Equinox (1970)

Written & Directed by: Jack Woods


Edward Connell .... David Fielding
Barbara Hewitt .... Susan Turner
Frank Bonner .... Jim Hudson
Robin Christopher .... Vicki
Jack Woods .... Asmodeus

Release Date: Theatrical: October, 1970

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Four friends decide to go on a hike in the woods and have a picnic but first they explore a cave where a crazy old man tells them about a mysterious book out of human skin known as the Necronomicon, and when he had read its cryptic symbols it conjured monsters into existence. Of course they take the book and read some of the words but a creepy redneck forest ranger named Asmodeus (Jack Woods) tells them the dangers of that book.
After reading the book out loud during a picnic later on discovers that the ranger is a demon who possesses one of them named Susan Turner (Barbara Hewitt) as Susan turns on one of her friends named Vicki (Robin Christopher) and nearly strangles her to death.
Next they are persued by monsters and a demonic cult and then Asmodeus shows his true identity as a red flying devil ready to take his sacrifices on all of these travellers.


The work in this flick is quite slow but yet watching this you know how to be entertained as the story shows good shots on the main characters walking through the woods as well as spotting giant footprints too.
We of course spot the corny discussions with them while having a picnic and eating kentucky fried chicken while both David Fielding and Jim Hudson trying to unlock the book they found and discussing what is on the pages. We have some neat looking flashback sequences to top it all off with a good red background on some demonic events and clay monsters too while this is all happening.
There's a good moment with both David and Jim running near a river to catch up to a fellow falling down dead.
There is a good shot on a horse panicking with Susan Turner acting startled and then a good approach by
Asmodeus pulling her to the ground showing good zombielike expressions with the camera facing up towards him which looks quite creepy.
There are also many good takes on the people running away from a big monster and trying to do battles with it.
There's a great shot on Susan looking expressionless trying to approach Vicki strangling her as well with her growling and Susan screaming.
We have a nice brief battle between David against Jim with him not acting himself at all which leaves a nice impression too.
There's also good takes on both David and Susan running away from a flying demon as well as nice camera shots looking up on them running up a hill and hiding behind trees too.
We spot a great cheesy shot on David slowly getting up and turning around with a giant grim reaper like figure luring over him.
We have a perfect near ending moment with him in a straight jacket freaking out while the orderly's pinning him down while injecting a needle in him.
Bottom line: Ah yes... one of those cheesy drive-in films so bad it's good. We have some monsters which almost reminds you one of those King Kong types with the possessions too which I'm certain was the one Sam Raimi wanted to do the Evil Dead trilogy by having a similar plot with some demonic monsters.
Some neat claymation effects especially when one of the actors is a victim which you can tell when a certain scene like a monster picking the person up isn't actually the person. I had to chuckle a bit but it was entertaining for sure.
The movie is fun to watch with your friends or if you're in the mood for a trashy type of no budgeter during this genre which looks alot more dated than what it really was. Otherwise you may want to skip this one and try something else.

The acting is quite bad as these actors were just reading their lines and very little getting into character. Edward Connell (David Fielding) played the serious one but was very wooden and at times showed some anxious moments in certain scenes but that's nothing to brag about. However does well by really showing his emotions after finding someone dead.
Barbara Hewitt
(Susan Turner) seemed to do well being possessed here and there and ready to attack which leaves a nice impression to her role.
Frank Bonner
(Jim Hudson) played the bubbly one in the film as he was well... sometimes trying too hard but other times was almost passable. He does a good job with his evil possessions and does better performing that way than his goofy way.
Robin Christopher
(Vicki) does well with her screaming and frightening actions when the terror happens like the monsters attacking etc. She seemed better than most of these people here mentioned.
Jack Woods
(Asmodeus) was probably the most intimidating out of them all as an evil one in the film and shows great characterisitics when he turns evil and shows good zombielike expressions too when he tries to attack along with his redneck attitude.

There's nice chiming sounds for the necessary spots as well as some harp playing too. During the first bit of the film we hear some cheesy organ playing too which is suitable for a drive-in horror flick like this along with some low budget old fashioned classical music and echoey effects too.