Even some horror fans are hard-pressed to recognize her name. She went by a couple – Robin Rochelle as well as Robin Stille. That said, the Philadelphia born actress (11/24/61) came to Hollywood like so many others -- seeking fame, but found only a taste of it. Tragically that quest ended when, supposedly disheartened by her lack of career success and/or fuelled by drink, she took her own life in Burbank, California in 2/9/96 at the age of 35 and was laid to rest in Rose Hill Cemetery.

In those 35 years Robin starred in a handful of films most notably (to racksandrazors fans anyway) as Valerie “Val” Bates in the 1982 classic ‘The Slumber Party Massacre’ and in the 1988 scream-queen classic ‘Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama’ as Babs Peterson. Her other screen credits include ‘Winner Take All’ (86), ‘Vampire Knights’ (87), and her final performance as Sarah in the martial arts action flick ‘American Ninja 4: The Annihilator’ in 1991. On television she played a “coat check girl” on a 1990 ‘Jake and The Fatman’ episode entitled “God Bless the Child”.

Little is known regarding Robin Rochelle Stille’s life. At the time of her death of The Screen Actor’s Guild still listed her as a member, but even her agent had no idea where she lived. Not a good sign. By then she was also the mother to twin boys Joshua and Justin Creadick. Her death left behind two sisters, Dawn and Melanie, as well as her parents, Jere and Sarah. By that time she had fallen out of touch with her costars and most of the industry. Brinke Stevens recalls running into her, but other than that --- nada.

She began her career as brunette; she hit the big screen as 6th billed Robin Stille, playing Valerie Bates “the new girl” in ‘The Slumber Party Massacre’. In the role of Val she played the outcast who is “persona non grata” at the naughty overnighter next door. Val is invited by Trish in the locker room but demurs after hearing mean things said about her by Diane. Her co-stars from the film have described her as “fun” and determined for stardom -- nothing unusual new for a 20-year-old fresh to Hollywood. By the time of her next feature, as “Party Girl #3” in ‘Winner Takes All’, she was a blonde who went by the name of Robin Rochelle. That mostly forgettable role was followed closely by another role in the Dan Peterson written/directed horror-comedy ‘Vampire Knights’. However, then came her second real claim to fame – she was 3rd billed as cruel Babs Peterson in the cult classic ‘Sorority Babes at The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama’ (above both Brinke Stevens – her costar from ‘The Slumber Party Massacre’ – as well as Michelle Bauer).   About Robin’s work on the Sorority Babes film Brinke Stevens has been quoted as saying (when discussing injuries on the set) “…Linnea got badly battered too, when her larger fighting partner (Rochelle) frequently drank too much vodka and lost her restraint”. In another quote about discussing her co-star Ms. Stevens said, “I always liked Robin. She seemed so much more sophisticated and worldly than other girls her age – tall, blonde, and gorgeous; she dated a major Las Vegas star*, and dared to sneak vodka onto the set. She was both sweet and tough. I was so shocked to hear of her disillusionment with Hollywood and ultimate suicide…what a waste of a promising life.” As can be inferred, her drinking seems to have been a problem and has been theorized by various sources as a contributing factor to her untimely demise.

Sad indeed.

*In regards to that major Las Vegas star on a Robin Stille fan-site a man who claims to have dated Robin said they went to a movie one night in Hollywood and when leaving the theater were walking down Hollywood boulevard over the stars and when she passed Wayne Newton's star she claimed to have dated him for a while.