Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday  (1993)

Directed by: Adam Marcus

Written by:
Dean Lorey & Jay Hughely

Story by:
Jay Hughely & Adam Marcus


John D. LeMay ... Steven Freeman
Kari Keegan ... Jessica Kimble
Steven Williams ... Creighton Duke
Steven Culp ... Robert Campbell
Erin Gray ... Diana Kimble
Rusty Schwimmer ... Joey B
Richard Gant ... Coroner
Leslie Jordon ... Shelby
Billy Green Bush ... Sherrif Ed Landis
Kipp Marcus ... Officer Randy Parker
Andrew Bloch ... Josh
Adam Cranner ... Ward
Allison Smith ... Vicki
Kane Hodder ... Jason Voorhees

Special Appearances:

Michelle Clunie ... Deborah
Michael B. Silver ... Luke

Release Date:
Quick Theatrical: August 13, 1993

*Images courtesy at: www.outnow.ch


An undercover lieutenant goes to the Camp Crystal Lake disguised as a camper and sets Jason (Kane Hodder) up to chase after her. Then an army of people trap him and blow him up. They take his body parts to a lab to discover him.
His heart is there too lying on the table and it starts to beat. It posesses the Coroner (Richard Gant) and then he swallows Jason's heart and turns into Jason himself. Then he goes on a killing spree. But everytime the corpse he's inside gets weak, he steals another body and some sort of a serpeant goes out of the body into another one.
He hunts down his sister Diana Kimble (Erin Gray) and stabs her in the back to use her corpse for a special purpose.
Diana's daughter's ex-boyfriend Steven Freeman (John D. LeMay) is caught there and accused of murdering her and is put in jail.
Jason tries to hunt down her niece and her baby in order to kill them both. Steven meets another fellow in the cell by the man of Creighton Duke (Steven Williams) who wants Jason dead but tells Steven that only a family member of Jason can put him away for good.
They both manage to escape prison and tries to track Jason's niece down by the name of Jessica (Keri Keegan).
Steven tries to tell Jessica her about her uncle Jason but she doesn't listen to him.
Eventually, she goes to the Voorhees house where Jason put the corpse of her mother there since Duke took her baby there as well.
That way, she can challenge Jason and try to put him out for good.


