The Elf (2017)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Justin Price


Natassia Halabi .... Victoria
Gabriel Miller .... Nick
Lassiter Holmes .... John
Lisa May .... Tiffany
Viviana Ozuna .... Lauri

Release Dates: Direct-to-Amazon Video: November 7, 2017





Nick (Gabriel Miller) is haunted by night terrors stemming from a tragic murder he saw when he was young. After inheriting an old toy shop, he discovers a cursed elf doll sealed inside an ancient chest with a naughty list of his family's names written on it. He soon discovers that the elf was an evil conduit meant to unleash a supernatural killing spree during the Christmas Holidays by whomever set it free.


I spotted the beginning of a prologue this story with well focused camera shots on an older man which looked like Father Christmas sewing up a child's mouth as I found this looking perfectly twisted but yet didn't seem to explain itself too well in which was supposed to be the key to the story. Yet I still couldn't understand it at all whatsoever.
Then we have present day with both Victoria and Nick preparing the store and so fourth and their boring discussions as I knew I was in for a really bland and bad flick.
But things look mysterious and mildly dark when Nick goes down to the basement of the shop and looks at a gift that involved the elf doll as well as reading the description by this thing and the dangers which seemed necessary to put into a horror film. However it's been done a little too much.
Meanwhile there's still moments with Victoria in the shop and someone stares at her in the window which is supposed to creep you out at first and take you by surprise but this moment misses by a longshot.
Afterwards we have more pointless discussions between the two of them driving along in their vehicle and spots a car in an accident in which Nick goes to see if the driver is okay and this person acts strange and creepy as this moment looked utterly and amateurishly done and fails to make things seem strange and mysterious.
Also when they arrive at home there's a good camera shot on the elf doll and Nick being upset by this object placed there and wondering who placed it in which this was supposed to have drawn your attention as to the creepiness that this was supposed to make you think while watching this moment but even this falls flat as it doesn't look the slightest bit creepy at all.
However in the storyline things look a bit better but not by much when we have Nick in the shower hallucinating on strange events happening with his family at Christmas as well as a ghoulish shot on someone dressed in a Santa suit near the tree and then turning his head as this looked creepy to watch all of the outcome here.
Another effective moment is when Nick wants to leave the house but Victoria tries to surprise him with the family being there as this was brought to life nicely along with him still being disturbed by stuff as I must that this scene was well concentrated.
Another nice moment is when the grandparents drive away in their vehicle and there's a nice camera in the backseat focusing on them when they turn around to see what's in the back which looked impressive as you get a feeling that this elf doll will be there and also expecting this object to move and do something which was about time that some mild suspense is about to pack up a bit.
A good and effective discussion with Victoria talking to her friend Tiffany about Nick and his troubled past in which the moments here looked good and natural but still doesn't save the movie from bombing at the same time.
There's a nice setting with both Nick and a family member Jeremiah walking in the snowy wooded area with mist which this time I must admit looked spooky to watch as well as a nice surprisng moment on Jeremiah himself taking a blow at Nick as I wondered as to what that was all about. Plus nice moments on a camera watching these two with creepy elf voice happening along with a good shot on this object moving and showing more action as it was about time. This scene almost saved the flick from bombing but still no chance at all whatsoever.
A good brief dysfunctional discussion between John and Victoria as father and daughter in which this seemed to show off some decent timing on what the situation was all about.
In the story there's a corny situation with full grown adults singing christmas carols in the front of the house which makes you wonder if these people are sane or not but then effective moments with christmas lights strangling these carolers to death which looked well done I must admit for a no budgeter.
Later in the story John is in the cellar pitted against the elf object as we see him moving around more which looked interesting to watch and not too over the top.
Yet in another scene we spot Lauri being cautious holding a knife and trying to be cautious on where she's going in which this was supposed to look suspenseful but misses by a longshot.
However, a nice psychological element when this elf wraps her up in blankets and making out she is a present with her suffocating to death which looked creative in a horror flick.
Near the end of the film there's a different twist that involves both Victoria and Nick struggling against one another as I didn't understand as to why this moment has happened but again this flick was badly written so I didn't care to know at all.
Bottom line is that this film was utterly pointless and had been done many times before since we've seen flicks like Child's Play or even Annabelle. I couldn't follow the film all too well and it's easily forgettable and a waste of good energy. There's times that it may improve only to be disappointed later on.

The acting is in mediocre shape and only a few worth mentioning so I will take a look here.... Okay so lead actress Natassia Halabi (Victoria) seemed to pull her weight a bit as she reacts well to stuff. Also seems clear in her speaking as well as showing nice motives too. Knew on how to act concerned over stuff as she comes across natural while doing this. Yet when she acts crazy near the end she needed a bit of a push to make this look more energetic and realistic.
Gabriel Miller (Nick
) would probably be the best out of the cast in which he does well by behaving disturbed on stuff in which he seemed to study these motives very well. Also showed off great adrenaline going wild and fearful as well as showing off some great insane expressions while acting this way. He was a ball of energy for what he does here as well as showing off a great emotional attitude.
Lassiter Holmes (John) had the right looks and appeal as a family man. Shows off a nice friendly type of attitude during the beginning of his performance which shines off quite well. Shows off a nice firm attitude in another scene looking convincingly dysfunctional. Shows off some nice struggling energy later on in his performance. Yes he worked hard in his role and deserved good credit.
Viviana Ozuna (Lauri
) seemed sharp in her performance as well and was good with her speaking and seemed to be on the ball of things. However there's moments that she tries a little too hard like being cuatious and nervous in certain scene's and is a little over the top. She needed some improvements here and there. She wasn't terrible by any means.

Some nice strong composing in which we hear alot of powerful hissing and whooshing sounds for many of the dark scene's used into the storyline as well as alot of rusty sounds and metal clanging and banging too plus tons of great drum thumps which often does the trick here. Probably the only good thing in this awful flick.