Insidious: Chapter 3 (2015)


Written & Directed by:  Leigh Whannell


Dermot Mulroney .... Sean Brenner 
Stefanie Scott .... Quinn Brenner 
 .... Elise Rainier 
Leigh Whannell .... Specs
Angus Sampson .... Tucker 
Tate Berney .... Alex Brenner 

Special Appearances:

Steve Coulter .... Carl
Hayley Kiyoko .... Maggie 
Tom Gallop .... Dr. Henderson

Release Dates: Theatrical: May 28, 2015 (Denmark / Slovakia); June 3, 2015 (USA)





A prequel set before the haunting of the Lambert family that reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity. But is first reluctant since she has been tormented by a demonic monster in which she couldn't fight it and feared for her death.


The beginning of this prequel looked quite impressive in which it involves Quinn Brenner approaching Elise Rainier to try and summon someone up as this looked fairly decent by when she tries to in order to do so.
When the story rolls along there's some good energetic moments with the family man Sean Brenner trying to get his son ready for school and is stressed as well as him being overwhelmed with his daughter Quinn as this came together nicely adding nice timing for being in a rush to do stuff.
Good still and silent moment after Elise attends a rehearsal and is chatting with her friend near a street and then is about to leave and spots a dark figure in which the camera shot was perfectly mysterious while spotting this and a moment that caught me by surprise and made me jump greatly imagining if I was in the situation and it is devastating like.
Another perfect still and silent moment when Quinn is trying to sleep and things seem good and relaxing. Suddenly something noisy happens as this also made me jump out of my seat and it was a suggested haunting moment too. 
More spooky moments with Quinn in her bed knocking on the back of her wall and something is tapping back at her and realises the resident she thinks is doing this is out of town which is another suggested jumping moment which made me cringe.
A bit later on Elise is in action again when she tries to follow a wet pattern of footprints leading down to her reading room and she gets demanding for this force to present itself and things once again are silent as I once again cringed knowing that another jumping moment is going to happen and tried to prepare myself more so now as I knew I was going to enjoy this flick as I love being scared while watching.
Then things get more spooky with nicely written in segments when Quinn is talking to her friend on her laptop as her friend tells her someone is sitting next to her and no one is as I had a feeling that a ghost is gong to attack her which this worked in cleverly and boy does it happen greatly as well as some black demonic object attacking her too later on as this moment looked incredibly powerful.
Clever moment with this demonic force later on pulling her in a wheelchair in the hallways of her suite and then dumping her off and spotting something lifeless crawling towards her that looks like her which looked genuinely twisted to watch. Also a great struggling moment with this thing trying to drag her out of a window and Sean trying to pull her back in in which I thought to myelf that this demonic force is trying to torture and kill her.
Perfect moments with Elise, Quinn and Sean doing a ceremony to try and enter the spirit world which was marvellously shot and candles around them. Nice taste for a paranormal horror flick. 
Then when Elise enters the spirit world the settings looked perfectly ghostly as well as some sobbing figure she approaches and gets demanding to help find who she's looking for along with being attacked by this demonic being and she gets tough after this thing is gone telling this thing to show itself as all of this looked fun to watch.
Some dry humor with the paranormal investigators Specs and Tucker hearing about what is happening which seemed to lighten up some of the creepy moments that we've seen so far.
Then when they spot a camera they once placed on Quinn's head they see this object later on moving in the hallways as well as them getting suspicious and trying to hunt her down as of course this moment looked silent as this left me the chills that something terrifying is going to happen and boy does it look powerful and extremely possessive too on what unravels here.
Then later on we enter the spirit world where Elise sees her husband and they have an emotional conversation as it is nicely drawn in along with him telling her on what to do in order for them to be together again which of course leaves a hint that it isn't really him. This looked well done.
Plus some great struggling and battling with them against the demon as there's alot of neat special effects going on here as well as many suspenseful takes. Things looked perfectly deadly and terrifying and good fast action camera shots on all of this.
Then in the end things look back to normal for Elise but then something is about to happen towards her which gave me a sinkng feeling that it's far from over on what goes on during this moment.
Bottom line is that this is so far one of the best in the series and can make you be scared on what's possibly going to happen next and full of action packed terror as well as possessions. A very well done prequel and maybe Hollywood can make more of these kinds instead of the garbage and remakes that we see nowadays.

The acting is still in great shape but only a few stand out such as Dermot Mulroney (Sean Brenner) certainly studied his family man role greatly in which he does well acting overwhelmed during the beginning of his performance. Also shows great energy and emotions when the suspense and terror surrounds him and does this with decent style. He was a convincing character actor. 
Stefanie Scott (Quinn Brenner) drew in well as a bright student who wants to be an actress in which she shows nice enthusiasm into all that she did as well as later on reacting anxiously and fearfully when she is attacked. Plus shows off a great menacing rage when she is possessed making this turn out to be very believeable. 
 (Elise Rainier) stole the film with her performance as she was dynamic having a good strong willed behavior and concentrating when she summons something up showing a great seriousness. Shows a niceness and honesty to her persona. She does well with her emotional behavior sobbing in one scene which shines off greatly as well as doing a fantastic job getting tough towards other evil spirits which she packed a punch within that.

Joseph Bishara has some of the same sounds like in the first flick with the screechings but yet there's some different noises too with screeching violin noises sounding like they're toned up and getting ready for a performance which has that perfect touch for the scene's that were used having perfect creepy scene's that we hear on what goes on in the story. Also some nice peaceful piano playing for when a touching moment happens which suits the picture too. Alot of loud noises are once again in this one which works extremely well.