Exorcism: The Posession of Gail Bowlers (2006)

Written & Directed by: Leigh Slawner


Erica Roby .... Gail Bowers
Griff Furst .... Clark Pederson
Noel Thurman .... Anne Pederson
Thomas Downey .... Father Thomas Bates
David Shick .... Dr. Richard Thornhill
Rebekah Kochan .... Francie
Dean N. Arevalo .... Father Fletcher

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 31, 2006

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An 18 year old named Gail Bowers (Erica Roby) lives with her sister Anne (Noel Thurman) who is a practicing Christian and brother in law Clark (Griff Furst) after the death of her parents and then move into a new house.

However while Gail is sleeping she senses someone is controlling her and then starts to sleepwalk.
Then the next day, she is introduced to her new neighbor named Francine (Rebekah Kochan) as the two of them toy around with a Ouija board since Gail tries to summon up her parents. The board moves by itself and a lightbulb burns out.

Suddenly, over the next days Gail's behavior becomes unusually nasty and bitter.
She also starts to have a sleazy attitude that she is taken to see a psychiatrist named Richard Thornhill (David Shick) who notices that Gail's behavior is more than just strange and suggests to both Clark and Anne that an exorcism is necessary but Clark refuses at first as he doesn't believe in God or the Devil.
Eventually, Clark accepts after seeing a nearly suicidal attempt with Gail and are introduced to a preacher named Father Thomas Bates (Thomas Downey) who is legally blind after trying to exorcise a child who died from his exorcism.
But then, death's suddenly start to occur with preachers helping him while performing Gail's exorcism.


We spot a rather rough prologue with nothing but music playing and the preacher Father Thomas Bates trying to exrocise a possessed that looked scarred but this seemed to look uneven while we watch it as well as confusing too. Just makes you wonder if it's a silent film by how it was all done and not in a good way.
However it improves as we spot a married couple Clarke and Ann as well as their younger sister Gail Bowers having an argumentive discussion at a dinner table and so fourth about her going to university and her rebelling against it which looked solidly done.
A perfect still moment when we spot Gail sleepwalking outside to her front yard as well as Anne trying to snap her out of it by talking to her in which this draws you in perfectly and a nice sign of a pssoible possession by how it was all performed. This all looked fairly natural and the filmmakers made it look entertaining.
Also spot a moment with Gail and her new friend Francie toying with a ouija board as it looked good and natural that they were having fun with it all and not taking it seriously as well as a good drawing card to the film sionce we know it's about possessions and was necessary to have this into the plot.
Also have a good discussion with Ann talking to Gail about those objects bringing in evil spirits which was a perfect add into the story which offers some nice dramatic concerns on this topic. Things seem to be rolling well while watching their conversations.
Nice shots on Gail sleeping as well as objects feeling her and forcing her down adding perfect suspense into the film and making things exciting.
Perfect disturbing moment with Francie trying to be friendly towards Gail and she snaps at her and being nasty which is perfectly unpleasant to watch and drawing you in more and more that this girl is becoming more possessed and making you feel bad for Francie herself for taking that nasty crap from her as well as getting a feel that they won't be friends anymore. All of this looked good and powerful.
We spot a deadly moment happening towards Francie although it could've been more improved with a better budget and surroundings while watching on what happens to her it still drew you in and wondering as to what is going to happen to her second by second. It for sure wasn't a pretty site and quite intense too.
Perfect moment with Gail in her panties and shirt standing and staring at Clark as well as her telling him to have sex with her as well as this uncomforting feeling with him which adds a good psychological moment to the story as well as a perfect moment on Gail explaining to Ann about him and the things she doesn't like while having sex which of course really adds a total hardness to the situation and making you wonder if she will smack her for this that she is driving her to do this. Also some great powerful moments with Gail being forceful towards her older sister as it draws you in thinking that the devil is inside of her big time and having a bigger strength. It looked well done for a low budgeter such as this one.
Perfect moment showing a slaughtering moment with Gail towards his sister and brother in law as you get a creepy feeling that she is dreaming this which makes you watch piece by piece wondering if she will wake up and realise that this isn't really happening.
There's also a strong moment with a shrink trying to talk to her and she gets snappy and almost violent as this makes you cringe wondering if something crazy will happen as well as him placing a crucifix near her and she cringes which is a nice key to the plot.
However the story is a little trite in between the scene's mentioned as it gets even more slow when the blind priest Thomas comes to exorcise Gail as things start to be a little dull and pointless but then there's the odd terrorising moments when there's deadly situations involving a preacher nearly killing another one while the devil is possessing his mind and things like that but then it seemed like the writer was running out of ideas to keep it suspenseful and ending the possessions.
Bottom line is that at first I didn't know what to expect when I first watched this. This was supposedly the true story that inspired the film The Exorcist but however it takes place present day and is very fabricated by the looks of it. However, there's some interesting touches to it due to a lack of a budger for an independent horror. It was an indepdendent film on a Z grade budget and it seemed like it was uninvested or it was invested with very little cash but at times the makers really pulled the story together making the film very watchable and weak in other areas.
Seemed like these makers wanted to compete against the one's who did the Exorcism of Emily Rose.

