Final Destination 5 (2011)

Directed by: Steven Quale

Written by:
Eric Heisserer


Nicholas D'Agosto .... Sam Lawton
Emma Bell .... Molly Harper
Miles Fisher .... Peter Friedkin
Ellen Wroe .... Candice Hooper
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood .... Olivia Castle
P.J. Byrne .... Isaac
Arlen Escarpeta .... Nathan
David Koechner .... Dennis
Courtney B. Vance .... Agent Block

Special Appearance:

Tony Todd .... William Bludworth

Release Dates:
Fantasia Film Festival: August 4, 2011; Theatrical: August 12, 2011

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A group of people who work for the same company travel on a bus as they are being delayed on a suspension bridge. One of them named Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto) hallucinates that the bridge will collapse with them being slaughtered by this incident as well as falling into the depths of the ocean so he pushes the survivors out and the incident actually happens.
After the funeral the survivors run into a coroner named William Bludworth (Tony Todd) who warns them about cheating ther death
and then one after another they die of horrible and gruesome accidents.
Sam had a troubled relationship with his girlfriend Molly Harper (Emma Bell) but they seem to hold their relationship together due to these incidents. However, their assistant employer Peter Friedkin (Miles Fisher) can't seem to get over the death of his girlfriend Olivia Castle (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) who was the first one to die after cheating the deaths that were meant to be for all of them. He slowly starts to lose it and try to talk to William about his experience with what he has seen beforehand and explains to them that they either get killed or have someone else die in the place in order to survive.


Ahh yes the opening looked alot different compared to the previous one's in which this looked like an old fashioned Grindhouse type of opening. Also there's some humoress moments involving Peter Friedkin as an assistant employer towards his employee Sam Lawton getting cocky with him advising on what to say towards his girlfriend that wants to break up with him as we've experienced idiots like these types before.
Plus when one of the people aboarding the bus has to talk to someone in a construction room we see a chain and hook in the area which makes you wonder if something deadly will happen here as there's stuff that can make you think that it will trigger off the events like the previous flicks teasing your mind that the terror will happen sooner or later. Plus when someone gets on the bus with a sign saying watch your step as this person trips a bit which is another nice suspenseful feeling that this bus is a death target on it's trip. While bus is running on the freeway and we spot a logging truck passing by as this seems to pay a tribute to the first sequel in which this incident happens causing a deadly accident. How this was set out gives you a feeling that maybe something bad will happen but maybe not since it's happened before. But what excited me was spotting the Lions Gate Bridge which is totally in my hometown and this bridge was supposed to take place in NY but was thinking to myself that it looks way too unconvincing for this area to be somewhere else. Right away I knew the terror was about to happen on the bridge as we spot road construction and an object drops in the water as well as Sam accidentally cutting his finger in the bus. This seems to be a start for when all of the deadly events will occur since we have seen some of this in the previous flicks. The effects looked great here spotting the cables from the bridge snapping off as well as the road crumbling off with vehicles falling into the water including one of the students falling onto a top pole of a sailboat which really makes you jump out of your seat and very disturbing with the horror violence involved here. To top it off more suspenseful moments with a couple people climbing or walking onto a thin railing while trying to get to the other end along with having nothing else to hold your balance which makes you scared imagining if you were on a bridge trying collapsing and trying to find some way to make it safe and you're only on a ledge along with other things falling towards you like a vehicle or sharp objects. This was terrifically well done and showed great timing. The effects looked pretty good and can never understand as to how they do this.
The original characters don't seem to pop up making you wonder if this was taken in a different direction but then after a funeral we spot good old creepy William Bludworth telling the survivors to be careful on cheating their death which is a great touch here since he's experienced it before with the rest beforehand. I really loved this moment here as it's a nice attention grabber.
Then afterwards we spot a rehearsal for gymnists rehearsal and notice a bar that seems loose which definteley makes you cringe and teasing your mind wondering if a deadly accident will happen on that or not. But then we see a chewed up wire and water heading near it along with a screw falling from the top of a vent falling with it's sharp end standing up on a railing where we spot gynist Candice Hooper practising her aerobics ballance as she's close to stepping on it as this is another perfect brain teaser after we spot the other surroundings that will trigger off a deadly accident. You can't keep your eyes off this which is truly scary here. But when something happens it certainly looks brutal and shocking which will please any horror fan.
We spot a geeky one named Isaac stealing stuff and one of them is a gift certificate to a health spa in which there's alot of fun comedy used here when he gets the wrong impression thinking it will be erotic and it isn't plus spotting an older asian woman thinking it will be a younger hot looking one like the one who introduced him to the room where he's getting one. You spot a loose looking table showing signs that he's the next one to die due to an accident. This woman seems to torture him with the massage as this offered some chuckles as well as her speaking chinese and him trying to communicate with her looking like a complete idiot. This was nicely written in I'd have to say. Then one of the massages is poking thin pins in him which is a relaxing technique imagining if he fell face first how painful that would be and she leaves him along to sleep as this gives you a creepy feeling something is going to happen as there's candles around the room and yet an accident happens which doesn't look pretty at all. I won't give this away but there's some dark humor even in what happens as well as alot of great suspenseful shots happen to this loser.
Then another appearance by Bludworth in which he has a coroner uniform on him as this looked impressive when the rest of the survivors demand from him what he meant for cheating death as it was nice that he explained what happened to others who experienced these incidents from the previous films of course. So this was a nice touch proving this to be a worthy sequel indeed.
One of them goes to see their eye doctor as he uses an piece of equipment to keep her eye lid wide open which looks painful as well as her head locked to keep still in which this almost seemed to pay a tribute to A Clockwork Orange. Alot of what's happening to her looks deadly and imagining if an accident happens and the feel to all this would be tough to handle. There's nice effects here when a deadly incident does happen.
It's impressive when the couple Sam tells Molly that he's going to die so might as well do what he has to do. It just seems nicely put in and works well with the story.
There's even close to death moments with Sam working in the kitchen of a restaurant as this looked impressive. Plus there's even a shot on some beef being grinded up which gives you a gross out feeling too.
The suspense piles up when one of the survivors loses his sanity and tries to kill both Sam and Molly adding a different touch to the story and showing someone who turns out to be demented by what is happening with the deaths happening. Lots of struggling moments watching this packing alot of action with what happens here.
Then later on when you think a happy ending happens it turns out that the nightmare with surviving this isn't over yet which shows on what happened in the first movie in which I won't spoil this for ya. All I can tell you is that it seems a little confusing wondering if this is a prequel or not to the original.
Bottom line is that this film packs alot of great suspense and was awesome to watch on the big screen in 3D once again like in the previous sequel here. I would recommend it to the fans of the first 4 flicks as there's a bit more humor here along with alot of shocking horror violence and the worst and painful ways to die too. It begs you for more after watching this one which makes me wonder if it's the last of the series since the closing credits seem to make it out that way.

