Insidious: The Last Key (2018)


Directed by:  Adam Robitel

Written by: Leigh Whannell


 .... Elise Rainier 
Leigh Whannell .... Specs
Angus Sampson .... Tucker 
Kirk Acevedo .... Ted Garca
Caitlin Gerard .... Imogen Rainier
.... Melissa Rainier
.... Gerald Rainier
Tessa Ferrer .... Audrey Rainier
.... Anna
.... Young Elise Rainier
.... Young Christian Rainier
.... Christian Rainier

Special Appearances:

Ty Simpkins .... Dalton Lambert
Rose Byrne .... Renai Lambert
 .... Josh Lambert
Stefani Scott .... Quinn Brenner
Barbara Hershey .... Lorraine Lambert

Release Dates: Theatrical: January 5, 2018





Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is tormented in her nightmares on her abused childhood and is drawn back to her ghostly childhood home, where the terror began min which she has to help a niece Melissa (Spencer Locke) awake from a coma caused by the evil spirits and entering their world in order to find her with some help on other paranormal investigators.


Perfect mysterious beginning on a story centering around a child in a home as well as her talking to some ghosts as well as her father being abusive towards her using old fashioned disclipline but doing it to the extreme as well as this child's mother getting upset as the chemistry worked in well for a beginning on a dysfunctional family plus this jack ass of a family man locking this poor little girl in a cellar which is a child's worst fear adding tension and psychological moments. Also there's creepy incidents going on during this moment as well as a good shot on a monstrous hand appearing from a door opening adding perfect horror taste to the story.
All of this made me wonder as to why this is happening but then it shows Elise Rainier waking up from a bad dream which explains that it is all her past so this was a good and clever mysterious moment going on.
Then a nice suggestive moment that will mae you jump out of your seat when Elise does a paranormal research in a home as we see her about to touch some sort of spirit which made me watch carefully as to what might happen next and having a feeling that something scary is about to happen here. Certainly there's a moment that will catch you by surprise and done in superb taste.
Another nice flashback segment with Elise as a teenager finally standing up to her abusive father and using some sort of a power to stop him from beating her which I cheered watching this moment unravel.
Also in the story we spot Elise's brother Christian present day at a diner and not wanting anything to do with her as this shows a nice dysfunctional matter between the two of them since they were disturbed by their dark past as it was a nice add on to the plot along with looking into her life.
While it's present day again nice eerie moment with Elise and Tucker searching for a sound of a whistle down in a cellar and realised the door leading to that sound is locked which gave me the chills as well as to what will happen when going in there as this looked neatly done.
Terrific intense struggling with Ted Garza against Elise, Tucker and Specs as the moments looked powerful and tinense with nice camera shots on all of this along with a deadly ending to this fight as it doesn't look pretty but nothing graphic either.
Another great creepy situation involving Melissa Rainier approaching a table and trying to get a key and some force attacks her which is unexpected as well as a creepy figure crawling up towards her which can scare anyone who is spooked easily. Plus a twisted moment on what this figure uses a key for and using it on her. Very strange.
While I continued watching there's some humoress moments that enlightens the dark story when Specs looks through some collectibles of Imogen's and comments on a comic book as this was an attention grabber.
Another terrific dark and gloomy shot on Elise looking at some stuff stuffed inside a large pipe as well as to what happens when she opens up a suitcase which is a must for horror fans who like monster flicks.
Excellent circling camera shots with Elise confronting her younger self on not giving up on her gift that she has as the emotions really kick into this scene a great deal and looking very dramatic too.
The best is yet to come when Elise and some of the others enter the spirit world as well as seeing a saddened type of ghoul or battling against the monster with the big claws that has popped in and out of the story adding alot of terror and suspense bringing it to a real punch as well as good dark shots throughout all of this too. A nice touching moment involving Elise's mother in the spirit world and what she does along with speaking to her which can make you cry while watching.
Bottom line is that this was not as good as the previous one's but still an enjoyable flick opening a door for ayet another sequel in which I hope that they continue with this series if they can still keep up on making these types in a solid fashion as so far they are. It's nice to see a past life of Elise which wasn't pretty at all during her childhood years by having a cinvincing setting on a dysfunctional family adding a nice darkness to everything which the makers did a fine job within all of this.

The acting as like the previous one's stand out terrifically in which Lin Shaye (Elise Rainier) still shows it off powerfully and emotionally too. Does well reacting to waking up from a nightmare as well as showing nice upsetting emotions. Was believeable when talking to her younger self bringing alot out to that scene. Does well reacting scared or getting tough too. Yes indeed still has the pizzaz to it all.
Leigh Whannell (Specs) was in the previous flicks but stood out more so in this one so I thought he was worth mentioning this time. Seemed to have a good knack for his goofy and witty behavior and acting convincingly bubbly too. His performance looked quite enjoyable.
Angus Sampson (Tucker) was another one worth mentioning but I haven't in the previous flicks being more noticeable within his performance as he shows a nice deepness to his speaking almost coming across as serious but yet alot of times dimwitted. He seemed to ham it up within whatever he did here.
Kirk Acevedo
 (Ted Garca) had a nice mysterious role in the flick in which he seemed to do well by acting disturbed and troubled with his gravelly speaking. Also knew on how to act wild and psychotic when attacking others bringing his intensity to the extreme. Does a fine job here.
Caitlin Gerard (Imogen Rainier) delivered a strong minded performance by having a nice seriousness as well as showing off a good no nonsense attitude. Was believeably courageous within whatever she was doing in the story and had the right appeal for this too which was another great plus.
(Melissa Rainier) shows off alot of great spunk into whatever she did here having a nice believeable outgoing type of behavior. She had the beautiful looks too which is nice for a horror story. Plus does well getting scared when she is being attacked and other situations like that making all of this quite convincing.
(Gerald Rainier) was probably the best and most noticeable supporting role in which he does well with his intimidating and abusive behavior showing a good powerful and obnoxious attitude. Really had a good violent attitude too in which it makes you wonder if he will be on a murderous rampage.
(Young Elise Rainier) drew in nicely with her cute and charming behavior and was believeable by acting friednly speaking to the spirits. Added alot of pizzaz while doing this and shows a nice versatality when she cries and acts scared with her screaming attitude. She made you really feel sorry for her she did it that well.

Joseph Bishara makes his sounds on his music a little differently this time as there's alot of hissing and whooshing sounds perfect for the haunting moments and of course the banging effects too which works in powerfully. Plus some nice mellow sounds here and there. Also nice peaceful music for a touching moment with a bit of piano playing as this worked like a charm as well. He always works marvellously at what he does in the series of these films.