Native New Yorker model-actress-entrepreneur Rachael Robbins majored in film production at Hunter College before launching a modeling career that took her to South Beach and eventually Australia before returning back to New York. Now she is putting that film knowledge to work first hand. The petite blonde has been acting in films for the past five years appearing in such movies as Troma’s ‘Terror Firmer’, ‘Little Shop of Erotica’ with Marilyn Chambers, ‘Four Deadly Reasons’, ‘Deadly Memories’ (as Amy) with Robert Z’dar and Tina Krause, ‘Sexual Intrigue’, and ‘Body Shop’. She had multiple roles in the Brinke Stevens’ penned homage to horror ‘Dr. Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots’ alongside such genre names as Debbie Rochon, Tina Krause, and Conrad Brooks. She’s been seen as heroine Maura Holloway in Shock-o-Rama’s ‘Screaming Dead’ with Misty Mundae, and also has a starring role as Raven Lavine in ‘Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers’. Rachael is also a favorite with the folks at Playboy -- appearing in several of their videos – ‘Playboy’s Sexy Girls Next Door’, ‘Playboy: Girlfriends 2’, and ‘Girls In Uniform’. She’s done photo spreads in Femme Fatale, Heavy Metal, Draculina, and other national magazines. However, horror convention favorite Rachael’s biggest claim to fame to date may be as her own creation Blondezilla – a 600 ft. half glamour girl half lizard – the result of a hair growth tonic gone terrible awry. Rachael is working to develop the character in both print and film work. Recently the lovely Rachael was kind enough to give the racksandrazors folks a few minutes of her time.

  Owen: I want to hear about your new creation BLONDEZILLA!  And I want a poster of her.  It's very fun.

Rachael: 'Blondezilla' is very fun. That was my intentions with that project from the beginning. It’s a real tongue in cheek character and story line. Unfortunately we don’t have posters! But we do have trading cards that have become a collector’s item!!

Owen: What does BLONDEZILLA attack?  What axe does she have to grind?

Rachael: Blondezilla basically attacks the bad guys, but usually by accident or because they pissed her off by breaking her nail or stepping on her tail. She’s definitely a super hero by default. She has the same axe to grind as any other hot chick: silly boys, PMS, weight gain, catty girls, aging, missing a good sale at the mall.

Owen: Tell me about your leading role in the film 'Screaming Dead' from El Cinema.

Rachael: Screaming Dead was a great experience. I worked with a ton of wonderful people that I was glad to see everyday when I went to work. My character was the “plain, level headed” girl in the cast. That’s a nice departure from the roles I usually get cast in: the seductress, slut, cheerleader, bimbo, airhead (I guess that’s the same as bimbo). I had a great time playing that character, but I didn’t get to scream at all! That was a bummer. If you’re in a horror movie, you want to be able to belt out a few blood-curdling whoppers, y’know?

Owen: I am very excited to see Brinke Stevens/Paul Scrobo's 'Doctor Horror's Erotic House of Idiots'.  In addition to your work in it, the film also features other R&R favorites like Debbie Rochon as well as the delightful Amy Lynn Best. Tell me about your work in that project? 

Rachael: I was called in to shoot some additional scenes and fill some hole in Dr. Horror’s. It was totally cool because I got to play a handful of funny characters. Paul is AWESOME to work with. He really has it all together and is a real professional. We laughed a bunch when I shot my scenes. It was equally as funny to shoot them as it was to watch.

Owen: In 'Deadly Memories' you worked with the amazing Robert Z'dar from the 'Maniac Cop' movies and many others. I want to hear about that project and specifically about working with such an established cult star as Mr. Z'dar.  Was he aware of his underground icon status?

Rachael: I would love to sit hear and tell you all my amazing stories about working with Mr. Z’Dar, and I would except that I don’t have any because we didn’t actually have any scenes together!! He is one cool dude though! I wish I had been able to work with him, but I guess the next best thing is to be in a film with him! The project was cool. We shot it in the back woods of Tennessee. The food on set was good ole down south home cookin’. YUM! I put on a few pounds on that shoot. It was really hard work. Super long hours, in a not very comfortable location. That was the kind of shoot where after 15 hours on set you just lay down on the floor and go to sleep. You go into survival mode.

Owen: Do you think your association with Playboy in such videos and TV as 'Playboy's Sexy Girl Next Door', 'Playboy Girlfriends II', and 'Sex Court' have helped or hindered your career in the horror world?

Rachael: Working with Playboy totally helped my career as it would any girl who works for them. Playboy is a great thing to have on your resume (unless you want to be president or marry Oral Roberts). They are a top-notch company and working with them is the best on-set experiences I’ve had to date.

Owen: So with your Playboy past has all this immersion into the horror biz been a fluke or did you orchestrate this career direction for yourself?

Rachael: I wish I could say that I was that clever and powerful, but I can’t. I’ve always been a huge fan of horror. My dream was to be in horror films. I didn’t orchestrate it per se, I just put it out to the universe and the universe guided me in the right direction.

Owen: Rachael, which camp do you fall into -- Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, or Michael Meyers and why?

Rachael: Can I pick a different camp? I appreciate Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. But they are not the films that scare me the most. I love flix like The Omen, Amityville Horror, The Exorcist, Silence of The Lambs, 28Days Later, House of 1,000 Corpses. These films Freak me out!! I guess I like horror films that are not so formulaic. But if I had to choose, I’d say I fall into the Freddy Kruger Camp. Because he is pretty campy himself!

Owen: What single thing that you have done gave your career the biggest boost?

Rachael: Working with Playboy gave me the biggest career boost. And after that working with Troma.

Owen: If a woman came to you for advice about getting into the business what advice would you give her?

Rachael: I would tell her to RUN!! RUN LIKE THE WIND!! Marry rich, have kids, be a soccer mom!!!!! No seriously, I would tell her that persistence is key. Listen to people advice but don’t plan your life around it. Do what you love, do what feels right, and don’t sell out. But most importantly ALWAYS be a professional on set. Never be a diva. Because there are a ton of actresses out there that would be willing to take over for you. You don’t want to step on anyone’s toes because most of the work you get is from people that you’ve already worked with. Word of mouth and recommendation are huge in the indie horror world. These filmmakers are not going to the big agencies to get talent. They are looking for girls that have some kind of credit to their names and that are easy going and fun to work with! No J-Lo’s Pah-leeze!

Owen: What's something that makes you scream in real life?

Rachael: Nothing makes me scream more than LEECHES, eeeeew I can’t even stand the sight of them. For me, watching a nature show on leeches is scarier then Jason, Freddy , and Mike M all rolled into one!