The acting is still very well done in which we seem to have an okay type of performance by lead actor Nicholas D'Agosto (Sam Lawton) shows a nice seriousness to his role along with one of those quiet and shy types. He definetely shows some good energy when he panicks about a situation. Yet he is nothing spectacular as I've seen better performances. Still he can do the trick with his role. Does a good job getting anxious and being demanding towards someone else in an effective scene.
Emma Bell (Molly Harper) shows a good innocence to her part as well a nice sensitive and emotional type of behavior when she needed to do this. She had a nice soft look to her appeal to the role she portrayed too. Plus she really roled in with the punches into the suspenseful moments that were placed here. She knew her stuff with the part she portrayed in this. A nice emotional reaction with him at a funeral as this looked good and natural. A nice moment on her jumping on her fellow actor's back and getting vicious which looked hyped up.
Miles Fisher (Peter Friedkin) was the best actor I must say as he stole the show with his performance in which he shows a good cocky attitude that you just find irritating on him getting in your face in which he knew how to do just that. Plus he shows a great outrageous attitude too on losing control as well as going insane. He shows nonstop energy and intense attitude while performing this. Does a good job crying and getting emotional in which he brings this out perfectly and looked very believeable. He also does a great job crying uncontrollably as well as losing his temper and acting intense. Plus was great reacting violently by throwing a glass he was holding. He brought this out powerfully well. A good moment with him trying to act sane what he tells them on a situation and then slowly starting to lose it which looked impressive. Terrific chasing energy with him looking around in a pantry with a gun. Yes this was the perfect guy to play this role as he seemed to live to portray this one.
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Olivia Castle) shows off a good tough girl type of behavior as well as showing a good wimpy soft side to her. She seemed to do both of these quite well and knew on how to show her frightening type of behavior in which she does all of this at a great pace showing good timing for her role in a horror flick.
P.J. Byrne (Isaac) stands out the most in his supporting role as he comes across as someone who looks geeky but showing a perverted charm in what he does in which he has good timing and a natural ham by doing this. He really shows a good hyperactive attitude and knew on how to draw the humor into what he does. He was a good choice for this role as I won't argue about that at all. Does a good job acting hyper towards someone else. Does well with his flirtatious attitude towards a beautiful woman and he acts full of life towards her which showed perfect timing on this. Reacts well after realising who his massager is and showing a nice disappointed and anxious attitude. He does well reacting to the pain after falling down from the massage table as well as his struggling attitude too as he gets into the performance pretty good.
David Koechner
(Dennis) really stuck to my mind as he certainly was very memorable in his supporting role too as one of those asshole employers he expects his employees to bow down to. He shows a good idiotic behavior by doing all of this and I was quite impressed in which he seemed like a believeable goof. He draws all of this in perfectly and is a true character actor. A good approach by him with his demanding and gruff speaking towards two of his fellow actors in which this looked sharply done too.

Someone falls off a bridge and is impaled in a pole of a sailboat.
Someone is covered in tar and the flesh burning off of him.
Sharp objects are stabbed through someone.
Another person is torn in half.
A gymnist has her body snapped in pieces.
Needles are stabbed through someone and a big hard statue object falls on his face causing his face to smash.
Regine the vampiress burns to death
Someone's eye is shot by a laser.
A construction employee's neck is stabbed through a big metal hook.
A person's chest is stabbed through a sharp object in a kitchen restaurant.
Bodies are fried to death during a plane accident.
Someone arm is cut off.

The music sounded terrific for the opening as there's lots of sharp classical dark sounding in which it made the movie sound very effective. Also we hear some light mellow piano tapping sounds for the silent moments in the film like at the funeral and events like those. Plus alot of great booming sounds as usual for when the terrors start to occur. Of course powerful trombone playing with heavy rumbling drum beats. All of this was brought together by Brian Tyler who really knew his craft and it sounds just as great like the composin in the previous films.