Hostel Part II (2007)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Eli Roth


Lauren German .... Beth
Roger Bart .... Stuart
Heather Matarazzo .... Lorna
Bijou Phillips .... Whitney

Richard Burgi .... Todd
Vera Jordanova .... Axelle
Jay Hernandez .... Paxton
Jordan Ladd .... Stephanie
Milan Knazko .... Sasha

Release Date: Theatrical: June 8, 2007

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Three beautiful college students are tricked into staying in a hostel down in Slovakia, Italy in which a roast festival is occuring as all of them are having a good time.
One of them by the name of Whitney (Heather Matarazzo) is charmed by a man named Roman (Roman Janecka) to go cruising on his boat and when one of the women named Beth (Lauren German) tells her not to leave with anyone suspecting that something is dangerous happening at their Hostel but leaves with him anyways. Then she's kidnapped and tortured to death by a woman named Axelle (Vera Jordanova) while being hung upside down on a chain.
Beth discovers that her other fellow students have been missing and tries to escape from some of the people there who try to kidnap her too as she discovers that her hostel is run by people who like to rape, torture murder and one of them even slowly eats the residents there but seems to get a hold of one of them whom she met earlier there named Stuart (Roger Bart) using him as bait in order to escape.


There's good socialising with Beth, Lorna, Whitney and Stephanie socialising. Another good moment with the four of them being surrounded by a group of children and then Lorna offering some candy and then one of them spits in her face which almost leaves that jumping moment occurring.
There's many good shots on the four enjoying themselves during a roast party showing some dances as well as people in costumes dancing around. During this moment there's a good discussion between Beth having a serious discussion with Lorna on not leaving the area with her acting silly about it.
We spot a good shot on Beth running through some people in big costumes while trying to call for her friend that went on a boat.
We have a good scene between Lorna with Roman on land talking pleasantly talking to him while there's good close up shots on this dude taking some spikes and a chain which looked horror like as well as her having a sack over her head and then being tormented with him pushing her in some water and whacking her in the head as it looked totally brutal.
There's a good close up shot on her being hung and gagged with her crying as well as shots on Roman pulling her in and kissing her forehead making it totally twisted.
There's a nice artsy shot on Axelle lying on a waterless jacuzzi using a blade with good shots on the blade touching Roman feeling her all over as well as torturing her to death plus a good shot on Axelle rubbing the blood all over her.
We spot some good shots on Beth staring in a room with both Roman and a big guard trying to corner Lorna at her resort along with great shots on her running in the forest and falling down. Plus, we have good shots on the children running towards her like an army and whacking her with sticks.
We spot a good moment with Todd bullying a hooker with an electric saw and nice moments on her sobbing.
There's a good moment with Whitney sobbing tied up with Mrs. Bathory talking to her evilly although she tries to come across pleasant along with a nice vicious shot on Whitney biting her face and then running away with great shots on her running in the dark corridors with metal doors closing each path she tries to get away along with a good shot on german shepherds and then a shot on her crying and falling down.
There's good discussion between Stuart and Beth showing good intensity with her tied up and gagged when he gets demanding and aggressive thinking she's his missing wife.
There's a good moment with Beth turning the tables on him by tying him up and torturing him to get some information from him as well as her pointing a gun at the people lead by Sasha trying to keep her hostage with her offering to pay him to escape.
Bottom line is that although not as good as the original at the same time it just showed more class I found like with the revenge scene's and more detailed moments with the people as suspects at the party seeming normal and almost too normal which is a perfect touch for a horror plot. It's hard to watch imagining some of the victims being killed slowly as the torture looked believeably painful in perverted ways too. It was just as psychological as the first one. Watch the ending as it was one of the best moments ever throughout the story making you want to see a part 3. Still I'm not a fan of this one but I loved the mystery on the characters in the film which made me cringe as it looked like a mafia gone berserk.

The acting is very well done as lead actress Lauren German (Beth) shows great energy with her role along with her running around, crying intensely and her vengeful attitude to top it all off. She was a true character actress. she shows great tense anger while doing torturing someone to get some answers quarter way into the story.
Roger Bart
(Stuart) really showed a nice calmness to his part which he brought it across by acting mysterious and a possible suspect for one of the maniacs in Italy. He really brought out his insane attitude later on as well.
Heather Matarazzo
(Lorna) had a nice dweeby type of look to her and seemed to act that way but her energy was a little low when she expressed her frightened emotions on screen. Oh well.
Richard Burji
(Todd) really brought out his evil and bully like attitude onto the screen by taunting his victims before killing them in which he portayed this incredibly well along with being obnoxious too and losing his mond at times.
Vera Jordanova
(Axelle) showed a nice wickedness to her part and knew how to behave evil in an artsy like fashion. It was good to have a female become one of the killers in the film and she seemed like a total she-devil throughout the flick.

A male is posing nude for artists top to bottom
A woman is hung chained upside down fully naked and another one is nude watching her
A prosititute is nude in bed
A guy's cock is revealed

Bring it on baby!!!!
A headless corpse is revealed sitting on a chair
A person chained upside down is getting slayed with a blade and then her throat slit open and blood pouring on a woman lying in a waterless jacuzzi
The side of a woman's head is cut off from an electric saw
A woman's nose is bitten off
A guy is chewed up to pieces by two german shepherds
A persons legs are skinned off while being strapped
A guys cock is clipped off showing the results
A guy's head is chopped off by an axe as well as revealing the corpse

There's terrific dark sounds with some thumping and strong horn and violin music too composed by Nathan Barr who did the same for the first film along with having different sound effects too for the moments like at the Italian parties with the music going on there making it sound very realistic.

Bubblegum Gang Leader: Bitches!

Beth: I'm not your wife. She doesn't understand you. I do, and I see how you're strong.
Stuart: I am strong. I am fucking Hercules!