Jigsaw, Mongolian Death Worms, Gender Blending and More: A Few Quick Questions with Jon Mack by Owen Keehnen

Jon Mack is a lovely young newcomer who is making a solid impression in both the film and music worlds. She first caught our eye as a gorgeous Ava Gardner (is that redundant?) in Halle Berry's BHO breakthrough 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge'. Since then Ms. Mack has made an impression on horror fans as Jane in the sixth of the gruesome 'Saw' franchise films. She recently wrapped filming on the adventure flick, 'Unearthed', with her 'Saw VI' costar Betsy Russell. I'm especially anxious to see Jon in the SYFY Channel March 2010 release 'Mongolian Death Worms' with Sean Patrick Flannery - the title alone makes that one just too delicious to pass up. Ms. Mack has also costarred in 'Hollywont' with Eddie Griffin and Robert Wagner, 'Accused at 17', and had a nice role in 'The Confidant' with Billy Zane and Bai Ling. In addition to her film work, Jon is also an accomplished musician. In March of 2009 she released her debut CD 'Whitelite Britelite', writing and producing all the tracks. As if that weren't enough, she can also be seen making appearances in the LA region with her live band, Auradrone. As you may have surmised this is one woman whose star is definitely on the rise, and we've got her here in this exclusive www.racksandrazors.com interview.


  Jon, why not start us out with a visual and describe the room where you are answering these questions?

I'm in a white large room with lots of recording gear...aka: my studio

Okay, first off I want to hear about your role as Jane in 'Saw VI'. How did the role come about?

I auditioned for three roles and that was the one that suited me best.

Any creepy tales form the set you would care to share?

I sat next to the Jigsaw puppet in the make up chair but that wasn't as creepy as it was amusing. That doll definitely has some funky Juju attached to it!

Were you a fan of the series?


I also want to hear about your role as Steffi opposite Sean Patrick Flannery in 'Mongolian Death Worms' which is due on the SYFY Channel in March 2010.

I play Steffi, a doctor in Mongolia trying to help sick villagers and, at the same time, trying to determine the origin of a mysterious virus in the water supply that is "making the people sick."

What exactly is a Mongolian death worm?

It actually exists! I think it burrows under the skin and causes havoc...only the real ones aren't as large in scale as the SYFY version.

And you're also filming another movie 'Unearthed', with 'Saw VI' star Betsy Russell. Tell me a little bit about that project.

We wrapped in October. I'm excited about this film. It takes place in the Amazon jungle and follows a team of explorers as we seek out ancient relics, unbeknownst to "us, also unleashing the curse of the jungle."

So you were also Ava Gardner in 'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge'? That's cool, had people mentioned that you looked like her before you were cast?

I have heard that before and it's a supreme compliment. She was a stunning, strong, and determined woman who didn't take abuse from any man. She was ahead of her time.

Tell me about your CD 'Whitelite Britelite' that came out in March of 2009.

It's my project and I wrote, produced, sang and played on it...I collaborate with others but this project is basically my baby. I feel it was a great accomplishment to do this with no real money or label backing to it...Never an easy feat for any artist!

What act or musician do you think you resemble the most musically?

NIN, Blondie, Garbage, Imogen Heap....I've heard those all before

Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to let the www.racksandrazors.com readers know about?

Working on the second Auradrone album right now and waiting to hear about a couple of possible film projects for the New Year, but I won't say much until things "are more concrete of course."

What was the first movie you saw that made you go to sleep with the lights on?

I saw a movie when I was a little girl that was called 'Xtro'. It was a UK sci fi horror film and I was very young so it kind of freaked me out. Some crazy scenes in that film!

Vampires, werewolves, psychos, witches, zombies, Mongolian death worms, creatures, aliens, or something else - what does it for you horror-wise and why?

First of all, I LOVE zombie films and would love to do one! It even borders on a fetish with me. Huge fan of 28 Days Later and really dug 'Shawn of The Dead'. I also adore vampires and would like to give a shot to playing one as well...Aliens you can never go wrong with! Sci Fi has always fascinated me. I guess you can say that I am really into ALL things otherworldly.

Okay, we're pulling into the Jon Mack Drive In. What three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

I think it would have to be a zombie double feature to start out with...I'm voting for 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later and a classic and beautifully shot - vampire film called 'The Hunger' to top things off. As far as concession stands go, I would have to serve peanut butter M & M's, popcorn and, of course, brains!

What is the best Halloween costume you ever had?

It's a toss up between when I was Pris from 'Blade Runner' and Alex from 'Clockwork Orange'. It was a fun experience wearing the jockstrap and bowler hat together. I like gender bending roles at times.

What scares you in real life?