SQ: The Next Generation: A Brief Visit with the Amazing Tiffany Shepis by Owen Keehnen

She’s been making horror films since she was a kid. “I would jump off my roof and pour ketchup all over myself and try to kill off all the neighbor kids. (Very Taffy in ‘Female Trouble’!) That was the fun thing to do on Friday night.” Talk about a Racks-and-Razors kind of girl!!!  Her career seemed fated…only this ballsy girl made it happen. At 14 she skipped school, lied about her age, and wowed Lloyd Kaufman at an audition to become a Tromette. Her prize was a sassy supporting role as a bodyguard (of all things – but hey it’s Troma) named Peter in the classic ‘Tromeo and Juliet’. Since then she’s done non-stop slew of B gore galore flicks. Horror is in her blood or all over her bio or something like that. Still in her early 20s babe-supreme Tiffany Shepis (don’t called her Sheep-is or she’ll kick your sorry ass!) is a force to be reckoned with. Her resume is amazing…with a roster of films that include ‘Delta Delta Die’ with Scream Queen legends Brinke Stevens and Julie Strain, ‘Corpses’ with Jeff Lawnmower Man Fahey, ‘Death Factory’, ‘Home Sick’, ‘The Hazing’ with Chucky Brad Dourif and Doug Pinhead Bradley, ‘Detour’, ‘Bloody Murder 2’, ‘Bundy’, ‘Scattered Limbs’, ‘Abominable’, ‘Host and Hostage’, ‘Woman in the Woods’, ‘The Deviants’, ‘Dead Girls Don’t Say No’ and ‘The Scarecrow’. She is also a video favorite appearing as lead dancer in videos by Run D.M.C., Lil Zane, WuTang Clan, as well as the lead actress in the Destiny’s Child video ‘Nasty Girl’ (so apropos). And if all that weren’t enough she’s just added to her TV credits an impressive appearance on the delectably disturbed smash HBO ‘Six Feet Under’. Tiffany Shepis is a party girl with the most cake. She has incredible future written all over her curvaceous self…and more importantly she’s a lot of fun, totally out “fucking” spoken, and wild as shit on top of it.  And as if her life weren’t wonderful enough on October 4th Tiffany and her husband Michael welcomed the birth of their baby daughter Mia Alexandria. Talking with Tiffany left no doubt in my mind…she is the delightful future of Scream Queendom.




Owen: You are basically, SQ: The Next Generation… to what do you attribute your success in the biz?

Tiffany: My really great ass!!  Ha ha just kidding (ok well not really) Uhh I think one can really only have success in the B world from our fans.  Not saying that they love my acting or even any of the films that I have done, but one can see when they watch my movies that I really am having a good time, I'm not there just trying to build up a resume.  I LOVE BAD B MOVIES!!!!  So what better then watching them??? Being in them:)

Owen: Any good secrets for a blood-curdling scream?

Tiffany: Just look at my paycheck on one of my movies:)

Owen: What makes you scream in real life?

Tiffany: Birds flying near my head, having an empty cocktail, eyeballs, and probably zombies and ghosts and things if they were in my house:)

Owen: What has been the most awesome way that you have either killed or been killed on screen?

Tiffany: I love my death scene in Abominable...(it’s not out so maybe I shouldn't tell you how I die but it's fucking awesome).  Gouging (Sp?) the bitch’s eyes out in Death Factory was fun.... and killing the Scarecrow just looked really cool cause of all the pyro.

Owen: What sort of shit makes you want to kill in real life?

Tiffany: Stupid interview questions:) HA just kidding.  Uh anyone messing with my family, people that can hurt kids or lil animal thingys, oh yeah and having an empty cocktail.

Owen: If someone came to you asking for career advice about being a scream queen what would you tell her?

Tiffany: That if she's willing to run, scream, be covered in fake blood and show her tits she does not need my advice. 

Owen: What are some of your favorite performances by SQ's in films?

Tiffany: Linnea Quigley in "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama” Now I forget her name but that chick who starred in Return of the Living Dead Part 3. (Mindy Clark)

Owen: What has been your best filmmaking experience?

Tiffany: I had a really great time making Bloody Murder 2.... even though we were shooting a F*&king summer camp film in the middle of winter.I also loved making the Hazing...lot of fun with that character and working even if it was only for a few day's with Brad Dourif.

Owen: What monster/demon do you feel a special kinship with and why? 

Tiffany: Pinhead- just cause he's a BAD-ASS!!!  I mean Doug Bradley had a lil something something going on. Also he really knows how to handle that BOX...HA HA --
I’m so stupid.

Owen: This gay boy especially loves you in that red dress --- and we have incredible taste dammit!

Tiffany: I feel so special you guys do have the best taste:)