Exotic and gorgeous model Sofiya Smirnova is a seasoned veteran when it comes to being in front of the camera. Her winning personality and stunning looks have made her a popular draw at conventions like Glamourcon and Fangoria. Now Chicago based Sofiya's career about to be catapaulted to the next level. The Texas born beauty has just landed her first horror film role in Mike Watt's upcoming movie 'Abattoir' with Amy Lynn Best, Zoe Hunter, and Debbie Rochon among others. This is the start of something big. It only takes one look to see that this young woman is smoking hot -- and so is her career.



  Sofiya, let's start the RACKS AND RAZORS reader's off with a visual --- would you please describe the room where you're answering these questions?

I'm currently in my office. It looks like a tornado went through it. It's piled with paperwork all over the tables, shelves and floor. The wall on one side is decorated with movie posters and the opposite side of the wall displays two replica GI JOE swords; Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (umm..okey, I like GI JOE comics especially from Devils Due. I can't elaborate 'cause you'll think I'm a pure geek). I'm not really a messy person, I've been working overtime. Honestly.

You're so wonderfully exotic looking with those great Chinese/Russian genes...were you always aware of your good looks?

Oh-dear-no-way. I'm an absolute late bloomer. I was the ultimate geek with big round glasses, round face, wore clothes my mother made for me, and had no clue what a social life was. I never had any luck with the boys. Even the nerds that I had crushes on ran away from me like the plague. I enclosed my childhood photos. Pretty scary huh?

Well, I see you're making your first horror film, the vampire flick ABATTOIR for Mike Watt which also features several Racks and Razors favorites like Debbie Rochon, Amy Lynn Best, Zoe Hunter, and April Monique Burril. How did that opportunity come about?

My fans have been bugging me about attending Fangoria in Chicago since I'm such a b-horror fan. I did and I met Amy Lynn Best and Mike Watt there. Actually, when I first met them, they were very humble about who they were. We talked about everyday things other than careers and accomplishments and it was great because they were so down to earth. On the last day, Amy mentioned a movie she and Mike were working on and wanted to know if I wanted to get involved. I jumped at the opportunity. I didn't know they were serious, but I remember spending hours and hours the following week getting my media kit together to impress them. The following month, Mike contacted me and gave me the scripts to review. That's when I panicked and passed out in utter happiness.

Tell me a little bit about your ABATTOIR character Zhora and how she fits into the scheme of the film?

Zhora is a cold blooded killer with no soul. She's a predator always searching for her prey and uses her sensuality to lure her victims. She is also Elizabet's lieutenant and helps protect the peace at the Bathory house.

So what do acting and modeling have in common and how are the two nothing alike for you?

Professionally, I see myself as an entertainer when I am working. My job as a spokesmodel is labeled as "live modeling." This means I interact and communicate with my fans and translate the uniqueness and different aspects of the products I am promoting. I truly love it because every day, I am doing something different and learning something new. I'm very outgoing and can easily approach strangers and strike up a conversation. Acting is new to me and I love the challenge of having to play different characters. I hate the stable 9 to 5 job with after work happy hour drinks kind of scene tends to bore me easily. I like to constantly sharpen and hone my skills while proactively seeking knowledge through my accomplishments and failures. I also love to doll up and play with make-up and hair. Acting and modeling are a perfect fit for me.

Personally, I am shy; very much opposite of the person I am when I'm working as a model or actress. When I am not working, I look very plain with no make-up, wearing non-brand name clothes. I spend a lot of time at home playing the cello, painting, and listening to music.

My professional and personal life involves the appreciation of arts and developing and challenging my skills; however I am able to separate the two because I like to surround myself in the company of good friends and family who I understand that what I do professionally isn't always who I really am.

Actress, model, poet, graphic designer, artist --- you have so many skills, but where do you see yourself heading -- what's your primary direction or current plan?

I want to get the most out of life as much as possible; that's my search for the meaning of it all. With respect to modeling and acting, I want to capture my fountain of youth and age gracefully. My primary direction now is getting the most out of modeling and acting. My professors in college have taught me to always continue to educate myself and consistently learn "new things" so as my skills and talents develop, I can always find work where needed. It's especially important for me since I am an independent contractor. Graphic arts is what I plan fall back on when I retire from modeling. I am basically a chameleon of entrepreneurial sorts.

So word on the street is you were THE BABE of Glamourcon 2005. What was that experience like for you? Does your personality mesh well with that sort of convention or do you need to turn the energy up a notch?

It feels wonderful to be recognized by fans despite my lack of appearances in print work or Internet compared to other models at Glamourcon. My first experience was kinda rough. I was new then, did not know much and I had a hard time getting myself noticed. I later learn everything takes time to develop. I usually turn the energy up a notch when I am at Glamourcon because I like to distinguish myself from other models. There are so many beautiful models to look at and meet so what makes me any different? That is what I ask myself each and every time I attend Glamourcon.

Do you recall the first time you were ever REALLY scared by a movie?

Oh yes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre The New Generation with Renee Zellweger and Matthew Mcconaughey. There's this one scene when a girl who was literally tortured to death sits at the dinner table going in and out of consciousness and she was set on fire. She wakes up to the horror, and runs straight into the wall and passes out. Grief, I couldn't sleep for days. It gave me chills and the hair on my back stood up.