The acting was very well performed for the budget this flick had. Erica Roby (Gail Bowers) was marvellous with her character making her actions change each time and making it fairly believeable. She showed it off nicely as a school graduate going through a rebellious phase in her life by having attitude as this shined off well. Plus does a believeable job slwoly becoming possessed when she has a negative attitude coming across as a mega bitch just being snappy and acting convincingly ignorant. Also does well acting vicious and crazy with her sleazy behavior making you want to hit her. Really studied this perfectly at a great hype and studied this incredibly well. Also does a nice job with her emotional attitude too. Rolls with the punches when she is fully possessed and acting perfectly deadly and evil just lashing out nicely.
Griff Furst (Clark Pederson) adds a nice charm to his role as the in law in which he offers a perfect seriousness to whatever he does as well as a cool cat type of behavior too. Also does well by acting choked when strange things are being confronted by him as well as having a nice stern behavior too. Has the right good looking guy next door appeal which is another good bonus to his part.
Noel Thurman (Anne Pederson) certain shows off a total mature big sister attitude as well as trying to act believeably reasonable and kind hearted which she knew her stuff by behaving like this. Also does a good job with her shocked behavior after something is told to her as well as reacting upsetting as this was also very belieable along with her sobbing too which isn't too bad at all. Her healthy nice girl looks were a perfect plus to her character.
Thomas Downey (Father Thomas Bates) was quite enjoyable as a blind preacher in which he shows a nice warm and mellow behavior at first when discussing on what he plans to do. Also shows great courageous energy when performing an exorcism offering a perfect raging hatred and aggression when trying to cleanse out a demon. Plus does well with his struggling attitude offering a nice intensity. He was a true character actor.
David Shick (Dr. Richard Thornhill) plays a great shrink in which he shows a nice seriouness to his role but a very warm and patient personality which he was perfect by doing. Also shows off a great understanding type of behavior as well when talking to his onscreen client without trying to lose it which makes you wonder if he will since he offers a caring attitude. He was another nice supporting role into the story.
Rebekah Kochan (Francie) had the right looks as a rebellious type of punk kid but yet shows off a great spunky attitude in which she was great at someone who enjoys having a good time. Also shows a nice happy go lucky type of personality too. Also adds a nice upsetness to her role too. Does well with her intense crying and sickness near the end of her role crying hysterically adding a perfect crazy energy within this.

Rebekah's character takes off her top while she tries to take a shower to wash off her blood and her breasts are fully exposed.
Noel's character unbuttons her shirt during a sex scene and then it shows Eric's character.

A crucifix is stabbed through a woman's throat
Francine's face is being bloodied and cut
There's a nightmare sequence of Clark and Anne being butchered
Scissors are stabbed in a psychiarist's chest and blood splutrs out
A guy's head is crushed and there are some more brief bloody moments too.

Eliza Swemson lightly composed her music for the film but for what the plot was about it seemed to work well. Especially, with the light singing in it for where it was nessecary in the scenes. Also there's some good windy sounds as well as the hissing. We heare some average piano playing and the odd claissical music which isn't too shabby either. Many good low tones too for the real dark moments fitting in nicely.