Insane (2010)


Directed by: Anders Jacobssen & Tomas Sandquist

Written by: Nathan Barry, Mikael Fuchs, Anders Jacobssen, Henrik Koelman & Tomas Sandquist


Lars Bethke .... David
Johanna Leamo .... Sarah
Alida Morberg .... Jenny
David Lenneman .... John

Release Date: European Film Market: February, 2010

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A woman named Sarah (Johanna Leamo) is lost in a lonely road but spots a hotel called the Bridgeburn Hotel and stays for the night but realises that there's no residents there and the only person who does everything inclduing serving meals is an eccentric man named David (Lars Bethke) who seems to be interested in her a little too much.
Later on she spots a picture that was taken of her without realising it but it disappears after she gets David to search her room. Then while she tries to fall asleep she hears breathing sounds and is attacked by a killer wearing a gas mask and a black uniform.
Sarah's sister Jenny (Alida Morberg) is searching for her lost sister and stays at the hotel and a day later her fiance named John (David Lenneman) stays with her there and he has a dark secret but they are in for a terrorising surprise later on and finding very little escape around the area.


The film is off to an interesting start in which we spot a hotel that looks too quiet and then a woman customer in a bath with a suspected person spying on her which adds some good suspense to the story as when she spots a picture taken of her when she was taking a bath. We hear breathing sounds in her room which can make you cringe even more while watching as well as a killer wearing a gas mask and black uniform making you think of a tribute to My Bloody Valentine while spotting this. The moments with her trying to escape amd running away was supposed to seem suspenseful but yet while watching this there were improvement needed to be made.
Then there's an impressive moment with a lost traveller named Sarah entering the hotel and things seem too quiet with the bellboy David assisting her which seemed a little creepy by how he explains stuff as to why it's quiet and a nice story on him discussing on something bad that happened there but didn't get into detail so she wouldn't be scared bringing it an interesting mystery to what might happen later on.
More suspectful moments starts to happen as David seems to stalk her which made me think that he could possibly be a killer as well as him coming on too strong towards her and she is drunk and gets aggressive and real bitchy towards him as this seems to make you wonder if he has any learning problems along with encountering Sarah as one of those tpyes who seems nice but has another side to her.
It gets more exciting when she spots a pic taken of her and then when she brings David to check this out it's gone. Right away there's some terrific missing clues and knowing that she's gonna be the killers next victim. Plus there's nice horror touches when she has the light out sleeping in her bed and breathing noises starts to happen and BANG!!! The horror really starts. When Sarah tries to escape it shows the least intelligent ways with her trying to get away from the hotel which seems to be a typical scenario for the popular victim in a horror flick.
Also what really worked well was when Sarah's sister named Jenny tries to look for her and goes to the hotel with a nice attitude showing David the picture and told her he never saw her in his life. Right there you know that something is wrong and a bigger feeling that he is behind this mess.
Jenny also seemed to have a blunt attitude when David tries to insist on helping her carry her luggage to her room making you wonder if she is a nice person after all and behind his back she slanders him a bit to her boyfriend when she calls him. I just think to myself if she's a backstabbing bitch or not. When she sets her alarm clock before going to bed you wonder if she will wake up the nexy day or be slayed off.
There's another shocking killing by another person while asking for a family member that resided there which brings on more of the mysterious terrror filled in the film.
There's even a psychological moment with Jenny's boyfriend John really getting aggressive towards David warning him not to come on to her. You just think to yourself that he seems like a real bully trying to be the dominating one here since most of us encountered these types in our life now and then.
There's very confusing twists used in the story too along with shocking flashback sequences during David's childhood days while his Mom worked at the hotel and what he had to do with the customers staying there. The pieces seems to come together but barely.
Bottom line is the film seemed exciting to beginning with but a disappointment after a quarter way through. We've all seen stuff like this before but yet there's alot of psyvhotic and twisted moments. At the same time there's alot of elements used in Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic Psycho especially near the end where this killer stores the dead bodies.

The acting is fairly good in which lead actor Lars Bethke (David) seems to bring on a good charm to his role as a resident if the hotel by coming across as a little too strange and coming off as a perfect suspect in the film. He shows a good stillness into his voice which seems very mysterious in how he behaves. Plus shows another aggressive and deadly side to him proving that he can be truly versatile too. Does a great job attacking towards someone with great vengeful words.
Alida Morberg
(Sarah) shows a good calm sharpness to what she does and believeably strong willed too throughout her performance. Plus shows a good niceness to her role which she comes off as one of the friendly types as I was quite impressed by what she did. She also does well by acting emotionally scared when the terror starts to happen to her. She does and impressive job approaching the hotel desk talking to her fellow actor and brings out her words in a nice and pleasent fashion. There's also a nice close to emotional moment when she talks on the phone showing a good worried reaction. Shows a good pleasant behavior towards her fellow actor when a meal is served as it was performed in a good charming way. Does well by getting paranoid towards her fellow actor by pointing a gun towards him showing a great energetic attitude. Shows off an impressive job screaming and running away as well as stopping at a cliff with a great sobbing attitude while somebody corners her. She was very energetic choking out her words and trying to convince someone strangling her not to kill her which looked impressively done.
Johanna Leamo
(Jenny) definetely brought out a great bitchy attitude in her role especially when she got drunk. She showed alot of good and tense energy into everything that she did in the film. Plus she knew on how to act frightened when she is chased by the killer. She seemed to study her role fairly well. We have a scene with her reactions acting drunk and choking out her words which seemed nicely done. She does well by getting aggressive and short with her fellow actor bringing the performance at a high pace. Great fearful reactions on her as well as getting anxious towards someone when she tells him about what happened in her hotel room as this was at a good and energetic pace.
David Lenneman
(John) certainly brought on a real aggressive and protective attitude in his role coming across as someone that you wouldn't want to mess with anything that he does or is invovled with. He also shows great excitement to what he did on order to try and survive from the madness that happened to him. Does well showing a sympethetic attitude with a fellow actress which looked quite natural. Approaches somebody in a good intimidating way with his idle threats showing a good aggressive expression towards him which looked strongly and tensely done.

A knife is stabbed through a woman's head
Jaw is torn out
A person's head is bloodily bashed

The composing is very different than any other type of horror film in which there's great gloomy keyboard type of music with a great low echoey pounding sound when the killer is in the dark ready to attack. Plus there's other nice creepy sounds in many spots which was all put together by Göran Florén