VENESA TALOR'S HOLLYWOOD: Talking With the Actress-Singer about Her Life and Career. by Owen Keehnen

Venesa Talor has had a wild ride in Hollywood. The gorgeous brunette came to the land of dreams from Vermont seeking fame and fortune. She got a little of both. She has released several CDs and considers herself to be primarily a singer and songwriter, but she has also starred in several movies - many of them horror flicks. Some of her film roles include Cotton Baby in 'Devil Dolls', Gina in 'Demonicus', and her latest as Mary in 'Deader Country'. However, perhaps her most popular role was as Kara in sexy flicks 'Femalien' and 'Femalien II'. In between Venesa has done stage shows, dated Jerry Springer and almost everything in between. It's an interesting tale and she shared a little bit of it (fresh from her vibrating machine) in this exclusive interview.



  Venesa, can you start us off with a visual and describe the room where you are answering these questions?

I am in my computer room with a bra and panties on. It's a very cluttered room. One area has books & CDs & another has a whole car stereo system/IPod/navigation system/Tricked stuff out that needs to go into my car. I also have a vibrator machine behind me that when you stand on it for a few minutes vibrates your body in a cardiovascular manner. It's supposed to align your vibration. In fact, I am going to go and stand on that right now for a minute... I'm back. What a difference. Now I feel like every cell in my body is alive.

Venesa, I am thrilled to see you're making another movie. Tell me about 'Deader Country'. Give us all at Racks and Razors a teaser that is going to make it irresistible.

Well, I just recently performed in a play here in Vegas called "The Art of Prostitution". It involved a great choreographer, Allan McCormack, & the show was created by "Zumanity's", dancer, Wassa Coulibaly. She was a friend of mine until yesterday (but that is a whole different story...what a bi--- she turned into....but the footage is in my hands & I am glad I had my own camera man). Anyway, I was in her play, performing a very sexy number on a lip shaped bed. There are four hot girls in lacey lingerie pushing the bed around as I sing "One More Cheap Ass Thrill" & strip seductively. The choreography is great, & for the first time I was told to do what is so hard for me - nothing. I am so used to performing with people blowing bubbles & a whole entourages of hoopla & good and bad doggies.... that the focus in my performances (as a musician) in the past has sometimes somewhat been taken off of me. The dance number is sexy & I pull a guy onto the lip bed in my prostitute character. I got permission from Wassa to use that performance footage in "Deader Country". The part in "Deader Country" started out a cameo, but has now expanded into three scenes. If all goes well one of the scenes will be the one in which I perform that sexy strip tease. Also, one of my other songs "Good Credit" will be used in the film.

So many cult horror favorites are in that movie like Ted V. Mikels, Alex Vincent (from 'Child's Play'), Lisa Wilcox, Sara Karloff, Janet Tracy Keijser, Lloyd Kaufman, Ashlie Rhey, Jacqueline Lovell, etc. What was the feeling on the set? Any craziness? Did everyone get along?

Yes, we all got along. No craziness. And I was really thankful to have been discovered by Andrew to be a part of his project.

Some people might not know this about you, but you have released several CDs such as your self titled debut 'Venesa Talor', 'In the Court of Mistress V', and 'Naked Resurrection'. So do you consider yourself more of an actress or a singer - or are you true hyphenate?

