Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)


Directed by:  James Wan

Written by: Leigh Whannel


Patrick Wilson .... Josh Lambert
Rose Byrne .... Renai Lambert
Ty Simpkins .... Dalton Lambert
Barbara Hershey.... Lorraine Lambert
Steve Coulter .... Carl
 .... Elise Rainier 
Leigh Whannell .... Specs
Angus Sampson .... Tucker 
Andrew Astor .... Foster Lambert 

Special Appearances:

Hank Harris .... Young Carl
Jocelin Donahue .... Young Lorraine
Danielle Bisutti .... Mother of Parker Crane

Release Date: Theatrical: September 13, 2013





The Lambert's thought that they defeated the evil spirits but Renai (Rose Byrne) hears strange sounds and sees figures in their new home but her husband Josh (Patrick Wilson) doesn't believe her and doesn't seem to be acting like himself at all. She tries to go to the aid of her mother in law Lorraine (Barbara Hershey) and a paranormal investigator Carl (Steve Coulter) to find clues on her husband and the ghostly events.


A 5 minute beginning on this story before the opening credits in which this involves some sort of a disturbed child and some people try to see what he is visuaising in which this was supposed to look mysterious and suspenseful when he is pointing to an area as well as someone checking out a closet on what lurks inside. Although this is powerful to watch by how everyone is reacting as well as good camera takes it seems a little too obvious at the same time. 
Then we have the film taking place with the reprising character Renai talking to someone in a dark room which seemed fitting for a sequel as well as a flashback on a sitation with someone whom is suddenly dead and her husband getting defensive when she thought that he killer her which looked perfectly intense as well as mysterious. THe camera shots looked great on this dead body. 
Then a bit later the family from the previous flick with their children entertaining themselves in their bedroom like using a can and a string to see if they can communicate with each other on it and stuff like that which grabbed my attention. After the kids are asleep things really get spooky with Renai walking in the halls of the house and things are too quiet with the clock ticking which adds great chemistry to a creepy horror story and then some noise happens which is a nice jumping moment as well as discovering that her baby is out of his crib after she hears the little one crying adding more moments to make you watch further as to what will happen next.
Nice strong situations with Renai telling her husband Josh that the incidents are happening again which is a nice traditional moment for a sequel and he gets bent out about it not believeing her and acting nearly obnoxious about stuff more and more as the story rolls on which makes you wonder as if he is himself or not which looked strong to watch.
A great realistic looking moment is when Renai approaches her son Dalton offering to fix him lunch and he is feeling down as well as him telling her about a nightmare he had as well as explaining it as this looked well done and her getting concerned about everything that he tells her.
The suspense and terror piles up once again when she tries to go into the room where her baby is sleeping and is hearing noises as well as other bizarre moments activating. Plus a nice scary moment on a ghoulish woman approaching her which is out of the ordinary and gets violent towards her as this was impressive to watch and extremely forceful as well as powerful too.
Then when the story rolls there's a flashback moment on some clues from a hosptal that's now abandoned and a child being curious by peeking at some patients and one of them grabs him which looked intense and creepy to watch as well as making you wonder why this was happening. Yes more powerful situations.
Some confusing moments on the Lambert's home now abandoned as I wonder if it was before they moved in or they fled from it having people like her mother Dalton and researchers looking at stuff as well as paranormal moments.
Then another really frightening moment starts to happen involving Dalton with the can on a string when someone whispers to him on it and he realises that it isn't his brother along with this string coming from inside the closet which is a child's fear at night thinking that something creepy is lurking inside of it. Plus there's more strange scenarios later on that was a bit confusing which involved him.
Some disturbing and intimidating moments when Carl tries to talk to Josh to see what's up with him as well as a real violent situation and struggling moments on these matters which made me gasp and wondered if Carl and some others trying to put a stop to this will survive the clutches of Josh. 
The best is yet to come when Carl meets Josh in the spirit world which resolves alot of confusing moments from when we first watched this flick as well as some great special effects involved with these matters and twisted situations with a mother and child that looks evil and abusive. This was brought together marvellously. Plus some neat effects with mist on the ground as well as walls looking colorised differently.
Bottom line is that this sequel brought it out nicely and can entertain horror fans who liked paranormal and bizarre incidents. There's a certain scene with Josh getting violent towards Renai as it nearly pays a tribute to The Shining but done in a different style and not ripping that scene off. This is worth checking out and begs you for more in the end.

The acting is very realistic in which Patrick Wilson (Josh Lambert) brought out the best in his part making his personality truly mysterious and untrustworthy by what he is talking about. He was great by acting temperamental and arrogant on situations as well as doing a good job by behaving very creepy within his speaking too. Plus was great acting like a maniac with his violent attitude. He also shows a good strong force of nature in the spirit world trying to find his way back and struggling to get himself free in which he really knew on how to relate to these situations. All in all he was probably the best in the cast. 
Rose Byrne (Renai Lambert) delivers her role as a caring mother very believeable as well as great at reacting spooked by incidents or behaving emotionally frightened. She brings this to the extreme in a nice fashion. I really enjoyed for what she did here. Was very energetic. 
Ty Simpkins (Dalton Lambert) certainly stuied his role terrific too as a trobuled child in which he does well acting pouty and upset on stuff as well as doing a good job acting alert or emotional. He for sure came across greatly onto the camera and had the most effective role in the flick.
Barbara Hershey
(Lorraine Lambert) really had a perfect sharp attitude when researching stuff as she was on the ball with all of this as well as doing a good job with her seriousness along with her approaching someone on a situation as she came across strong by acting like this. Had the right looks and motives too. 
Steve Coulter (Carl) really does the job as a paranormal investigator offering a great seriousness to his role as well as acting alert to situations and making this look convincing. Had the right looks and appeal for this too. Does well with his struggling behavor in a scene packing a nice punch while trying to save his own life as he brings this to the extreme as well as acting nervous during the beginning of this scene too which he was natural within his characteristics. 
(Elise Rainier) is always a natural talent and shows off her nice mellow and clear speaking greatly as a spirit. She for sure was slick n her performance along with adding some nice spunk and the odd times a good charming attitude near the end of her performance as well. She had the most effective supporting role.

Joseph Bishara drove the intensity with his music to the extreme and making it sound clear as well as very loud with the high pitched violin screechings especially for the opening credits and so fourth. PLus had great jumping noises as well as other dark sounds making things sound very possessive and ghostly too for todays standards without it sounding overrated. Alot of his music reminds me of what I heard in The Exorcist. Way to go for this fellow!!!!