Evilution (2008)

Directed by: Chris Conlee

Produced & Written by: Brian Patrick O'Toole


Eric Peter-Kaiser .... Darren Hall
Sandra Ramirez .... Madeline 'Maddie' Gilbert
Tim Colceri ....
Sgt. Gabriel Collins
Noel Gugliemi .... Random
Guillermo Díaz .... Killah-B
James Duvall .... Asia Mark
Nathan Bexton .... The Manager

Release Date:
Chicago Horror Film Festival: September 28, 2008




A U.S. military force has discovered an alien life form to help resurrect the dead as well as possess the living and failed to communicate.
Instead, the military has tried to create a genetically altered version of the alien in order to resurrect dead soldiers on the battlefield. The alien life doesn't like this so they turn soldiers against one another as well as causing a major canniballistic battle against one another.
A young scientist named Darren Hall (Eric Peter-Kaiser) runs away from the military base with the last pure specimen of the alien, determined to the reverse the damage inflicted and learn the secrets of life while an army of soldiers infected are killing one another and eating others alive.
Darren hides out at a beat up old apartment suite where he works for another type of military people whom are gangsters lead by Random (Noel Gugliemi) in which his sidekicks named Killah-B (Guillermo Díaz) and Asia Mark (James Duvall) give him a rough time while residing there but falls for one of the residents named Maddie Gilbert (Sandra Ramirez) and have a romance for one another.
Suddenly Random is brutally injured and Darren tries to use the formula on him in which things go wrong making him canniballistic and attacking residents in the apartment. Now it's up to him and a few survivors to put an end to this deadly alien virus for good.


A nicely produced independent film but yet sometimes the story weakens at times. The beginning is impressive though with a security guard being attacked by zombies in which this was well intensely written in and very graphic too for anyone who enjoys zombie flicks leaving the film to a perfect start.
Of course there's the lead character Darren Hall with his formula and needles trying to escape the madness happening around a military base. Plus some intense showings with planes in the air dropping missiles in an area of Iraq which is another great touch for the film too. Then we spot the opening credits which is perfect for a film like this. It almost has a Day of the Dead appeal with all the surroundings here.
Then it starts off with Darren starting a new life as if he was awakened from a flashback memory or nightmare that leaves the audiences mysterious as to what has happened here.
Brian Patrick O'Toole also adds some humor involved later on to uplift this film as Darren has to run out of bed in his underwear to obey his commander named Random when he is set out with his duties. It can offer an odd chuckle while watching this. Plus runs into some people he has no choice but to work with whom are bullying type of gangsters which adds another nice psycholoigcal flavor to the story to anyone who has had bad experiences with bullying sometimes making it hard to watch to anyone who has a rough time in school or gangs you don't want to mess with out on the street. Plus Random has some beautiful women dancing around him making it look like a mobster getting his jollies but this looked very stale and inconvincing to the plot.
Of course in the middle of the story there's two agents watching a tape of some proof on these zombie's which seems to be a great touch to the story making it an unsolved mystery especially when it shows what happens on the tape looking like a mocumentary piece sincve we've seen this before in flicks like Diary of the Dead making this moment impressive with the madness and macabre behind this evidence.
Yet we see some romantic moments with Darren and one of the people involved with these people named Maddie since in a horror film before the major terrors happen we need to see this hero fall in love with a nice understanding out of the rough sort which seems to work on it's own quite well.
There are some cringing moments too with Darren practising his experiments on mice using his formula on them in which makes you wonder what they will turn into as you can figure out that it won't be pleasant at all. This seems to borrow a bit from Re-Animator but in a real serious mode since there was lots of tongue in cheek with that film.
The intensity and terror really gets going after all of this when Random gets badly injured and Darren insists he's a doctor which seems impressive to the story in which you wonder to yourself if this fellow is a mad scientist out to do this dude more harm and yet that's how it really starts off causing others being infected and turning into zombie's in a beat up old apartment building which almost reminds me of similar elements in the Amwericanised Italian flick Demons 2.
To top it all off something from another world is causing this virus too other than the formula that Darren uses since this seems to borrow a bit from those old fashioned black & white sci-fi/horror flicks too.
Bottom line is this film seems to be a tribute to those old school zombie flicks mentioned above. Although alot of this sounds exciting it seems to weaken not going anywhere all too much but still well made.

The acting is very good and well paced in which lead actor Eric Peter-Kaiser (Darren Hall) really brought on alot of neat characteristics and energy into his role as almost a dweeby type of scientist in the flick. Does a good job looking anxious when he spots someone as well as trying to hide in a certain scene. He had the perfect looks for all of this and can really go places with his good acting skills like in this one.
Sandra Ramirez
(Madeline 'Maddie' Gilbert) comes across as a nice outgoing type in the film and really came across believeable as a warm and caring type in the flick. She brought a good aura around her personality. Plus she showed a good change in her personality by getting angry and aggressive too. All in all she was very versatile in her role.
Tim Colceri
Sgt. Gabriel Collins) was the best in all of the cast with his tough big guy looks and attitude too. He lived to play a Sgt. and brought out a perfect serious aggressiveness in what he did as well as showing a great tough type of personality. He was sure a nice drawing card to the story in which he certainly studied this part perfectly well. A nice approach by him storming in a room and getting forceful with one of his fellow actors which looked greatly done and realistic looking. Two thumbs up for this dude.
Noel Gugliemi
(Random) was perfect as a redneck head soldier type in the flick with his sleazy type of behavior and bullying like commanding towards others. Plus he had the perfect looks to portray a gangster too in which he came across that way in his performance. When he turned into a zombie he also shows a great lifeless behavior as well as a great menacing violent behavior too. There's a great aggressive moment with him screaming in a rage of pain during a certain scene of the story.
Guillermo Díaz
(Killah-B) lived to portray a bullying lietenant with his territorial behavior and sneering type of speaking. He was believeably intimidating whenever he tried to cause trouble with others and really getting into the psyche of things. In a scene he does well by being near a corner kneeling down acting out of it along with a good approach someone else approaching him and trying to talk to him as well as him going haywire trying to chase after her which looked incredibly energised.
James Duvall
(Asia Mark) portrayed a nice sidekick bully in which he does well as a tag along and bringing a nice nasty behavior too. He brought out just as good energy into his part of the film.
Although this person had a small supporting role I thought I should mention some here.
Jonathan Breck
(Col Serna) certainly had a great driving force as the head of his mission on what he wanted out of his sidekick and showed a good temperamental attitude to his role. He was another great key role to the story even if his scene's were only about 5 minutes long.
Billy Morrison
(Junkie) seemed to show some descent humor as a junkie with his hyperactive attitude and proving to be a real ham in the cast but in a nice descent fashion. He was certainly a real attention getter and the viewers can fondly remember his performance in this film without a doubt.

Bruna Rubio exposes her boobs when a towel is stripped off of her from zombies in an apartment hallway.

Lots of zombie's biting into people and chewing flesh off and blood gushing out
Various bloodied corpses lying around with some chewed up skin
Blood is spalttered near a doorway area

There's low classical sounding trombone and violing music as well as some drum beatings and some hissing sounds too with the odd bangs. During many moments there's real effective screeching sounds and sometimes low booming keyboard music like you'd hear in a George A. Romero flick. The music was nicely composed by Alan Howarth.