Attractive blonde horror honey and Pennsylvania native Pamela Sutch is no stranger to the low-budget indie scene. She is one of the core darlings of WAVE Productions and after learning the ropes of the industry she recently started her own production company Siren Tales Productions. She was Lady Thunder to Tina Krause’s Lightning in the popular ‘Thunder & Lightning’ film series and has starred in many other films such as ‘Psycho Sisters’ with Christine Taylor, ‘The Gosh Darned Mortgage’ and ‘The Thirteenth Clone’ both with Tina Krause and Debbie D, ‘Trapped’, ‘Terror Trap: The Silver Mummy 2’, ‘Backwoods Marcy’, ‘Swamp Zombies’, ‘Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island’, ‘Blood for the Muse’, ‘DUCK! The Carbine High Massacre’. ‘Rana’, ‘The Invisible Stalker’, and many others. She is also extremely popular and sought after on the horror convention circuit and has undertaken some editing and directing projects as well such as ‘The Catalyst’. After talking with a few minutes it’s easy to see this is one scream queen who is taking charge. She’s smart, determined, and nobody’s victim.

  Owen: How did you get started as a Scream Queen?

Pamela: I worked a lot of different jobs in the performing arts and then eventually auditioned for B-movie related jobs and it started from there.

Owen: Have you always been a fan of the horror genre?  If so what are some of your favorite movies?

Pamela: I’ll always remember seeing the original 'Exorcist'.  It scared me a lot. But I’m not really a fan of horror.  I like a lot of different genres of movies if they’re good.  But believe it or not, the movies I fall asleep to are action movies.

Owen: What are your best and worst film experiences to date?

Pamela: The worst experiences that always occur (still) are the attack of mosquitoes when working out side and in the woods.  No matter how much Off you use their still there. Chiggers are another insect attacker.  They get inside your skin and itch for days.  Nothing is worse. The best experience I’ve had recently is shooting the first fight scene for my new movie, “Transformed”. I have pro-martial artists working on the project and the finished edited version is awesome. I’m amazed at the outcome.  That is myself as the director, not the actress. I also have fight scenes as the actress and I’m looking forward to the finished version of that as well.

Owen: What's the most challenging thing you have ever had to do in a movie to date?

Pamela: It’s always the same, the bugs and being cold. Plus, I just hurt my thumb in a fight scene. Nothing in particular stands out.

Owen: What’s the most gruesome way you have ever died on screen?

Pamela: Probably that clip that circulated the Internet a few years back from Jacelone Productions. I didn’t seem like much when we shot it, but after editing and with the acting included it made an impact on the audience. It looked so realistic that it caused controversy.

Owen: Tell me about the controversy.

Pamela: It seems the clip of me getting shot in the head looked so realistic that some people thought that it was. At one point they played it on Howard Stern and had a discussion about it.

Owen: What is something that makes you scream in real life?

Pamela: Mice running through the house.

Owen: Do you have any secrets for letting loose with a really effective scream?

Pamela: I sing so for me it just comes out.

Owen: The Gosh Darned Mortgage is a homage to the 1920s serials such as the 'Perils of Pauline' what was your favorite "peril" in the film?  

Pamela: The buzz saw scene came out the best.  Men probably like that one the best too because it’s the most revealing.

Owen: So now that you are directing Pamela, what have you learned in front of the camera that has come in valuable behind the camera?

Pamela: Since I’ve been directing, shooting, editing etc. I found most of my experience to make a good product came from me as an editor, not an actress. That’s were you see what it is you have to work with. You realize what works and what doesn’t involving continuity, composition, camera angles and the acting. I think I became a better actress from being a dancer. It helped my improve skills and natural movement in front of the camera. So one skill always feeds another. The more you do the better off.

Owen: If someone were to come to you asking advice about getting into the business what would you tell her?

Pamela: Have a backup plan. It isn’t a career until you can make enough money to support you. And that’s tough with any kind of acting.

Owen: Do you have a personal affinity or connection with any monster or creature?

Pamela: I believe there are spirits all around us. I know when they occupy a house. I half sleep and see them all around me. One time one went into my body from my boyfriend’s old house. I went home and then had the same crazy dreams the next day and felt it leave my body.

Owen: What are you working on currently?

Pamela: I’m excited about the release of the Zombie movie I worked on this past summer called “Swamp Zombies” It’s a zombie martial arts movie that has pro-wrestlers, The Blue Meanie, Dan Severn and Jasmin St Clair acting in it. Lot’s of effort was put into this production and I think it will do well. Check is out at I’m also excited about the release of “The Deep Undead” from It took some time to finish this production but all good things take time. I’m most excited about the new movie from my production company “Transformed” see it at  It’s a sci-fi type flick with transformations, morphing, martial arts and sexy women. It’s in production now. I should soon start to post photo’s and the progress of it on the Siren Tales website.