The beginning of this film delivers great location shots and s excitement when the undercover lieutentant is driving along the road and a nice close up shot on a sign saying Crystal Lake. I love it when she enters the cabin at Crystal Lake but we all know that Jason is watching her. This moment looked very bone chilling.  
A good shot when she tries to run a bath in the cabin at Crystal Lake and the power goes out as you suspect Jason can be approaching any time.
There is a great presence by Jason himself when he tries to attack her with his machette from the top floor of the cabin causing her to fall over.
Nice shots on her and him running in the forest.
A good shot on Jason in the middle of a field with the gang army shooting at him along with a great explosion and
Creighton Duke staring behind a bush with his blunt attitude not convinced that Jason is dead. This looked rather cheesy and corny I must admit.
A witty moment with Creighton being interviewed for the news about Jason Voorhees and what his description on Jason is.
We have a nice and dark moment with a coroner talking on his mini recorder about Jason's body parts and staring at Jason's beating heart and stalling a bit as well as a good shot on him staring at it and then possessively grabbing it to eat it.
A nice camera stare at a couple of security guards which was funny talking about putting Jason out of his misery when the camera turns away from then and quickly turns back at them.
A good intimidating discussion on Creighton talking to Diana Kimble when she is waitressing at her restaurant about Jason coming after her and he's not dead. A great menacing moment by Sheriff Ed Landis towards him for getting demanding towards his sweetheart Diana as well as Creighton himself showing great physical strength towards him.
A nice humouress conversation with Steven Freeman talking to both supporting cast members hitchhiking campers Deborah and Luke in a car about what they're gonna do when they go up camping since the place seems to be safe again.
A nice shot looking up on Deborah fornicating in a tent.
A perfect setting with the possessed coroner that Jason possessed sharpening some knives while Ed is tied up lying to a table and then the suspense happens to what he's gonna do which looked good.
A good intense moment with possessed Ed being forceful to Diana and a good shot on a mirror reflection showing Jason's body instead as this looked cool as well as what she realises on what had happened to Ed.
A nice shot on Ed throwing a knife at Diana in which there's a perfect shot on her after this had happened looking horrifying. being stabbed by it with shocking intensity.
Then a perfect sad moment that was well focused when she was slowly dying and trying to choke out her words to Steven to pass an uragent message to her daughter as this reveals a true mysterious moment making you wonder as to what will unravel later on.
A good discussion between Steven and Creighton in a separate jail cell talking to one another along with twisted moments on finding answers when Creighton himself asks for his hands and what he does which seemed psychotic.
There is a great battling scene at the Voorhees house Steven and Creighton against a possessed Robert Campbell and then a nice special effects moment and nice rushing camera shot on this some sort of serpeant escaping from the possessive body to go down in the cellar towards a corpse of Diana as well as interestions with Creighton and Steven wondering on what is going to happen which is cool for Jason fans to find out which we spot a perfect reveal of Jason crashing through the house to continue with his battling which I had to review here even if it's a bit of a spoiler but one of the best scene's ever.
A great moment with Jessica Kimble coming up from behind Jason and stabbing him in the chest with the dagger along with excellent lighting effects when this happens. I love it when both Steven starts punch him yelling GO TO and then Jessica kicks the dagger hardwer into his chest screaming HELL!!!! This is the best scene ever with the stormy night getting stronger and stronger.
I also love the scene when Jason is lured into hell with the lightning effects and gignatic hands grabbing him from the ground as well as Steven himself is struggling to break free as he is nearly pulled in himself. 
A nice shot on Steven and Jessica walking away with the sun rising.
But the most memorable moment was his mask still being noticeable on the ground and then a surprising moment on a killers hand coming up from another movie that was as popular as this one but I won't give that secret away. Have to see it for yourself.
Bottom line is that this one had no relationship to the previous sequels and is just a story itself. Also, Jason was an only child if you remember Mrs. Voorhees telling Alice about him in the first movie too. Neat special effects and good action but the story lacks a bit. Sean S. Cunningham from the director of the first film produced this one. The story is almost like a Halloween flick as the writers tried to make Jason a Michael Myers type figure as both of them try to kill all their family members.

The acting is fairly good as we see many familiar faces like John D. LeMay (Steven Freeman) who was a regular in the series of Friday the 13th and is great with his role and a true character he is with intense energy to his role. He knew on how to react in pain in a jail cell when hhis fingers are pulled and freaking out in pain as he makes these reactions believeable. Also has terrific blocking while trying to get away from others in handcuffs just rolling with the punches and looking dynamic. Also does some good punches towards the Jason character when he is about to be sent to hell.
Steven Williams (Creighton Duke) deserved an award of some kind for his role as the crazed Jason hunter delivering his lines cooly and slyly. He was perfect speaking softly in a creepy way towards certain others in which he focuses on this perfectly. Also does well with his creepy and eccentric behavior too. Plus has a perfect reaction after he discovers that Jason is going into his sisters body of what's going to happen which he made this performance memorable to anyone who saw this.
Oh my god! It's Erin Gray (Diana Kimble) from TVs Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons as Jason's sister. I didn't recognise it was her when I went to the theatre's on a halloween special as she performed very differently in this one and it's a compliment. Shows a great shocking expression on her face in a scene when she spots on what's reflected in her mirror. Does well posing after being stabbed in the back and reactring with shocking intensity. Does well acting weak after being stabbed in the back trying to talk to someone else to tell her daughter about something important and who she's related to which was probably her best performance in this film as it seems like she really was slowly dying.
Steven Culp (Robert Campbell) does well playing a two faced prick news reporter in the film as he truly went far with his acting career after this film which is not a surprise. Yet his performance on the news bit about some people turning up dead since Jason was killed looked too cheesy.
Rusty Schwimmer (Joey B) was quite a great character in her role as a butchy diner owner as she brings lots of humor to her part. Had a good grungy tomboy type of speaking and doing well with her negativity and bittnerness. Certainly had a good oddball type of vibe to her.
Richard Gant (Coroner) had a nice serious attitude in the film and knew how to behave like a possessed Jason Voorhees too. Does very well during the beginning of his performance when describing Jason's slaughtered body making this moment truly convincing. Also does well reacting towards a heart pounding on the counter and losing control which looked impressive. He shows nice new evil expressions when Jason is in his body but yet it looks a bit comedic. Seemed to show a dark expressionless attitude which was almost dead on but a bit campy at the same time. Was great by being rough as well as sharpening some knives before doing something to one of his onscreen victims.