Interesting question, firstly I had to look that word up. It sounded like a wild creature. Yes, I am a true hyphenate. I put the Yin in Yang....bay-Bee...!! Thanks for the compliment! But on a more real note about that question, acting has always come a little harder to me than music. Music has flowed from me since I was a child playing classical music, driven by my grandfather to learn those classical pieces. Music was ground into me at a young age. Then when I ran away from home I decided to let all that go with my music & be a model & try to be an actress. I have been in every kind of acting work shop in LA and studied on and off for years until I got fed up to realize it really is who you know. Check out my song (Uh oh, here come my issues...) just Google "Who Do I Have To Blow", I will say no more... I have always had difficulty auditioning. The closest I ever came to an A list movie was being a contender for 'Six Days & Seven Nights' with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche. They picked Salma Hayek instead of me. If that had gone differently my life might be different today. I have auditioned a ton! But got (and get) movie roles from producers who took (and take) a liking to me more than because of a great audition. Auditioning was a tough hustle for many years. With the "Femalien" role, the audition was au natural. It wasn't a far stretch for me to play that kind of character. I had so much fun in that movie. But the other producers I've been fortunate to meet and who have actually given me work think I am more a personality than an "actress" actress. Zalman King was one of those producers. These days I'm learning editing & have edited the videos (well most of them) at "Venesasprivates on 'YouTube'. I will be releasing a new CD this New Year called "Everything's A Pill" about the struggles people have with addiction.

Going back to what you mentioned earlier, one of your most famous roles was as Kara in 'Femalien' (1996) and then reprised the role in 'Femalien II' (1998). So going along with that premise if you really were an alien what would be your objective on your mission to Earth?

Wow, I may need the vibrating machine for that question too. Well, I know for a fact that I wouldn't be just a sex predator. I would probably take those groovy powers that I have & master them so I could live in places where I could learn and see what the most important things are going to be in the future on the planet. Then, eventually I would be the most knowledgeable about things that are happening with the most advanced technology. Then I would take control of the bad things & be able to prevent them. There would be no more presidents or wars. Maybe instead of mass destruction, I would create mass orgy pits where people would have to go if they were bad and they would have to have sex with each other till they die.

Wow, that's a policy. What do you remember most clearly about your role as Cotton Baby in the 1999 flick 'Blood Dolls'?

I remember how I came alive as a musician again with that role. I hadn't played music since I had left Vermont but found myself writing music in a friend's garage with his 8 track. I was motivated since 'Blood Dolls' was supposed to be a big musical success as well. One of the band members had a Trinity workstation & only played percussion. I wanted what she had, so I got that. At the time I was having an affair with Jerry Springer. It was real short, (the affair) but I appeared in The Enquirer a couple times because of it. That was not my doing. Jerry thought I was doing things to get publicity from him & at the time he wanted none of that since he was going through a divorce. I never mentioned that. I wonder if I should now, but its 10 years later - who really cares. But Jerry played a significant role in my getting back into music again. When I was out with him one night, he wrote me a huge check to go and make my Music Studio happen. I was so caught off guard. Today you can hear all my songs either at "" or "" under Venesa Talor. I owe Jerry special thanks for helping me to go make it happen. I saw him recently backstage when I was dancing backup for a friend's singing group in "America's Got Talent. I asked if he remembered me. He said "Was I Polite?" I wanted to give him my CD, & say thanks for opening the Pandora's box and allowing my muse to come alive again, but he was gone before I had a chance to get my CD to him darn it. And once I left that area, I couldn't get back to him again. So 'Blood Dolls' & Jerry Springer are what got me back to my roots. Once I learned a few tricks in programming a flush of music came pouring out of me from all my Hollywood experiences. It later became a show called 'A Naked Girl', funded by the Lawyer (personal manager that nullified the music contracts Miles Copeland had given us for our music to be released in big way with the 'Blood Dolls' Movie.) That is where my song "Power Players came from. The day when Barry and Miles had a showdown was riveting. Two power Players in one room - Look out! The show was choreographed by Michael Rooney (Mickey Rooney's son. I was in love with him, but he is gay). There is a song I just dug up today that has a duet we made together called "The Lifeless Tango" It is at "" it is a beautiful song... (It would be great for a horror flick actually.) Anyway, 'A Naked Girl' was a million dollar production funded by my manager. It took on a life of its own. I performed with my own band. It had a seven week run at the El Rey Theater in LA. Later Barry wanted to recoup, because the show didn't really "take off"(get it?) and so he sent me to Vegas to work with Producer Jerry Shafer. Shafer created a delightful show called "Pure Honey, a Sweet taste Of Las Vegas". The show was ready to go to the Flamingo when in the course of the project two people died. The show never got off the ground. I was going be the star in that & we had rehearsed all summer. This was after 'The Naked Girl Show' and 'Blood Dolls'. I called Barry Rothman "The Dreammaker". I hope he doesn't come sue me now because I mentioned his name but he always wanted to known as more than just an attorney & if he did try and sue me, he caused me to go bankrupt when our whole affair came to an good luck there, right? Anyway, he wanted my dreams to come true & did a lot for me, for example I won the "Cabaret Performer of The Year Award" for 2000" and the 'Demonicus' movie kind of happened because of him even though it was a flop & he ruined my relationship with Full Moon & Miles Copeland until just recently. Barry helped me up to a point and then he would burn my bridges so I was left with him.... You can hear the resentment I have about that in the first album. These days I have upped the ante of my music writing to Pro Tools, which is why at ", some of my songs are really high def. & others the quality is not as good. I have written about all my life experiences. And I am hoping with the new promotion group I joined "\rdblquote that I will get more of my tunes in more movies.

