seemed to suit the trashy scene nevertheless. Also there's some comedic high flute playing and some conry type circus like music for the real silly moments involving the frat nerds whether it's them having a silly discussion or the possessed one's wanting to play games. Just doesn't seem to be my cup of tea at all hearing this. Also there's the odd guitar plucking which sounded a bit stale at times but odd rockin type playing too which sounded fairly powerful. However there's some good wavy and airy synthesizer music when the preacher comes in to discuss with the frat nerds and exorcism as this finally adds a nice touch for horror music.

We have a songtrack mainly by the band Haunted Garage which they have some funky songs like "Sorority Sister Succubus" for the opening credits having that rockabilly sufring type of feel to it and adding some 60's style grooves to it all with the guitar playing and wild vocalising.
Also they did a song which sounds hilarious and suits a threesome bathtub sequencees with the succubus sisters titled "Yumpin Yiminy Suck on my Chimney" having a wild echoey vocalising to this as this track was my favourite one and can stand out in most people's minds who have seen this flick.
There's also a metal type track for the closing credits titled "Brain in a Jar" as it sounded good and wild with insane vocalising and heavy guitar riffs adding a nice ending horror-comedy type of touch for all of this.
In the film we see Linnea Quigley performing a song herself from her former rock band The Skirts with "Santa Monica Blvd. Boy" and although this song is a bit off it really made the picture sound truly rocking by what we see her do in the scene she sings this song.