Eye of the Demon (1987)

Directed by: Carl Schenkel

Written by:
Tim Kring


Pamela Sue Martin .... Linda Lebon
Tim Matheson .... Jerry Lebon
Barbara Billingsley .... Beatrice Glover
Jeff Conaway .... Josh McGwin
Woody Harrelson .... Slater
Susan Ruttan .... Debbi McGwin
James Sikking .... Nicholas Kline
Inga Swenson .... Matty Kline

Release Date: Made-for-TV: October 25, 1987

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A newlywed husband named Jerry Lebon (Tim Matheson) is unsatisfied with his job as he is used to working with his hands so him and his wife named Linda (Pamela Sue Martin) decide to move to a country type area on an Devlin Island where they buy an old house and are greeted by a strange old lady named Beatrice Glover (Barbara Billingsley) who seems to make them feel welcome as well as a neighborly couple by the names of Nicolas (James Sikking) and Matty (Inga Swenson) who bring them a housewarming gift but then their moods change towards them after they find out that they have a dog.
Linda and Jerry also discovers a strange and sinister old man in an upstairs window always staring at them as well as an empty graveyard and an underground satanic temple.

Their friend named Slater (Woody Harrelson) pays a visit to them as Linda tells him how strange the locals behave there and when Slater leaves after his visit his jeep automatically starts to go backwards and drives him off a cliff causing him to die as well as their dog being run over.
Linda and her friend Debbi McGwin (Susan Ruttan) also discovers a bedroom during an open house party with unusual stuff there.

Linda soon finds out that in 1722 A.D. that the town has been a haven for devil worshippers whose leader had been burned alive at the stake and that the inhibitants of Devlin Island are all over 300 years old-the orgiginal coven.
Suddenly, Linda is the prime target for a sacrifice but she can't find a way to escape the island at all.


There's a moment where Linda has a discussion with her husband Jerry in bed by not being happy with his job which seemed fairly okay but not overly convincing.
We spot some decent conversations between Linda and Jerry with Josh and Debbie about the island they plan to move to.
We also spot a good presence by Beatrice Glover welcoming them to their new home by showing Linda and Jerry around as well as a nice appearance by Nicholas and Matty as a married couple welcoming them with a housewarming gift of fruit which looked almost like heartwarming neighbors. Suddenly all their moods change after they find out that they have a dog which is a nice look at the dog going wild and unfriendly.
There's many shots on Linda staring at an old man staring out in a window through an attic showing some evil expressions.
There's also good shots on Linda snooping around a house looking for her dog and a good aggression by Nicholas telling her they never have dogs on their island.
A perfect shot on Beatrice approaching towards Slater too closely as if she was coming on too strong.
A good discussion between Linda and Slater when she discusses to him about the neighborhood being weird and not knowing what is going on.
A perfect shot on Slater in his jeep when it goes backwards along with a good camera shot rolling in on a cliff. Plus, a nice slow motion run on Linda as well as her screaming NOOOOOO! A great show on the jeep flying off the cliff.
We spot an effective conversation between Linda when she tries to get Jerry to look at her and talk to her as he shows a negative attitude which was neatly done.
There's a good conversation between Linda and Debbi when they go into a room during an open house party noticing some strange stuff in there.
There's a spooky moment with a child riding his tricycle towards Linda and talking to her. The a good look at him rolling away in the dark and suddenly it looked like he fell off a cliff which gives you the chills. Nice look on Martin running towards the cliff looking for him and his hand grabs her from behind. This moment was probably the best moment ever.
A perfect moment with Linda approaching the old man and a discussion happens about what is going on in the village.
A nice shot on Linda running for a boat and jumping on.
There are good nightmare sequences with Linda trying to get away from everything with good camera effects.
A nice shot on a chapel with smoke around it and later on exploding.
Bottom line is that this is an interesting TV movie but it looks quite cheesy and low budgeted. However, there are lots of fun touches throughout the movie like with the people acting strange over certain things like the newlyweds dog or showing their year of birth on stuff too which made it mysterious. But it just didn't have enough frights or good enough frights in lots of spots that it the stroy was trying to do. Just watch it for the fun of it if you're in the mood for a cheesy witch story.

The acting is very average and dated. Pamela Sue Martin (Linda Lebon) as the lead and suspicious one seemed to perform like she was still doing The Nancy Drew Mysteries. But does show a bit of intensity to her part when necessary which looks descent enough. Also in a scene shows a nice attitude when she demands people about their marriage and age to get to the bottom of the strange incidents. We have a great intense reaction on her towardsher onscreen husband that she is going to leave the island when a storm is about to occur. Does well by acting paranoid towards her onscreen husband during another situation by telling him to stay away from her.
Tim Matheson
(Jerry Lebon) shows nice stressed out attitude as her newlywed husband and deleveloped a character quite well. Does well acting negative as well as getting emotional in a certain scene of the flick. Performs well towards his onscreen wife when he convinces her that he's innocent on an incident.
Barbara Billingsley
(Beatrice Glover) seemed to bring her point across as a deceiving nice elderly lady who can seem wicked too which looked super.
Woody Harrelson
(Slater) seems to perform his part quite memorably well as he always does well with a show most of the times.

A knife is stabbed through an old man and another man stabs himself but it's not bloody or graphic.

Shuki Levy has some nice paino music for the peaceful moments of the film as well as synthesizer violin soundings too for the suspense.