Devil Times Five (1974)


Directed by: Sean MacGregor

Written by: Sandra Lee Blowitz & John Durren

Produced & Story by: Dylan Jones


Tayloe Lacher .... Rick
Joan McCall .... Julie
Sorrell Booke .... Harvey Beckman
Gene Evans .... Papa Doc
Shelley Morrison .... Ruth
Carolyn Stellar
.... Lovely
Leif Garrett .... David
Gail Smale .... Sister Hannah
Dawn Lyn .... Moe
Tierre Turner .... Brian
Tia Thompson .... Susan
John Durren .... Ralph

Release Date: Theatrical: June, 1974

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Five extremely disturbed sociopathis children are being transported in a van that ends up in a terrible crash as they manage to escape and take refuge in a snowy mountain resort with a group of audlts that are staying there for a winter vacation lead by an obnoxious Papa Doc (Gene Evans) who doesn't take a liking to these kids and tries to get in contact with their parents.
A couple named Rick (Tayloe Lachler) and Julie (Joan McCall) witness a mentally challenged innkeeper named Ralph (John Durren) being hung as they suspent that this was no suicide and find these children to be abnormal as they are being slayed one by one especially for their negative behavior towards them.


The film has a cheesy moment with someone driving a shuttle carrying the demented kids as it suddenly goes fast as you can tell that they made this look faster than what it was along with a good suspenseful shot on this vehcilce flipping and crashing into the forest as you think that no one could survive this at all. This moment looked rather amusing.
There's also an impressive scene between a slaeazy type of woman named Lovely flirting with the mentally challenged caretaker Ralph as this looked well focused and good camera shots on the two of them talking. This scene really grabs your attention big time on what is going to happen next.
Plus there's a nice powerful situation between Lovely having a dispute with Julie as there's nice camera shots on the two of them in which you get a feeling that a fight is going to break out over a guy that they like and it just does. Yet the catfight they have needed a bit more improvement as it didn't look intense enough here.
A nice moment is when there's a brief heated discussion between Julie towards Rick with her almost attacking him and they get into a playful mode as this was well written in looking good and natural by what is happening here on a secret she found out about him. It does boggle you wondering if it was going to be really serious at first.
We have a perfect scene with the demented kids hiding out underneath the resort and perfect slow motion shots on them torturing and slowly killing off the shuttle driver Dr. Brown with perfect deep groaning sounds which should please slasher fans as it looked disturbing to see what they are doing to him.
Perfect heated discussions with David towards Brian and him acting wild and not taking anything seriously as this flows perfectly looking pretty powerful and twisted too.
A nice discussion with David talking to Harvey Beckman and getting to know him in while we watch this we get a creepy feeling that this child is not to be trusted at all as this scene really brings that out a great deal.
In one part of the story there's a good discussion during the dinner table with the residents asking Sister Hannah on if she wants to do grace along with being questioned on her being a little young as a Nun in which this deinfetely leaves a nice mysterious feel to everything.
Also a good focusing moment with Ralph talking to Sister Hannah while she helps washing dishes which looked natural as well as him saying the wrong thing due to his slow minded personality when he says maybe she isn't right in the head either as it leaves an impression that something deadly could unravel later on. Also things looked good and intense when she acts disturbed during their conversation breaking this peaceful moment which looked well done.
We spot some zany moment with the kids playing which looked unnatural which was another nice pointer for the story as well as a scene with David and Harvey playing a game of chess and David gets snappy about it all leaving a good cold feeling on this. Also there's a perfect situation with the youngest of the children named Moe looking at a tank of piranha's and spotting goldfish with the nasty owner Papa Doc explaining on piranha's eating the flesh off of people as well as scaring the child as this is a perfect key to the story wondering if they will use this fish in a later scene on one of the residents there. Plus you get a good feeling that this jack ass will get his in the end after being so nasty and irritable too. Plus it's disturbing to see him taunting this child on the situation which you think to yourself that this is not a good idea at all.
There's good discussions with the residents discussing about the kids acting weird which works in well for a horror flick knowing that the deadly deeds are about to unravel very soon here.
We spot a good situation with Harvey instructing David on how to chop wood getting sarcastic with him with good shots on all of this as this gives you the chills that David is gonna use that axe on him if he's not careful expecially when he bends down to put the piece of wood in place. Pretty creepy to find out on what happens next.
Another scene we spot Moe putting on make up as well as Lovely getting nasty and demanding towards her for doing this which looked disturbing as you truly get the feeling that she will be the next victim to die and hoping that it will come to that for her nasty deeds.
A nice shot on Sister Hannah pushing Lovely's head into the water while taking a bath which looked powerful and intense as well as a nice shot on Moe doing something vengeful which was another nice pointer in a slasher flick making you cringe on what she does to her.
Perfect intense situations with Papa Doc towards Rick and their struggling situations when he wants to get vengeful on the kids as this makes you watch more and more knowing that he is falling for his death trap and a great setting on what these kids plan for him too.
There's a perfect dark moment with Ruth standing there and pleading towards Susan along with perfect shots on the kids in other areas spitting out accusations towards her in which this looks like a perfect sacrificing moment and a cult surrounding her. Also a great shot on her running in the snow on fire and burning to death as this was perfectly distrubing too.
There's a perfect near jumping moment when David is crashing through a window to pursue to kill Julie while climbing up from a ladder and then falls as well as later on David getting angry at Rick from making him fall and ruining his face which for sure shows a perfect impression that this kid is insane for sure.
There's alot of perfect disturbing and twisted scene's with the kids playing outside as well as making a snowman with a corpse sitting.
There's also a good situation with Rick trying to escape and caught in some bear traps which is a perfect cringing moment as you know that this will grab the kids' attention.
Bottom line is that this is creative showing on how deadly certain children can be and alot of good intense moments but yet the story goes around in circles a bit with not alot of surprises which is the downfall here and can explain as to why a sequel never arose since it was a pointless story leaving off with a bad ending. Yet it was mysterious wondering who will be next for them to kill as well. Definetely not a kids movie.

