Jason X  (2001)

Produced & Directed by: James Isaac

Written by:
Todd Farmer


Lexa Doig ... Rowan
Chuck Campbell ... Tsunaron
Lisa Ryder ... Kay-Em 14
Peter Mensah ... Sgt. Brodski
Melyssa Ade ... Janessa
Derwin Jordan ... Waylander
Jonathan Potts ... Prof. Lowe
Dov Tiefenbach ... Azrael
Boyd Banks ... Fat Lou
Melody Johnson ... Kinsa
Kristi Angus ... Adrienne
Phillip Williams ... Crutch
Yanni Gellman ... Stoney
Robert A. Silverman ... Dieter Perez
Kane Hodder ... Jason Voorhees


David Cronenberg .... Dr. Wimmer

Release Dates:
München Fantasy Filmfest (Germany) July 24, 2001; Theatrical: (Spain) November 9, 2001; (Brazil) January 11, 2002; (Argentina) February 21, 2002; (Canada) April 16, 2002; (USA) April 26, 2002

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In the year around 2010 at the Crystal Lake labratory, Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) is chained up and people want to experiment on him.
He escapes and kills the people there. The survivor named Rowan (Lexa Doig) who was going to be murdered freezed herself and Jason.
Then over 400 years pass and Earth is devoured and they leave the planet to go to a sister planet titled Earth 2.
Some scientists discover the two bodies and takes them both into their ship and revives them. Jason starts to go on a killing spree.
A female android named Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder) battles Jason and devours him but a computer in the ship revives him into an android and Jason looks like the Terminator which makes him more powerful than ever.


The makers knew on how to direct an action paced film and made this one very sci-fi with great effects.
There is an impressive camera shot circling around Jason Voorhees being chained up along with a soldier having a nervous attitude talking to him by placing a rag on his face.
A good shot on Rowan with Jason a bit behind her and she slowly turns around to look at him.
Another good shot on her looking at Jason in a window on a freeze chamber as well as a good shot on a machette cutting through the door and stabbing her.

There's many jumping moment like with Jason suddenly appearing suddenly out of nowehere and stabbing his victims.
There's nice communication between Prof. Lowe and Dieter Perez on a computer type phone discussing Jason Voorhees.
There is a perfect conversation between Rowan talking to Lowe trying to tell him that Jason isn't dead and is dangerous when he assures her that he is.
We have a good and funny discussion between Azrael and supporting character Dallas inside a video game cracking sarcasm at one another as well as Jason himself inside the game trying to kill them and not liking what they think is new in their game as it offers some laughs.
We spot a perfect moment with Jason coming up close to Lowe.
A nice presence with Tsunaron walking up behind Jason and saying something mocking and then a great camera looking up on Kay-Em 14 looking tough and armed.
A good movement on Jason when he throws his machette towards her as she reacts well to being in pain and crouches down then shows nice humor to him by tricking him. Great shots on her shooting him with her machine guns and kicking him too with some more humor to her lines.
Nice shot on Jason reborn walking through some smoke presenting himself looking deadly.
We have my favourite scene with Jason in a video game hallucination sequence at Camp Crystal Lake as well as a nice comedic with sleazy campers grabbing his attention. A good close up shot on Jason and a storm starts to occur. Things look well with Jason trying to kill them by having them in their sleeping bags and whacking them which looked funny and somewhat a tribute to a killing scene in Friday the 13th Part VII: THe New Blood.
A great struggling moment with Janessa clinging on to a metal floor while a hole in the ship is trying to suck her out which makes you wonder if she will make it.
A good camera setting on two teens camping out on Earth 2 and looking at something that is shot in the air heading towards their lake.
Bottom line is that this was a story by itself as while we were waiting for Freddy vs. Jason to be shot and released. This movie was more funny than frightening as well as making this a sci-fi as well as a horror and the biggest budget of all the Friday series plus it stayed at theatre's longer. They should make a sequel to this one on Earth 2 at Camp Crystal Lake as Jason as an android it would be somethin' else. Sean S. Cunningham co-produced this film as well.

The acting is very good. My favourite actress was Lisa Ryder (Kay-Em 14), star of the hit sci-fi TV series Andromeda who really stole the show with her performance no doubt about it as she portrays an android in this one. Does well with her charming behavior and has great timing while saying her lines as well as showing good energetic blocking while going into battle.
Lexa Doig (Rowan) as the survivor at the Crystal Lake lab shows some good tough character to her role and speaks out well with her lines. Yet her reactions to suffocating looks a bit phony during the beginning of the film when she gets stabbed.
Chuck Campbell (Tsunaron) does well at playing a nice and outgoing smart young man who created Kay-Em 14creator in the film as he comes across with it perfectly.
Peter Mensah
(Sgt. Brodski) made his part believeable as a tough sergeant in the film with great stern expressions and aggressiveness to his part.
Jonathan Potts 
(Prof. Lowe) shows a nice serious attitude as his role as an arrogant Professor in the film showing a nice performance to his role. He does well with his stuttering and acting like a coward trying to sympathise with the Jason character which looks a bit comedic but in a good way.