Anything more you would care to share about 2001's 'Demonicus'?

I thought the Blair Witch Project was more interesting than 'Demonicus'. That movie was an arrangement the attorney made for me with Full Moon. Because of a former issue, The 'Blood Dolls' record deal not happening, he backed Charlie Band into a wall & demanded that he put me in another film or settlement, so I understand why they chose a lame movie for me to be in when I chose the movie over the money. Nobody likes to be backed into a wall. I'm so sorry Charlie. That wasn't my doing & he knows that now. There is a documentary that Penelope Spheris made on 'Blood Dolls' where I play myself. It is about this topic. Being an actress who hasn't had the best luck acquiring too many films under her belt, I went the film route. Today, I wish I had settled for the money. Because it probably cost them less to make that movie, the budget was so low. I really didn't enjoy that film too much because when it caught wind that it was because of me that these actors were working (don't know how that happened) most of the cast had massive attitude towards me, which in effect affected my character. Well, there was hardly any substance to anyways. Sorry Full Moon. C-c-can you can that

So what does it for you Venesa, zombies, aliens, vampires, creatures, witches, psychos, or some other? What sort of horror creature, being, or entity is your favorite and why?

I'm into Old Philosophers such as Occult writer Aleister Crowley. I have a bizarre fascination with him & have collected his works over the years including his autoradiography called "The Confessions of Aleister Cowley". I'm not really much of a reader, but Crowley sometimes sucks me in with his sexuality and his twisted writings on the mathematical make up of the Universe. The funny thing about that one book of his "Confessions" is that I used to be on a plane reading that book. I would read it whenever I was travelling. When the book got too ragged I didn't want to ruin it, but I had a fear of flying without my Aleister Crowley Book. Freak! I may start traveling with it again. Another author I find quite fascinating is Linda Goodman. Her book called "Gooberz" is hard to find but is filled with poetic sort of spell like writing that weaves you away into a world of re-examining oneself. 'Gooberz' & and 'Star Signs' are my favorite books by Linda Goodman.

What was the first movie to scare the hell out of you and make you go to sleep with the lights on?

'Requiem for a Dream.'

Okay, we're pulling the car into the VENESA TALOR DRIVE-IN, what three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

You will be seeing my yet-to-be-made horror movie "In the Court Of Mistress". That movie will be showing last. I think 'Deader Country' will play first and I'll show 'Blood Dolls' in the middle. At the concession stand, they will be serving up Yerba Matte Tea, or nice Wines with THC laced pecan & lime Pies.

And finally, what scares you in real life?

I think what scares me in real life is a feeling of gut loneliness. Sometimes when I've gotten that feeling it scares me.