Teri 24/7 Talking With Playmate/Scream Queen/Porn Legend Teri Weigel by Owen Keehnen

Teri Weigel (Y-gull) was a young model from a conservative Florida family when she was asked by Playboy for a test photo shoot and soon graced the cover of the November 1985 issue and became a VERY popular centerfold the following April. From there Teri went on to make a number of mainstream and horror films such as ‘Savage Beach’ (as Anjelica -- with Dona Spier and Hope Marie Carlton), ‘Cheerleader Camp’ (in which she gained horror film immortality as Pamela Bently and was stabbed in the back of the head with a pair of garden shears that emerged from her mouth!), ‘Night Visitor’ (killed in a black magic ritual), John Landis’ vampire opus ‘Innocent Blood’, ‘Marked For Death’, ‘Return of the Killer Tomatoes’ (she has a bed scene with a young George Clooney!), ‘The Banker’ (as Jaynie, shot with a crossbow!), ‘Sunset’, ‘Scarface’, ‘Aunt Lee’s Meat Pies’ (with horror-movie matron Karen Black), ‘Masquerade’, and ‘Predator 2’.  She was even Al Bundy’s fantasy woman – Jade – on the Fox show ‘Married With Children’. Then tragedy struck --- in August of 1990 Teri was in a horrible auto accident, injuring her neck and preventing her from working for months. Deeply in debt due to astronomical medical expenses, the 28-year-old Teri began doing XXX films, which paid her a top price of an astounding $4000 a day! With the top money and great sex it was true love for the former playmate. Soon she was the Vixen of Vivid Video enjoying superstar status doing something she truly loved – having sex. Since then she has shot dozens of porn films and has become a bona-fide legend in the industry. Her latest project is a 24/7 live-cam in her home and with her sex-drive viewers are sure not to be disappointed. This woman is the delicious definition of true survivor and the wonderful embodiment of someone who lives her own life and makes her own rules. Her website is www.teriweigel.com or www.totallyteri.com and she was cool enough to take the time to chat with us at racksandrazors.


First off -- let's talk about your fright flicks, I remember your role in 'Night Visitor' from 1989.  That was a very creepy movie where you get stabbed during a black magic ritual I believe.  What do you recall most vividly about the shoot?

Teri: I was really scared, Michael was very bizarre in real life, nice but, Weird.

Owen: Your scare career includes your work as Pamela Bently in the 1987 flick 'Cheerleader Camp'.  How did that role come about?

Teri: I read for the part and got it.

Owen: In that one you get stabbed in the back of the head with garden shears...correct?  Do you recall how they did that effect with the blade then coming out of your mouth?

Teri: It was a prosthetic Mouth Piece. It took a lot of time and work to make it look real.

Owen: So was it weird working with Leif Garrett?  Did you have a teenage crush?

Teri: He was so sexy…. No, was too young. Can’t tell you what happen on the set!!!

Owen: Tell me about your work in 'Return of the Killer Tomatoes'.

Teri: Love George Clooney, I had a scene with him in a bed.

Owen: George Clooney in bed sounds fun, any further comment?

Teri: No. At that time he was a nobody, but now he’s somebody and I was in bed with him. LOL

Owen: I've got to hear some sort of tale about your work as Coral in the dark cult classic 'Aunt Lee's Meat Pies' with Karen Black.

Teri: She was cool, but as scary as the movie.

Owen: So what made Karen Black so scary?

Teri: Well it’s just the way she is, she’s kinka off to herself and just scary sort of like the way she is in her movie. But very nice.

Owen: The same year as 'Aunt Lee's Meat Pies' (1992) you also played Melody in the John Landis movie 'Innocent Blood'.  Do you find vampires to be as sexy as all the hype? 

Teri: NO

Owen: So what does it for you (fright wise) and why -- vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens, creatures, mummies...?

Teri: Aliens, but I must say all of it scares me.

Owen: Gotta ask:  How did your periodic appearance as Jade, Al Bundy's fantasy woman on 'Married With Children', come about?

Teri: Again read for the part and got it. I think the producer liked me a lot too.

Owen: I also recall you as Angelica in 'Savage Beach' with fellow Playboy Playmates Dona Spier and Hope Marie Carlton.  Was that a pleasant experience?  Was there Playboy camaraderie or competitiveness or indifference?

Teri: It was so much fun. Had a really good experience.

Owen: Speaking of that you are quite controversial when it comes to your relationship with Playboy.  You've been critical of the magazine and have gained that "bad girl" Playmate image as the only one to do hardcore movies.  Any comment in regard to that?

Teri: NO

Owen: About your XXX career...you have done so many movies.  Was it a hard transition for you to make with your conservative background or did your enthusiasm, love of sex, and need for money (following your accident) override any qualms?

Teri: At that time all of the above. I think my love for sex and money made it easy to overcome. It was just the right time and I went for it.

Owen: Speaking of all those things -- what was your main motivator to do XXX?

Teri: MONEY and SEX! I just love Sex, so that makes it so easy for me, I love my job. Not like most other girls.

Owen: Since this is racks and razors, you also had your breasts enlarged to 36DD.  Was that an easy or tough decision to make?  Was it a personal or professional decision?

Teri: Personal.

Owen: What projects do you have lined up in the near future?

Teri: Working on and album of remakes. I will be selling on my site in a few months, I hope. I just started going back out for real movie auditions, maybe you will see me in another horror movie someday.  I Love my site www.teriweigel.com where I have 12 live cams 24/7 everyday where you can watch me live my life. It’s called live the life of a Porn Star “Teri’s House”.

Owen: And regarding your website...so with the 24/7 cams how exactly does Teri Weigel live her life?

Teri: I’m just a normal girl most of my fans like to watch me cook; I love to cook that’s my hobby. I don’t wear much of anything around the house so I guess they love that too. They all hope to catch me and my hubby doing our thing in the bedroom. Just last week we had a friend of ours over and had a 3 some -- they loved that. We schedule a live chat and sex show for them once and while and I guess that’s their favorite, they can chat and watch us or if we have someone over all have sex.

Owen: Does the thought of the 24/7 cams make you self-conscious or spark the exhibitionist in you? 

Teri: I really forgot that the cameras are there -- you can’t see them. Sometime the bathroom cam I’ll think about but I do everything very lady like. My husband turn the lights out he doesn’t like anyone watching him go to the bathroom and I’m sure they don’t either. But now days who knows?

Owen: What scares you in real life?    

Teri: Liars scare me the most, I hate people that lie.