Julie Michaels  is topless while preparing for a bath, another woman fornicates in a tent with her breasts fully exposed.

The most goriest of all the Friday films.
Jason explodes into pieces
A coroner eats Jason's heart
People are slaughtered more extremely than usual
A guy is fried to death
A corpse rots.

The music again is composed by Harry Manfredini and some of the music is used from the early sequels. Some of it is new too and is excellent with it too. His best composition was when Jason is being lured into hell. as the music is hyped up with lots of spunk in it.

[After witnessing Jason being blown up and the FBI thinking he's finally dead]
Creighton Duke: I don't think so.

Robert Campbell: I'm going to say a couple of words to you and I want you to say the first thing that comes into your mind.
Creighton Duke: Okay.
Robert Campbell: Jason Voorhees.
Creighton Duke: That makes me think of a little girl in a pink dress sticking a hot dog through a doughnut.

Coroner: [Into a tape recorder] My professional opinion: this guy's deader than shit. Ha ha ha ha ha. Um, strike that last comment from the record.

Assistant Coroner: [to Jason's body] Hey fuck! Hiya doin ya fat-ass maggoty blown-up fuck! Suck this!
[gives Jason's body the finger]
Assistant Coroner: Suck it! You know what I'd like to do to you? I'd like to take a crap right on your fuckin mask! A big old mango-sized crap!

Security Guard #2: Say, Doc! What's the verdict? Is Jason gonna be gettin' up and walkin' around any time soon?
Security Guard #1: We really nailed that fucker.
Security Guard #2: He was nothing but a big old pussy anyway.

Creighton Duke: I'll have a Voorhees burger and a side of Jason fingers.

Sheriff: That's my girl you're talking about.
Creighton Duke: She's only your girl 'cause she ain't had a taste of the Duke yet.

Luke: We're going to Camp Crystal Lake.
Steven: Oh yeah? Planning on smoking a little dope, having a little premarital sex, and getting slaughtered?

Creighton Duke: Through a Voorhees was he born... through a Voorhees may he be reborn... and only by the hands of a Voorhees will he die.

Randy: Get in the car, Steven.
Steven: Why should I?
Randy: I've got a gun.
Steven: Fuck that, I've got a gun.

Jessica: Joey, please, just let me get the baby and we'll go.
Joey B: Shut the fuck up! You're with a fucking felon!
Pookie: Hey, Baby, watch the language.
Joey B: Fuck you!
[Jessica tries to grab the gun, causing it to misfire and hit the lights]
Joey B: Now look what you fucking done!
Jessica: [shouts] Give me the baby, Joey!
Joey B: [shouts] Fuck you!

Steven: Duke! The part about being reborn through a living woman, does it have to be a living woman?
Creighton Duke: No...
Steven: Duke, that thing is in the basement with Jessica's dead mother!
Creighton Duke: Holy mother of God...