Lisa Ryder's character is topless when they experiment with her trying to put nipples on her breast.
Two teenage girls performed by Kaye Penaflor and Tania Maro are in a video game that looks like Camp Crystal Lake perform sleazy with full breasts.

The typical Jason slayings.
We get a couple of impalings
A scooped out eyeball while there's an operating room where Jason is on the ship
A frozen and then crushed head of a young female paramedic
Lots of head bashings
Neck cracking
A graphic slit throat
A severed head and a guy cut in two and more!
Even Jason himself gets blown up.

The music is composed by (You got it) Harry Manfredini (Who else?) His orchestra composing in the opening is marvellous and some of the music in certain scenes is very similar to his music in Jason Goes to Hell. Also, during the segment when the video game tries to fool Jason that he's at Camp Crystal Lake his music from the very early films is used as well.

Also there are two songtracks in the film titled "Jason Jam" and "X is the Loneliest Number" performed by Ethan Wiley.

[first lines]
Pvt. Johnson: [to Jason] Why don't you stare at this for a while, you ugly bastard?
[he covers Jason with a rag]

Dieter Perez: You are one son of a bitch.
Professor Lowe: Soon to be a rich son of a bitch.

[Rowan meets Kay-Em 14, the crew's technodroid]
Rowan: Oh, my God. She looks so real.
Kay-Em 14: I AM real.

[Jason slices an alien in half in an alien simulation]
Azrael: What the hell?
Dallas: I thought this was an alien sim.
Azrael: Yeah, it is. Pause play.
[Jason moves towards them]
Azrael: I said, "pause play."
Dallas: He's not pausing.
Azrael: Yeah, I know that.
[Jason stops in front of them]
Azrael: I think we need to re-boot.
[Jason slashes Azrael's torso from his collarbone to his abdomen]
Azrael: That does not count as a kill.
Dallas: [laughing] Yes, it does.
[Jason then decapitates Dallas, his head roles to the floor]
Dallas: Okay, screw this. Game over.

Sven: What do we do with this guy?
Brodski: I promised the professor that we take this guy alive. After you blow him all to hell take one of his legs and tell the professor we tried to take him.

Janessa: I'm real bitchy when I wake up.
Tsunaron: Did you just wake up?

Brodski: How long has she been dead?
Kay-Em 14: 4.55 Centuries.
Brodski: That's one hell of a wake-up call.

Brodski: What's going on?
Rowan: Jason-fucking-Voorhees, that's what's going on!

Kinsa: He's here!
Rowan: Quiet!
Kinsa: But if he's here he'll kill us.
Rowan: [covers Kinsa's mouth] Be quiet! One more sound and I'll snap your neck myself. Got it?
[Kinsa nods]
Janessa: She's good with people.

Tsunaron: Oops
Rowan: What "Oops"?
Tsunaron: Nothing.
Rowan: No. You don't just say, "Oops." What "Oops"?
Tsunaron: I Think he saw me.

Tsunaron: What do you think? Are we going to make it?
Kay-Em 14: The statistical probability of survival is twelve per cent.
Tsunaron: Twelve per cent? Can You come up with better odds?
Kay-Em 14: Nope.
Tsunaron: Bullshit, Kay-Em! That's Bullshit!.

Tsunaron: Are you telling there's absolutely no chance for us to better our odds?
[Tsunaron and Kay-Em kiss]
Kay-Em 14: Statistical probability of survival just went up to fifty-three per cent.
Tsunaron: You want to go for a hundred?

[Jason approaches Professor Lowe and reaches out for a machete sitting next to him]
Professor Lowe: [scared] Oh, you want your machete!
[laughs it off]
Professor Lowe: Shit, it's yours! Take it! Just remember who got it back for ya...
[Jason stares at him]
Professor Lowe: [calling out] Guys, it's okay! He just wanted his machete back!

Rowan: I don't think he's out there...
Janessa: Why don't you just stick your head out and have a peek?

Brodski: It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog.
[Jason stabs him through the chest again]
Brodski: Yeah, that oughta do it.

Kay-Em 14: [to Jason] Afraid I'm gonna have to hurt you now.

[Kay-Em 14's head has been separated from her body]
Kay-Em 14: I'd clap if I could.

Waylander: Now what?
[Jason approaches]
Janessa: Now we basically die.

[programmed to trick Uber-Jason]
VR teen girl #1: Hey, do you want a beer?
VR teen girl #2: Or do you wanna smoke some pot?
VR teen girl #1: Or we can have premarital sex?
[both remove their tops]
VR teen girl #1, VR teen girl #2: We love premarital sex!

Geko: Let's smoke this fucker.

Janessa: Just... don't wreck my pants.

Janessa: Oh, this sucks on so many levels!

[talking about Jason's brain size]
Tsunaron: How does he function with a brain that small?
Janessa: Way manages.
Waylander: Very funny.