The Divine Tragedies (2015)

Co-Produced, Written & Directed by: Jose Prendes


Graham Denman .... Charles Brubaker
Jon Kondelik .... Thomas Lo Bianco
Barbara Crampton .... Mother
Ken Foree .... Homer
Hannah Levien .... Genevieve / Vanity

Special Appearances:

Sean Whalen .... Doug
Shawn C. Phillips .... Man in Movie Theatre
Lynn Lowry .... Mrs. Dubois

Release Date: Shriekfest: October 3, 2015

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Two brothers Charles Brubaker (Graham Denman) and Thomas Lo Bianco (Jon Kondelik) fulfill their murderous fantasies, but doing so derails their relationship with horrifying results.


We have many scene's by Charles Brubaker with Mother sick in bed but the situations looked rather phony but still looked mysterious and a little twisted at the same time. Also how we see Charles communicating with his mother leaves a hint that he's a psychotic killer.
During other moments we have a dysfunctional discussions between both Charles and Thomas which makes you wonder as to what their plans will be. Plus there's a moment aat a cafe when they spot a nice waitress Genevieve and suddenly we spot Thomas doing her in as this makes you wonder if this is a dream. However this situation didn't look effective at all.
There's a good twisted moment when they go to pick up a hooker named Vanity and there's nice dark settings with her getting kinky towards them in the hotel room along with some hints that she will be done in while we spot hallucinations on blood sprayed on a woman as this was well done and twisted.
A nice discussion between Charles and Genevieve having a somewhat romantic discussion as well as later on taking him to see a chick flick with hiim looking bored which offers brief chuckles but this scene was overly stale and bland to watch.
We spot a creepy situation with Thomas towards Genevieve with what his plan was for her along with a good shot on him scraping a kitchen knife on a counter towards her which looked suspenseful and leaving you a hint that he plans to kill her. There's perfect cringing moments with a killing scene when Charles plunges a rock on someone constantly as this was hard to watch due to strong violence.
Things seem to show a true versatile moment this time with Charles being the nasty one and his brother being a pussy as this could've looked clever but while watching this it looked too wooden and stale.
An interesting conversation between Detective Homer and a coroner discussing the murder on Genevieve as well as Homer seeming to enter the mind of her spirit which is a nice change to the story.
A good funny moment with Homer talking to the brothers about the case and what he has to say to them. Then another funny moment with Homer talking to a little girl on her dead mother as well as him discussing on  catching the killer with some hilarious one liners. Still doesn't save the film from bombing.
Yet a good and scary moment with Thomas being attacked by the corpse of Genevieve as this was a nice surprising moment along with him later waking up and there's scars on him. This scene almost paid a tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street.
There's a moment when Charles kills off customers at a theatre one by one with a hammer as at first it does look effective and shocking with his first victim but it slides greatly when he keeps doing it. Towards others.
Perfect intensity with Charles talking to Vanity on wanting to eat her as this really gives you the chills while we have a scene with Homer having a serious discussion with Thomas which tied in well along with a surprise shooting that happens.
Plus there's a great disturbing moment with Mother being pitted against Thomas and revealing some deep and dark secrets which looked strong, dark and intense. It somewhat had a Psycho type of feel to all of this.
Bottom line is that although the film was made on a decent budget with some strong moments the story didn't do much to save it. Things like this have been done before and it's a complete bore. However, Jose Prendes has improved on his budgeting while making movies but he made a better plot in Corpses Are Forever.

The performances are a little stiff as Graham Denman (Charles Brubaker) came off well onto the camera with his masculine looks and intimidatng appeal but his speaking coldly was to over the top and looked way too acted out instead of seeming natural. His blocking is dead on though when attacking someone with brutal force.
Jon Kondelik (Thomas Lo Bianco) does not too badly coming across as arrogant or disturbed by his past. Was perfecct with his hissy and vicious behavior towards someone else while making out on doing this person in. Shows off a good versatile attitude when he acts like a pussy later on as well as getting energetic when upset by being insulted.
Barbara Crampton (Mother) seemed a little lacking as someone whom is sick as she seems to act this out a little too much but improves a bit when getting nasty and wicked towards someonee else and just letting it out big time. She for sure portrays someone who's purely evil.
Ken Foree (Detective Homer) was the best in the cast and a natural ham in his portrayal here by having a creepy type of charm to his personality when having a discussion. Shows it off strongly while figuring out a murder case or even talking to a child abut who he will get for murdering her mother as he comes across as someone slick but strange. Shows great timing within this. He gets into it heavily later on in the story and acts powerful while doing this.
Hannah Levien (Genevieve / Vanity) was good portraying two different types of characters in which she does well playing a single mother and waitress offering a sweet type of attitude. Plus knew on how to get into a conversation. However when she screams or freaks out she lacks a bit of energy. When she portrayed a prostitute she does alot better in her performance by coming across kiny or showing a cocky attitude. Offers great energy when acting leary as well as showing a good tough attitude. She came across as marvellously different into this.

Different scene's with a woman fully breasted in a hallucination sequence acting ghostly or blood spraying on her

A face is bloodily bashed by a rock
Someone's arms are cut open
Many heads are impaled by the back of a hammer in a movie theatre
A persons chest is torn open
Lots of violent bloodsheds during a brother murdering his sibling

The score was very strong in this film with low sounds as well as good hissing effects and strong classical playing and the odd screeching sounds with perfect powerful adventureous classical score quarter way through near the final terrors that happen in the film.  We also hear light piano playing but this is a little too common in films these days but it didn't overly play in the film. Yet alot of great quiverring old fashioned ghostly type music that's done in great taste. All nicely put together by Michael John Mollo.

Mother: I should've aborted you when I had the chance!!!