An Interview With Jeff Stoll by Dale Pierce

Jeff Stohl has been a photographer as well as a producer and director for many independent short and feature horror films since 2006 with shows like 'The Monster Within', 'The Horror Vault' trilogy, 'Slasher House', 'Haunred II' and lots more to come which he is a very busy guy and has some upcoming news to tell us as well. Let's take a look here.

1. You started out as a fan and as a still photographer, before going into the Indy film realm yourself, correct?

Jeff: Yes, that is true.

2. Your first film was a short called 'Litter'. right?

Jeff: No. It's called 'Discarded' .It's available at Create-A Space and

3. You then did a full-length horror film called 'Museo Taurino' or Bullfight Museum. What is the plot?

Jeff: A man plots revenge on a writer he holds responsible for his Son's death in the Bull Fight Arena.

4 The dream sequence went on and on and provoked a lot of controversy?

Jeff: LOL Yeah it was a bit long and had some religious symbolism that upset some people.

5. Some people loved it and others hated it? Does this bother you?

Jeff: Not a bit. It's their right to love it or hate it as long as they paid for the DVD.

6. You produced and directed 'Museo Taurino'?

Jeff: Yes, I was asked to do it. So I did and released it under my company banner Blue Kat/ Boneyard Filmworks.

7. You then did the short, 'The Monster Within'? What is the plot?

Jeff: A recently divorced man discovers he's being haunted by a trio of over sexed ghost.

8. A couple of local libraries actually banned this short from their film festivals?.

Jeff: That's what I was told. Their board said it was pushing the envelope. Personally I think it's rather tame compared to other films out there that have played their fest.

9. You stepped away from horror with Weirdo which was played mainly for laughs, intentionally being what you wanted to dub the worst film ever?

Jeff: well, I didn't dub it that and I've seen worst. One just recently from  Hollywood with an A-list cast.'Weirdo' was made to be shown at frat parties and other such gatherings.

10. Yet it had the reverse effect with some reviewers and collectors who actually liked the stock footage, such as train fans and history fans?

Jeff: Yeah, some people liked it.

11. In the meantime you have helped other people with their films, doing varied lines of work. What have been some of these?

Jeff: Yeah, I've  done still photos, directing, and producing for others. Some of these have played on Cable in in Theaters overseas. There's a list of some of these at  Two that's not listed are 'In a Zombies House' and 'Serial Diner'. 'Serial Diner' is a short horror musical that I co-wrote the songs and script for plus also directed.It can be found on You Tube.. I also recently finished work on Tiffany Apan's 'Driving Home' as a still photographer and cameraman. That should be released sometime soon.

12. You are going back to horror with 'Zealot', which has taken forever to finish. Why?

Jeff: Yeah, been one thing after another. Day jobs, running out of funds. Scheduling conflicts, and actors failing to show. Such is Indie Film Making but we will finish it.

13. What is the plot?

Jeff: It's about a religious serial killer who thinks he's killing the wicked for the Lord.

14. You are looking at a 2013 release, finally?

Jeff: God, I sure hope so.

15. What projects do you have lined up after this?

Jeff: I was recently approached by the writer of the new 'Friday the 13th' film to work as a photographer on a film he's producing.We're still in talking stages. Also may be working on two films in Minnesota this year.A supernatural thriller being filmed at actual haunted locations and also a Documentary on these same locations. I also plan on doing another 'Weirdo' film and another horror film with the actors and writers of 'Zealot'.

16. Closing comments?

Jeff: There are trailers and other crap up at the official Blue Kat Boneyard Filmworks channel on You Tube  Also DVDs can be found on