Evil's City (2005)

Produced, Written, Edited & Directed by: Tom Lewis


Brandon Largent .... Todd Harding
Laura Mazur .... Courtney
Kathryn Carner .... Amber
America Young .... Misty
Tyler Lassiter .... Ruben
Karl Champley .... Michael
Eric Turic .... Kevin
Richard Kinsey .... Preacher
Hegs Laughlin .... Stu
Bill Ross .... Matt
Cris Rath .... Adam
James Bulliet .... Jeff
Justin Bowles .... Walsingham
Brandon Reininger .... Keith

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2005






Two people named Todd Harling (Brandon Largent) and Courtney (Laura Mazur) hears about a curse of a deserted town named Acheron which is not listed on a map and is covered by a strange mist.
They try to do some researching on the town but locals there tries to ward them off telling them to go back to where they came from as they don't want to explore the deserted town.
When they do arrive there Courtney suddenly behaves very strangely and then acts deadly too.
Todd discovers that his friends who are making a film there are being terrorised by some of their friends who become posessed as well as soldiers who also are turning into posessed zombies as well as being attacked by flesh eating seductresses.
The town is apparently damned and won't let any of these people leave.


There's a scene with a guy holding someone while pointing a gun as this was supposed to look intense and draw you in for what the plot will unravel later on and it almost works but just not quite as it could've used a little more work but nicely wirtten in regardless.
Yet there's scene's that do draw you in with discussions on people having discussions during different locations at the same time talking about a creepy town they plan to go to as well as their differences with one another as this all showed a fair decent timing within everything that we see here.
There's a nice setting at a sleazy bar with both the main character's Todd and Courtney pitted against two hulking rednecks as there's a perfect moment with Courntey being courageous against them which seemed to be well put in but yet the moments looked a little bit stale and needed a bit of inspiration. However it does make you wonder or not if these two goons will beat the crap out of Todd by what goes on here.
Also nice shots on the gang going to the town that's supposed to be haunted as well as spotting the location and discussing all of it in which we hope that we're in for a good story but this is very deceiving while we continue to watch in the story unravelling.
We spot many pointless moments with Courntey acting strangely possessed and nearly lustful with an object she uses often towards Todd as you wonder if she will stab him with this thing since she seems to act evilly charming but yet deadly by how she behaves. These moments go around in circles sadly.
Some suggested creepy moments with the group of soldiers going out on their mission to snuff out anything as the setting looked good and dark but yet there's a moment with a ghostly female figure apporaching on e of them and being spooky towards him but this looked way too cheesy to be taken seriously as well as this figure turning into a ghoul which shows decent effects but nothing too terrorising as it was meant to have been.
However things look rather impressive when the surviving gang tries to flee in an underground area and climbing up a hilly area as the settings at night made things look effective as well as what goes on later on in this scene too which looked entertaining in a horror fashion. Also spotting someone getting hurt too while climbing as you get a feeling something terrorising will happen which shows nice timing. Plus good struggling situations later on against the terrors that happen offering good fear and frustrations with the characters. There's a moment with the evil Preacher speaking to one of these people as this looked a little too campy when it was supposed to be dark and spooky like. Yet good moments with the demonic looking one's trying to attack some of these people but still things are disappointing later on when you think things will thrill and entertain you.
Some exciting moments when some of the people try to survive going over a wall to escape the town but then there's cheesy CGI effects on a flame approaching this wall and trying to stop anyone which looked like it was done by computer animation. In other words pretty phony looking.
Bottom line is that I had a feeling I was looking for a bad movie when I rented this but wanted to give this one a shot as the DVD cover of it looked amusing. It was pretty much a ripoff to flicks like Nightbreed and other types of those kinds of horror genre's. The story was extremely rushed and it didn't make any sense whatsoever plus the film had a terrible ending and nothing was solved either.
The film is easily forgotten.

The acting is quite good and much better than the story itself. Although it has a large cast the main one's only stood out so I will do my best to see on what I can unravel on the reviews here. We have a nice performance by Brandon Largent (Todd Harling) showing a no bullshit attitude to his character. He comes off strongly onto the camera with his masculine presence in which he shows alot of good adrenaline. Also does well with his suspenseful attitude as well as acting cautious in a scene when someone acts lustful towards him. Shows off great characteristics and does well by acting heroic within whatever he does here. Plus had the good guy next door looks which was a great plus to his role so he was a nice choice for this part.
Laura Mazur (Courtney) does well at being seductive and deadly when she is posessed but at times she is a little too much and gets carried away. However was good by acting prickly and vicious too which adds a decent versatality. She is also great at being a tough bitch when pitted against two tough guys and shows a true courageous attitude during this moment which I liked her style by being like this.
Kathryn Carner (Amber) seemed to do well by behaving charming, bubbly and outgoing during the near beginning of her performance when she discusses her plans by going to the city as well as getting into the topics that is discussed at that time. Plus she does well by freaking out and sobbing when the terror strikes her as she adds a perfect hyped up energy and intensity when this moment happens. Seemed to stand out the most while acting like this and deserves good credit within this.
Tyler Lassiter
(Ruben) tried his best to show off a strong and powerful aqttitude with his seriouness while he spoke about a certain situation as to why these things are happening but yet tried a little too hard and wasn't overly convincing. Yet he seemed to do not too badly with his anxious behavior while struggling or trying to get away from the madness of everything. So he showed off some decent energy within all of this.
Eric Turic (Kevin) pulled off his part convincingly as a soldier in which he does a nice job shouting out his commands as well as acting cautious from what he might thinks that some terrors will occur. Also does well by acting confused in certain spots. Seemed to show nice timing within alot of what he did here.
Richard Kinsey (Preacher) was probably the worst in the cast as a demonic type especially when he tries to sound creepy with his speaking. He wasn't scary at all like he was supposed to have been and made his scene's look pretty bad. I just can't see him as a convincing character actor by any means. It was laughable but not in a good way. Even his expressions didn't show off as someone whom is one of the evil types. Sorry to say this folks.

There's a faceless corpse.
Flesh is bitten off a neck by a soldier by two evil seductresses
A fist is punched through a soldiers chest but it looks so phony

Carlos Vivas composes very little music in this film and it's not even noticeable. However they tried to make the synthesizer have strong orchestral classical music for alot of the suspenseful moments which almost came off convincingly but then when you catch on can tell it sounds a little bit phony. They tried their best though.
We have a heavy stompin tune by a group called Noucynic during the closing credits with their song "Unstable"