Jenny Mollen by Owen Keehnen

Phoenix born Jenny Mollen is making a big delicious impression on horror fans. She first came to our attention as Nina Ash – the werewolf girlfriend of ‘Angel’ in three episodes during season five of the popular vampire poster-boy series. She’s also livening things up with a leading role in the zombie flick ‘Return of the Dead 5: Rave to the Grave’ as well as playing Lenna in a film adaptation of Poe’s ‘The Raven’.

Some of Jenny’s other film credits include her role as Wendy in the upcoming thriller ‘Fear Itself’ with Tim Sizemore. She was the German femme fatale in ‘D.E.B.S’ and has a role (along with her poodle too!) in the upcoming comedy ‘National Lampoon’s Cattle Call’. She’s also wrote, produced, and starred in a successful one-woman stage show ‘Not a Pretty Girl’, is an accomplished painter, speaks 3 languages, etc. – whew. That’s an impressive resume.

Jenny was also cool enough to answer a few questions for me at


  I want to hear about your role as Jenny in the upcoming 'Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave'. 

Well, like all heroines in movies of this particular genre, Jenny is just a nice girl who finds herself in the trenches of a Zombie pandemic.

Are you a fan of zombie cinema?

Yes. However, only recently have I fully appreciated the specific aesthetic of the genre. I hoped the film would actually give me some more cred with my hardcore Zombie loving friends.

I also want to hear about your upcoming part as Wendy in the thriller 'Fear Itself' starring Tom Sizemore.  

Well, FEAR ITSELF is a thriller I shot last spring. In it I play one of two sisters that end up having a twisted history/relationship with Mr. Sizemore. There are MANY twists. It was exhausting both physically and emotionally to shoot. That being said, I am extremely proud of the work that was done. Tom is an incredibly talented actor whom I feel I learned a great deal from.

You also played Lenna in a short film version of Poe's 'The Raven' (2004).  I know you are a big literature fan so was it an added rush to be involved in making a classic come alive?

Oh yes, especially since I was the one who wrote the line about "We live together like children..." I had so much fun with that. Lenna as we depicted her was sort of an icy creature. I love playing mean people! It is just such a departure from the roles I am typically offered. When people see the blonde hair, you immediately become the "girl next door".

I want to hear how the role of werewolf Nina Ash came about in the 'Angel' television series?

Being a part of that universe was one of the highlights of my career.

What was your favorite thing about playing the role of Nina?

Working for JOSS WHEDON

What special processes were needed to transform you for your were-woman scenes?

Only giant white contact lenses that hurt like a bitch!

You wrote, produced, and starred in a one-woman show (Not a Pretty Girl), you speak 3 languages, you also paint, have acted in several films, were a regular on a series, etc.  As a creative artist what do you consider your finest accomplishment and what in your creative horizon looks to challenge that?

My biggest accomplishment in my opinion is being able to rebound from all the roles I bled for and didn't get. I am proud of the things I have done. I just think my lessons this lifetime are to be ok with the things I haven't. I want to do it all. I and I want to do it right now. I am learning patience. SLOWLY!  

Do you think your creativity all comes from the same place --- only it merely takes different forms of _expression?  If so do you have an idea as to the source of it?

My creativity was most likely born out of the coupling of a tumultuous childhood with an overwhelming imagination. I think a lot of the things I write, paint, or say as someone else are things I wish I had the courage/ audacity to say in my real life.

Okay, we are pulling the Mercedes into the Jenny Mollen Chiller Drive-In.   What three fright flicks are going to be features and what goodies are they going to be serving at the concession stand?

Ok, you are going to hate this but I am taking it back to the three films I watched incessantly as a kid. None are truly scary. (p.s.) they all kind of suck but that is what you have to love about them.  ONCE BITTEN, CLUE, and ROCKY HORROR, and as a bonus LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN (all scary in their own way I guess) Come on, any kid who grew up in front of a TV in the eighties knows what I am talking about!

At the concession stand there will be Homemade rice crispy treats, red vines (obviously) and HANUTTA (think two wafers filled with chocolate and hazelnuts) (I lived on them when I was in Germany)

You have also done some horror conventions.  What was that experience like?

Well not Horror. ANGEL conventions. I had such a great time. I always felt like I was just spending the weekend with friends.

With your resume you've probably been asked some fairly odd questions by fans...would you care to share the strangest one?  (And it can't be one from this interview!)

"If you were James Marsters (Spike from ANGEL and BUFFY) would you rather make the movie you've always dreamed of, or spend the summer touring with your band? " How do I answer that?

Jenny, you have a lot of creature experience --- what does it for you in real life - ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens, creatures, witches, maniacs, etc?

Vampires! Always Vampires.

Do you have any other projects in the offing you would life to brag, plug, or share with racksandrazors readers?

Well, The RAVEN dvd is still available online at .

I just starred in a National Lampoon movie called CATTLE CALL due out this spring. My dog Mr. Teets is actually in the film as well. He's SAG now!  Also, I will be guest starring on the NBC show MEDIUM in the episode Method to his Madness.  (Both of which I am a brunette in.)

What frightens you in real life?

Being old and alone in a nursing home with no vision. Plane crash into the ocean (you have to include of course surviving the crash only to drown in the dark depths of the sea, still buckled into your seat belt.) going insane, or being stuck in an elevator with my agent.