Exorcist III (1990)

Produced, Written & Directed by: William Peter Blatty


George C. Scott .... Lt. William 'Bill' Kinderman
Ed Flanders .... Father Joseph Kevin Dyer
Brad Dourif .... The Gemini Killer/James Venamun
Jason Miller .... Patient X (Father Damien Karras)
Nicol Williamson .... Father Paul Morning
Scott Wilson .... Dr. Temple
Nancy Fish .... Nurse Allerton
George DiCenzo .... Stedman (as George Dicenzo)
Don Gordon .... Ryan
Grand L. Bush .... Sgt. Atkins
Mary Jackson .... Mrs. Clelia

Release Date: Theatrical: August 17, 1990







Fifteen years ago, Damien Karras (Jason Miller) fell down a flight of stairs while doing an exorcisim and was reported dead.
A lieutenant and a close friend of Karras' named Bill Kinderman (George C. Scott) who saw him falling down the stairs does some researching on these murders and tries to find out if Karras is still alive. But he is haunted by the powerful force of a Gemini killer named James Venamun (Brad Dourif) wherever he goes including when he tries to find out whether Karras is alive or not.
He discovers that people are turning up dead in a hospital and when he tries to talk to suspects he also discovers that the other senior citizens there reacts strangely at the hospital and so do the employees there.
Bill is still trying to investigate the killings and who is doing them as James has posessed priests, doctors and even uses old women as suspects and continues to go on his killing spree using other people's bodies.
Bill tries to put a stop to all this before him, his family and other innocent people are harmed and killed.


We have some impressive moments on spotting the house where Regan was possessed near the outside staircase as well as nice foggy scene's on this as well as flashback sequences on Karras crashing out of the window and falling for his death as this looked perfectly suspenseful. Plus we spot objects at a church looking bloodied or doors crashing ipen with a wind storm bursting in as this added some interesting touches to the film.
We spot alot of dull situations involving
Lt. William 'Bill' Kinderman trying to solve the missing case on the possessions as well as talking to priests and so fourth about what happened to Regan as well as Damien Karras in which I was getting tired of watching alot of this happening since it seemed to be a time waster and wondered when the real action would've happened.
Things start to slowly pick up as we have a moment when he goes to a mental hospital and talks to Nurse Allerton in which we spot something odd about her interactions and making you wonder if she's possessed as well as going to a room full of mainly elderly people acting crazy as well as doing gross and inappropriate things when he comes to check stuff out. This looked genuinely bizarre. We go to a scene that's very memorable when he asks a crazy elderly woman named Mrs. Clelia about an object that she sees which isn't there and getting demanding about it which seems to show a sign of schizophrenia as this seems to be a perfect target for people that we may or may not think is possessed. It draws in nicely.
Also in the story there's a dream sequence involving William in heaven as we spot people dressed as angels with wings at an airport as well as spotting people that were murdered discussing their deeds along with a band of angels performing jazz music as this looked way too campy as well as things going in fast motion and other moments like that when we spot a clock going. I just wondered what gave on that since it didn't seem to suit the story at all.
Things roll a bit more when we spot William going face to face with Karras in a cell and he's possessed which looked good and dark as well as suddenly seeing him change his appearance to the demon that was possessing him which is the Gemini Killer as t=it's finally nice to see who was behind the mandess of the possession as well as seeing this person going crazy or acting wild. Plus good moments on William being driven to anger here too adding some interesting psychological elements.

Perfect silent moment with a nurse checking out a room and things seem silent and then a great jumping moment which works terrifically well along with a moment when she walks away in another hall and a shocking moment with a white figure suddenly zooming after her as this was a perfect touch to the story.
Perfect moment with William looking around the room with the elderly people acting crazier than ever as well as a great touch on Mrs. Clelia crawling on the roof and spying on him which is a total memorial moment.
The final moments were perfectly terrorising and energised when we spot a preacher performing an exorcism against the Gemini Killer as well as the intesity surrounding all of this and the madness too. It's interesting seeing the preacher speaking wickedly as you wonder if Pazuzu has possessed him along with perfect powerful moments on this preacher being stuck to a wall and the gruesome resulats. We also spot a great moment on William struggling against this maniac to try and put an end to him as there's nice dark eeffects and stormy moments too which works in superbly.
Bottom line: Apparently this film ignores part 2 as this one deals with a serial killer who was executed the same night of the exorcism in the first film with the girl Regan. There was some neat effects as well as what this demon can do to others but the story is very slow and almost average until we meet the killer and the crazy moments going on which has plenty of action paced sequences. I liked the previous sequel better even if it was a little too bizarre to believe that it was a true sequel.

