Seeking Hyde: A Chat with Gabriella Hall  by Owen Keehnen

‘Jacqueline Hyde’ has been a fulfilling project and great personal success for Gabriella Hall. She not only stars as the mousier Jackie Hyde (opposite Blythe Metz) but also produced the film for her new production company Pixie Flix Entertainment. Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller tale (with some sex and a gender spin), ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ has been a wonderful collaboration between Gabriella and writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky. The film came out on DVD a couple months ago through Warner Home Video and is finding newfound success at video stores.

The ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ project appears to be ushering in a new and exciting phase in Ms. Hall’s extensive career. I’m thrilled for her. This woman has definitely paid her dues…many times over! In the past few years she has starred in over 40 film and TV projects – and starred in a whole slew (or is it a gaggle) of “adult thrillers” with titles like ‘Illusions of Sin’, ‘Naked Ambition’, ‘Deviant Obsession’, ‘Dead Addiction’, etc. She’s worked with Fred Olen Ray --- as a vampire lap dancer no less -- in ‘Night Shade’. Some of her other film titles include ‘Alien Files’, ‘The Portrait’ (based on Wilde’s Dorian Gray), ‘Shadow Dancer’ (as a stripper targeted by a killer), ‘Images of Fear’, the Bond parody ‘Rod Steele 0014: You Only Live Until You Die’ (as Areola), ‘The Exotic Time Machine’ and of course the sequel ‘Erotic Time Machine 2: Forbidden Encounters’, ‘Emmanuelle 2000’, ‘Guarded Secrets’, ‘Jane Street’, ‘Masseuse 2’, etc. This all of course says nothing of the lengthy cable TV credits in shows like ‘Passion Cove’, ‘Beverly Hills Bordello’ (as Madame Veronica Winston), ‘Butterscotch’, ‘The Voyeur’, ‘Bedtime Stories’, ‘Kama Sutra’ etc. Needless to say this woman learned the film business through lots of experience.

Recently I was thrilled to chat with her. She’s funny and smart and all ours in this exclusive interview.


Hi Gabriella.

Hello there Owen.

Welcome home. I read you just recently returned from the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film where you showcased ‘Jacqueline Hyde’. How was that experience? What was the response?

Thank you so much! It was wonderful being there. Freddy Bozzo and all the people from BIFFF treated us like royalty. ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ received an overwhelmingly positive response, they were fans! I especially enjoyed their interaction with the film. They laughed, they cried, they shrieked in horror!

You also stepped up your involvement with the ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ project by working as co-producer. What have all your years in front of the camera taught you about that role on the production end of things?

Actually, I wanted to produce. Rolfe Kanefsky wrote the script and this is the first film out of my company, Pixie Flix Entertainment. Over the years I have found the mood of the set affects how well the finished product turns out. So, I like to have fun and get things done. I had a fabulous crew who worked hard and brought all their creative skills to the plate. It was a great little family.

As a femme fatale in a number of erotic suspense thrillers (Naked Ambition, Indiscreet, The Seductress, Illicit Lovers, Illusions of Sin, Shadow Dancer, Guarded Secrets, Desires of Innocence, Ultimate Attraction, etc.) was it liberating for you to take the less sexy role in ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ and play the mousy Jackie Hyde instead?

That is the wonderful thing about producing; I can hire myself to play whoever I want! I have always wanted to explore my mousy and timid side on film and was therefore drawn to the script. I want to do it all!

Were there ever any points where that backfired? Meaning, since you did have that “sex star” past did your ego ever prompt second thoughts like, “Hey – I don’t want to be less attractive on screen than her!”

I scratched her eyes out on a daily basis --- next question.

Jacqueline Hyde arrived on home video/DVD in October. What sort of extras are featured on the DVD release?

Buy it and find out! No really, we have special behind the scenes, deleted scenes, producer and director’s commentary, and a still gallery.

You also did a dark erotic spin on a classic with ‘The Portrait’ which was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ which explores a different aspect of that sort of duality between the real person and the one the world sees. Does the theme of the two selves attract you?

No it doesn’t…yes it does. Don’t listen to her! OK, being a person who has always seen both sides of a story I am naturally drawn to exploring all aspects of experience. It can be cathartic to indulge your dark side in the safe environment of a movie set. Huge chaos and nobody gets hurt…yay!!!!!!

As Stacey in the movie ‘Night Shade’ (1997) you played a lap-dancing vampire for the incomparable Fred Olen Ray. What were the main things you remember about the filming of it and specifically about Mr. Ray’s directing style?

I think that was my second film. Fred was wonderfully supportive; he recognized and fostered my strengths as an actress. Something I learned from him is to strive to instill a sense of confidence in everyone involved in my projects. There have been many great directors and Fred is definitely one I am grateful to have worked with.

You also did a spin on alien films with your role as Anne Gallo in ‘Alien Files’ from 1999. What was your predominant memory about that film project?

Interesting concept, great sets, fun toys (props), I was sick as a dog! While inhabited by an alien being and undulating on a big stud I flung my head back in the throes of ecstasy and broke a set light that shut down production for two hours. All in all a wonderful experience.

So which frightens you the most and why – vampires, werewolves, ghosts, maniacs, aliens, creatures, witches, zombies…

Ghosts, I don’t believe in them so if one showed up it would scare the bejesus out of me.

This is my gotta-ask-it question. Also one your resume is your work as Alicia in ‘Different Strokes’ from 1998 which is somewhat notorious for its casting of troubled ‘Different Strokes’ TV series star Dana Plato as a possessive lesbian. Do you have any overriding memories of working with Plato on the film?

I had limited contact with Dana, what happened to her was a tragedy.

So what are you working on today?

I am publishing Jacqueline Hyde as a graphic novel. I have two other concepts, which are in the works. I am really making these comic books come to life! No release dates yet, since it is all a work in progress. I am looking for my next script to produce. In the near future I will be working in front of the camera again, but in a project that is not mine. ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ still keeps me busy with promotion and the business end of producing. It never ends! Rolfe and I have a baby, her name is Jacqueline Hyde!

What scares you in real life?