Don’t let her looks fool you. Sure she was a Miss America finalist, but there was a whole lot more behind that sash. Since then Julie Michaels has carved an awesome career for herself both an actress as well as a stuntwoman. As an actress she starred as Agent Elizabeth Michaels in ‘Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell’ --- and even managed to survive “the wrath of Voorhees” in the movie, she’s played ghoulish vindictive spirit Susan in ‘Witchboard 2’ (in which SHE had a stunt double), starred as Maggie in Denice Duff’s ‘Vampire Resurrection’, cuddled with Dean Cain in a pool in ‘Rat Race, was in the across-the-board hit ‘Holes’, was a part of ‘The Killing Breed’, graced ‘The Scorpion King’ with The Rock, and even co-starred twice with Patrick Swayze --- as Denice in ‘Road House’ and as Freight Train (oh yeah - that’s right!) in ‘Point Break’. She hosts the ‘Extreme Racing League’ on Fox Sports Network and has an awesome and very surf friendly website www.juliemichaels.com. As a stuntwoman she’d done a lot of seriously ballsy things and her injury ranking is good for the business – much lower than most with a dozen years under her belt…she’s broken her back, her foot, and blown out an ankle…but it takes a whole lot more than that to slow this feisty blonde down. Even Jason was no match!

Julie Michaels is a force of nature and a wild woman to interview.  Right from the start she challenged me.“Come on, you can do better than that. Make me sweat. Ask better questions. Your readers are going to nod off on you.” It was intense and commanding and just a little delicious and I hope in the end that she was pleased…because I’ll hear about it if she isn’t.


Owen: Julie, you strike me as a born dominatrix.  Do you get comments like that very often?

Julie: Actually, people who really know me know I am happiest when I am serving someone.  I love to contribute.  The "strong" girl is really just an act.

Owen: As someone who's fought both Jason Voorhees (as Agent Elizabeth Marcus in 'Jason Goes to Hell') and Michael Myers (as a stunt double in 'Halloween: H2O') who is the toughest?

Julie: Kane Hodder.  No question!!  This guy scared the bejebers out of me!!   He still does.  It's his presence.  I don't ever want to make this guy mad!

Owen: So you sent Jason to Hell...do you think that's where you're going to go or are you a good girl?

Julie: If I thought I was going anywhere but heaven, I would not try to serve God everyday!!!!!

Owen: So why do you think the women who face Jason or Michael Meyers ever try to seduce those boys to save their asses?

Julie: I guess because they have no redeeming value...and they are not blind.

Owen: So since stuntwork is a form of "controlled chaos" are you a control freak in your everyday life or more chaos in heels?

Julie: Yes!  I admit it.  I want things done right...the first time.

Owen: Are you addicted to the adrenaline rush of stuntwork and if so how do you get that buzz in everyday life?

Julie: I am not addicted to the "rush".  In fact I don't like it at all.  I like when the job is done, everyone is happy with the outcome, and I get to go home in one piece.  At home, it is my "let down time".  I garden, cook and clean house!!!  And I like it!

Owen: Describe the most gruesome/horrific stunt gone awry in disturbingly graphic detail.

Julie: Well, I would have to say when I broke my back.  Loosing feeling in your arms and legs can get pretty scary!  I was jumping from a 2nd story fire escape into the back of a truck!  All the while handcuffed to someone else.  We landed dead on, but the impact was too hard and it broke my back.

Owen: Which do you enjoy more --- your acting or stunt work?  And which pays better if I might ask?

Julie: I would be a liar if I did not say acting.  It is my first love.  But there have been many a days I done stunts and left the set with a big sh#@ eating grin on my face!
As for the pay, well it just depends.  I have made more on one stunt in just a few hours then I have in an entire week of acting work.    

Owen: So what single stunt that you've done has gotten you the biggest paycheck?

Julie: Hanging from a helicopter, 1000 ft in the air!  In a mini skirt and go-go boots!

Owen: Ah, that ‘VIP’ stunt. Have you ever been offered a stunt where you were just like "Uh, no thanks"?

Julie: Sure!  I think that's what makes you great at your job, knowing your limitations.    

Owen: How do you make the guys respect you in the stunt world?  It seems like that would be a boy's club.  Did you have to kick some ass?

Julie: You cannot "make" anyone respect you.  You gain respect by the job you do and the integrity you carry.  Respect is earned.  I work hard to earn it.  When I leave at the end of the day, I want the "men" to feel I helped them by being safe, and creating great action.

Owen: What makes you scream in real life?

Julie: A better question might be "Who"!!! Yeah Baby!!!

Owen: If acting comes from experience what film experience was your best learning tool to date?

Julie: I learn from every set.  I try to walk away with something new!  Whether it's a new special effect trick or how wardrobe can make a pregnant woman look not pregnant

Owen: You also starred as a vengeful spirit in 'Witchboard 2'.  How did that role come about?

Julie: I first came to audition for the role and was told I was not the right type and was turned away from the interview.  I wasn't giving up though.... I went home, dyed my hair dark and called my agent to get me in again (under a different name).  He did and I then got to read for the role.  Boy were they shocked when I told them who I really was!

Owen: So as a stuntwoman was it sort of odd to have your own stunt double for 'Witchboard 2'?

Julie: Yes and no.  I started as an actress; so I understand the production not wanting to get the actress hurt, so use a stunt double.  It was fun and flattering to have someone there to help me out!!!  

Owen: You were a finalist in the Miss America contest? Was it a good experience or did it feel more like imposter syndrome 'Night of the Zombies'?

Julie: Competition is always good with the right attitude. The most important part of the Miss America Program was the scholarship monies! It paid for my education. It also taught me many life skills I still use everyday. And best of all introduced me to my long time best friend, recording artist Kristine W!

Owen: Oh wow.  I love Kristine W.  Tell me something fun about your best friend.

Julie: We met backstage at the Miss Washington pageant (she was the outgoing Miss Washington).  She came backstage as I was dressing for swimsuit competition and she took one look at me and said "Girlfriend, if I had hooter like you, I would have won at Miss America!"  We've been best friends ever since.

Owen: So tell me about Rayda - that project looks very cool?

Julie: Rayda is a comic book character, drawn after me that was a soldier in 'Desert Storm'.  She is part of an elite group of women called the "Fem Force.

Owen: You also have a new film coming out called 'Song of the Vampire' - why don't you tell me a bit about that?

Julie: It's actually now called "Vampire Resurrection".  It's in the video stores now!!  
This was really great for me, because I got to play the comedy relief!!  I loved it and also getting to work with actress/director Denice Duff!!!

Owen: What is your dream role?

Julie: Playing Chris Noel in her life story.  She was an actress in the 60's who went to Vietnam to radio to the boy's.  She introduced the mini skirt to the Far East while there.  She is a true hero in her attempt to keep up the moral of the troops.  She was even shot down three times!!!!!

Owen: What are you the most grateful for in your life?

Julie: God!  He is so great.  I am so blessed and when I look at my life, I just want to serve him more!!!  

Owen: Thanks Julie. All the best to you.