The acting is in terrific shape as we have veteran actor George C. Scott (Lt. William 'Bill' Kinderman) playing a tough as nails detective as he usually plays these type of roles in numerous other shows. He performes a terrific character with his aggressions and reacts perfectly strong with his aggressions and not taking any crap from anyone in which this came to life superbly. He also has a great gravelly voice too which works in well. Was powerful with his blocking and right on target too. Does well playing along with a mental patient in which he knew on how to control himself by doing all of this.
Ed Flanders (Father Joseph Kevin Dyer) seemed to be a natural ham as a priest who likes to speak his mind and says just what he wants to say in which he is dead on target by behaving this way. I liked on how he came across onto the screen with his bluntness and snappy actions. He does this all in good taste and is full of spunk by acting like this too. Another good character actor.
But the best actor out of them all is no other than horror film veteran Brad Dourif (
The Gemini Killer/James Venamun) proving he can out do his Chucky role in Child's Play. He shows great intense aggression with his screaming voice and terrific expressions too. Was perfect with his cold and calm speaking and then acting unpredictable in which he was truly intimidating while doing all of this. He truly knows his craft as an actor and was a ball of intense energy which was a good thing for what he had to portray here.
It's nice to see Jason Miller (Patient X- Father Damien Karras) back from the first film too. He doesn't have much to say in this film but you basically know what he's been up to regardless. Does well with his disturbed actions as well as showing some nice expressionless glances too. He for sure looked like a convincing basket case as well as showing off nice energy with his possessions too.
Nicol Williamson (Father Paul Morning) stands out powerfully with his tall features as someone performing an exorcism. Was great with his aggressions as well as acting unpredictable with his wicked speaking in which he really brought a good flavor to his character in which he for sure comes across as someone untrustworthy. Also reacts well in a painful struggling situation.
Supporting actress Nancy Fish
(Nurse Allerton) plays a good possible suspectby showing her expressionless emotions as well as acting genuinely mysterious on stuff. Also does a great job snapping at someone and acting nicely harsh and aggressive too. She really studied her role greatly. Had the nice fragile type of features too which was a nice plus.
Mary Jackson (Mrs. Clelia) certainly had a nice key supporting role as a mental patient acting perfectly unknowledgeable about stuff during the beginning as well as having some nice accusations as this shines off greatly. Does a great job acting like a total nutcase without over doing it.

Close to the end a priests skin is peeled off a ceiling with flesh ripping and exposing his brain.

Barry De Vorzon composed superbly with all the sounds going on in the film especially the humming and the chanting choir making it truly effective and suspenseful. Alot of great hissing effects and low sounds and rumbling too for scene's like the mental hospital in which it leaves a chilling feeling to alot of the scenery that we spot there. Plus there's a bit of the theme song going on for the opening credits like we heard in the first one which still works in nicely too. No one else could do a better job than him.

Dt. Kinderman: My wife's mother is visiting, Father, and Tuesday she's cooking us a carp. It's a tasty fish, I'm not against it. But because it's supposedly filled with impurities, Mary's mother buys it alive, and for three days now it's been swimming in my bathtub. Up and down. Cleaning out the impurities. And I hate it. I can't stand the sight of it moving it's gills. Now, you're standing very close to me, Father. Have you noticed? Yes. I haven't had a bath in days. So I never go home until the carp is asleep. I'm afraid that if I see it while it's swimming, I'll kill it.

Kanavan: Try and make a good confession, and remember, Christ forgives all our sins.
Penitent: Only little things. Nothing. Seventeen of them, Father. The first was that waitress in Candlestick Park. I cut her throat and watched her bleed. She bled a great deal. It's a problem I'm working on, Father. All this bleeding.

Mrs. Clelia: My radio. Aren't you going to fix it? Nothing ever gets fixed round here. Just a whole bunch of pies and anchovies. Go away. I don't ever talk to strangers.
Dt. Kinderman: I'm the radio repairman, Mrs Clelia.
Mrs. Clelia: Well then, fix it.
Dt. Kinderman: What's wrong with it?
Mrs. Clelia: Dead people talking. It's right here. Do you see it?
Dt. Kinderman: Yes. I see it.
Mrs. Clelia: I just knew you weren't really a radio repairman. That's a telephone I'm holding.

Patient X: I still hear from her occasionally, screaming. I think the dead should shut up, unless there's something to say.

Patient X: Well, there I was so awfully dead in that electric chair. I didn't like it. Would you? It's upsetting. There was still so much killing to do, and there I was, in the void, without a body. But then along came - well - my friend. You know. One of them. Those others over there. The cruel ones... the Master. He thought my work should continue. But in this body. This body in particular, in fact. Let's call it revenge. A certain matter of an exorcism, I think, in which your friend Father Karras expelled certain parties from the body of a child. Certain parties were not pleased, to say the least. The very least. And so, my friend, the Master, he devised this petty scheme as a way of getting back, of creating a stumbling block, a scandal, a horror to the eyes of all men seeking faith, using the body of this saintly priest as an instrument of, well, you know - my work. But the main thing is the torment of your friend Father Karras as he watches while I rip and mutilate the innocent, his friends, and again, and again, on and on! He's inside with us! He'll never get away! His pain won't end!
[Abruptly calm and composed]
Patient X: Gracious me. Was I raving? Please forgive me. I'm mad.

Patient X: I have dreams... of a rose, and then of falling down a long flight of steps.

Patient X: You again. You've interrupted me. Well... come in, Father Morning. Enter, knight. This time you're going to lose.

Patient X: It's the smiles that keep us going. The bits of giggles and good cheer.

The Gemini Killer: I like plays. The good ones... Shakespeare... I like Titus Andronicus the best; it's sweet. Incidentally, did you know that you are talking to an artist? I sometimes do special things to my victims: things that are creative. Of course, it takes knowledge, pride in your work... For example, a decapitated head can continue to see for aproximately twenty seconds. So when I have one that's gawking, I always hold it up so that it can see its body. It's a little extra I throw in for no added charge. I must admit it makes me chuckle every time. Life is fun. It's a wonderfull life, in fact... for some.

Father Dyer: I only told him the truth.
Stedman: What did you say?
Father Dyer: Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks your an asshole.

Father Dyer: (On the film 'It's a Wonderful Life') I've seen it 37 times.

Dt. Kinderman: That's commendable.

The Gemini Killer: I kill at random... no motive... that's the fun.

Dt. Kinderman: This I believe in... I believe in death. I believe in disease. I believe in injustice and inhumanity, torture and anger and hate... I believe in murder. I believe in pain. I believe in cruelty and infidelity. I believe in slime and stink and every crawling, putrid thing... every possible ugliness and corruption, you son of a bitch. I believe... in you.

Father Dyer: May the schwartz be with you.