Dracula 3000 (2004)

Directed by: Darrell Roodt

Written by: Ivan Milborrow & Darrell Roodt


Casper Van Dien ...  Capt. Abraham Van Helsing
Erika Eleniak ... Aurora Ash
Coolio ... 187
Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld ... Mina Murry
Grant Swanby ... Arthur "The Professor" Holmwood
Langley Kirkwood ... Orlock
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister ... Humvee
Udo Kier ... Capt. Varna

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: August 9, 2004 (Spain)









It is the year 3000 and the deep space salvage ship Mother III locates the vanished starship Demeter in the Carpathian System. 
They all go to discover it as they find a skeletal corpse along with some coffins filled with sand. They also see a tape of fifty years ago of Captain Varna (Udo Kier) telling that he was locked in his cabin since his crew was acting weird after getting a cargo of coffins in Transylvania station.
One of the crew members named 187 (Coolio) tries to look around in the coffin for some possible hidden dope but cuts his hand and his blood drips on some sand in one of the coffins as something comes to life which named Count Orlock (Langley Kirkwood) as 187 becomes his victim and becomes a vampire.
One of the leaders of the ship named Aurora Ash (Erika Eleniak) explains to the people that Count Orlock is a vampire but none of the crew even knew what a vampire is until she explains it to them so they all must try to survive and destroy Orlock and anyone who becomes his victim.

We have some good shots on Aurora Ash wandering through the halls of another space ship and a shadow figure running by. 
However, footage involving Capt. Varna by talking to a camera warning people what's on board was very dull and uninspired.
There's a good shot on 187's hand about to touch a skeletal corpse (Which looks totally fake) and Aurora screams not to touch it which has a strong effect to this scene.
A good shot on his hand with blood dripping as well as drops of blood landing onto some sand in a coffin. 
There's a  scene with Orlock softly touching Aurora looked too planned out and corny.
There is a descent scene with Aurora telling everyone who this person that came on board is and what a vampire is. 
There's a nice cold dialogue between Orlock and Abraham showing some mist too.
We have a cold feeling with Orlock towards Arthur "The Professor" Holmwood tempting him to walk again as his character is in a wheelchair and offering his hand as that setting looked quite good.
There is a good evil vampirelike expression on Abraham as well as him leaping on Humvee.
We have a nice and peaceful discussion between Aurora and Humvee towards the end of the movie.
Bottom line: A low budgeter that tried to almost borrow a bit from Alien but having a vampire on board instead of a creature. It's pointless with alot of low production values but we have some interesting performances by most of the cast members which makes up for it sinking as well as it being an interesting story of a spaceship picking up another abandoned one with vampire coffins which makes the story exciting. However, Count Dracula looks very dated in the old uniform with the cape and all like you'd see in a film from the 1940's which makes a film like this look extremely corny.

The acting is not as bad as it seems. Casper Van Dien (Capt. Abraham Van Helsing) seems to do okay playing the head captain of the ship by showing a tough and stern attitude. He's okay acting anxious towards someone else and pointing a gun at them. 
Former Baywatch TV star Erika Eleniak (Aurora Ash) seemed to pull off her character quite decently believe it or not showing quite a good character to her part. Seems to do well to sweet talk someone in a scene out of untying her as he shows good bluntness. 
Rapper Coolio (187) brought quite a bit of pizzaz and humor to his part of the film making him a nice character actor as the first victim to Dracula and becoming his servant showing great dynamic energy. Does well springing into action as a vampire jumping around and attacking. He shows some good humor when someone points a shotgun towards him.
Grant Swanby (Arthur "The Professor" Holmwood) as a professor in a wheelchair couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag though as he is so mellodramatic. 
Tommy 'Tiny' Lister (Humvee) stood out the most of all the cast members as a sarcastic one liking to goof off bringing his character off well to the public. Seems to pull it off by acting like a jerk off. 
Although Langley Kirkwood (Orlock) looked dated as the Count Dracula character, he still seemed to know how to portray that type of character during most of the time in this film.

Sharp objects are stabbed through many vampires chests.

There's some effective rusty metal sounds used in the film along with some plain classical music composed by Michael Hoenig.

Aurora Ash: You guys are so funny I don't know what to do with myself.

187: I want to watch my anaconda spit all over your snow white ass.