The acting is pretty good for it's time as lead actor Tayloe Lacher (Rick) seemed to show it off well with his nice guy next door appeal as well as his charm too. He seems to show a good sense of humor with his timing here along with almost portraying the heroic type in a horror flick. He for sure studied this part in well and did what he could do to make his character come across as one who will survive the terrors that are about to unravel. Plus shows it off well acting flirtatious too in one scene and making you wonder if he will give in to another moment and not cheating on his loved one and making his reactions very realistic here.
Joan McCall (Julie) pulled off her part well by having a sharp attitude into what she does as well as getting good and serious whenever needed to be. She also shows a nice aggression in certain parts like she is about to unlash and acts strong on this emotion too. She had the right looks to portray one of the innocent types in the film who wouldn't do anything to get killed off so easily. She was a decent character actress indeed.
Sorrell Booke (Harvey Beckman) really pulls off a nice charming bubbly and friendly type of personality here as well as showing some good energy whenever he had to act stern in other situations showing a nice versatality here. He acted very different than portraying his role as Boss Hogg in The Dukes of Hazzard. He proves to be a perfect serious character actor when you see him in this one. He knew on how to act perfectly teasing and sarcastic too just acting uplifting here. One of the best actors in this film.
Gene Evans (Papa Doc) lived to portray this role as someone who is obnoxious and aggreassive. Was very believeable by having a cold hearted type of attitude and had a perfect gruffness to his speaking too. Also was perfect by acting taunting like in one scene coming across as perfectly wicked with his dark humor. Also shows a great intense energy while screaming and getting vengeful along with good powerful blocking while acting violent too. I found him to be the best out of the whole cast here.

Shelley Morrison
(Ruth) really knew a thing or two by acting like a drunk in which she does a terrific job acting tipsy and hammered. Plus shows a perfect depressing type of behavior in alot of the spots too acting like a perfect basket case. She studied this role well on acting dysfunctional along with doing a great job acting freaked out when the terror strikes her just rolling with the punches here big time.
Carolyn Stellar (Lovely) does a nice job by acting sleazy and arrogant. Focused well by acting flirtatious in one scene talking to someone as well as showing off a nice laughter when there's a witty situation along with talking very calmly too. Also shows a nice vesatality whenever she had to get aggressive in other moments. Was perfect by coming on strong to somebody else and really getting into this. Also was convincing by going nuts and aggressive towards one of the children making you want to hate her by how she came across this was with her loud and booming voice. She deifentely played a convincing bitch here.
Leif Garrett
(David) does a nice job here as a child star before his bubblegum teen idol status in which he shows off a perfect aggressiveness whenever he is crossed. Also does well with his blocking whenever he attacks someone too showing off a ton of great energy here. Plus knew on how to act disturbed and making this come off realisitic or acting perfectly sarcastic too whenever this moment was necessary. He shows some good characteristics even if later on in his career he didn't do successful acting gigs.
Gail Smale
(Sister Hannah) stood out the most out of the cast as she really knew on how to act like a fake Nun and just so still with her speaking and calm attitude coming across as someone deadly when something that she doesn't like. Knew on how to snap big time when a situation disturbs her as this looked perfectly well done too. She had the perfect ghostly looks to her part which was a plus as well.
Dawn Lyn (Moe) shows it off perfectly as someone who is deceivingly innocent who loves dolls. She shows it off by being a perfectly likeable and curious little one. Plus knew on how to react to other situations naturally too. Does well with her vengeful and demented behavior too showing her other side acting like a believeable evil brat.
Tierre Turner (Brian) really added some great spunk into his part by acting like a soldier in which he shows off a perfect hyperactive and annoying type of behavior acting wild and loud. Plus really studied this role nicely. He came across perfectly by acting untrustworthy with whatever he does here.
John Durren
(Ralph) shows of a real likeable type of personality into his role as a mentally challenged innkeeper as well as doing well stuttering his words out. He seemed to be right on with what he did here and makes you want to portect him from harm. Does well getting into his conversations as well as showing off a real light headed type of beahvior whenever he had to act like this along with coming across as perfectly eccentric too. He seems to be missing in action these days but always did a nice job with everything that I saw him in.

There's a shot on Joan McCall pressing her breasts against someone else but nothing too much revealed here.
A butt shot on Tayloe Lacher after unwrapping a towel from a shower.
Carolyn Stellar's breasts are revealed while taking a bath.

Flesh bites are revealed in a bath tub bloodied by piranha's.
Some bloodied corpses are revealed.

Perfect high pitched quiverring sounds as well as some deep violin music for the spooky situations as well as good powerful music for a slow motion torture and killing sequence which works in superbly. Also there's nice flute and trombone playing for the romantic situations too which fit in well to a story of it's time. Plus we hear numerous cheesy soldier type drum playing and the flute music which is used during a soldier march. Also for the closing credits there's old toned out peaceful piano playing on that soldier them march music which works in well. All of this was composed by William Loose.

David: [screaming] My face! Look what you did to my beautiful face!