This naughty 'Ryan's Hope' alumnus was fantasy fodder for many guys growing up in the 80s...but I was gay so I loved her for purely artistic reasons. Kelli Maroney is one of my favorite actresses of the era. She was always so fun and spunky and added a little spark to every film she appeared in. She was awesome as Samantha Belmont, one half of the valley girls of the apocalypse (with Catherine Mary Stewart), in the cult favorite 'Night of the Comet' (1984). She starred as teen myphette Jolene opposite Peter Coyote and Billie Whitelaw in 'Slayground' (1983) as well as the film adaptation of Dean Koontz' creepy religious fanatics bestseller 'Servants of Twighlight' (1991) with Bruce Greenwood and Belinda Bauer. She was a protegee of exploitation director Jim Wynorski appearing in several of his films as Roger Corman's 'Not of this Earth' (1988) with Traci Lords, Ava Cadell, Becky LeBeau, and Monique Gabrielle; 'Big Bad Mama 2' (1987) with Angie Dickinson, the comedy/horror entry 'Transylvania Twist' (1990), 'Hard to Die' (1990), and as Alison Parks in the unforgettable robot security run amok opus 'Chopping Mall' (1986). She also was part of the amazing cast of Amy Heckerling's 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High' (1982). In addition she appeared in several other features like the horror/thriller 'The Zero Boys' (1986), 'Midnight Witness' (1993) with Maxwell Caufield and Jan Michael Vincent, and 'Jaded' (1989) among others. She even did the obligatory 'Scream Queen Hot Tub Party' in 1991 and an episode of 'Murder She Wrote'. What a treat! Kelli Maroney!

Kelli, why not start us off with a visual and describe the room where you are answering these questions?

Okay a visual: I am sitting in a 4 by 6 interrogation room of some kind. Florescent light creaks ominously and sways gently over my head. Small barred window on the door. The walls are an '80's neon fuschia and the metal table and chair is lavender. From a long distance away I think I can hear The Go-Gos. I seem to be held prisoner in the '80s. Things could be worse, I decide.

Do you have a predominant memory of filming one of my favorite 80s flicks 'Night of the Comet'?

I wouldn't say I had a predominant memory of Comet--I remember EVERYTHING about it!

We had to use bee smoke to create fog in the film, and then drove home in the wee hours with fog so thick you couldn't tell where you were going. There was a minor meltdown when we watched the dailies of panning through Los Angeles, supposedly empty, and the producer spotted a bunch of weekend window washers hanging from the tall buildings Downtown. Today we could've just digitalized them out, but back then it was a problem-o.

Couldn't use any of those shots. Half way through filming Comet, I got a call from my agents in NYC that Woody Allen was ready to shoot his film and wanted me on the set. He would marathon shoot me and have me back in LA to finish Comet. The project turned out to be "Purple Rose of Cairo" and I was to play the Jean Harlow-type movie star in the film that Mia Farrow is watching when her leading man jumps off the screen. The Comet producers said no, that I might not be back in time. I cried and begged and nothing worked. He told me that in the end, I wouldn't be remembered for that role, I would be remembered for Sammy in Comet instead. I guess he was right.

So as that wonderful valley girl shopper Samantha Belmont in 'Night of the Comet' as well as 'Chopping Mall' if you could shop for free what would be on the top of your list.

If I could shop for free...I hear that you can try doing that but if you get caught it's a real scene---- well, currently I'm looking for a high-cut tomato red one-piece bathing suit with a low back, for swimming. Can't find one. And really cute cowboy boots, the kind with the stacked heel that's about 3 inches tall and tapers in the back.

Speaking of 'Chopping Mall' - you have also worked with Jim Wynorski in a number of other features like 'Transylvania Twist', 'Big Bad Mama 2', and 'Not of this Earth'. What's that all about?

I first started working for Jimmy W. in Chopping Mall and then he began blackmailing me thereafter.

(Also see under Rent money, Rent money, Rent money.)

So any tales to tell from the 'Not of This Earth' shoot with you, Traci Lords, Ava Cadell, Becky LeBeau, and Monique Gabrielle?

As far as I know all the ladies behaved on that shoot (NOTE) but I was only onset for a day. Wynorski called me one day and said he had an idea for a funny sight gag and would I come down and wear an identical nurses outfit in a scene with Traci. I did.

Any news of curses on the set of Dean Koontz' anti-Christ saga 'Servants of Twighlight'?

Nope, Andy Lane produced that film (he co-produced Comet) and again, I wasn't actually onset for very long. Bruce Greenwood may have felt cursed at the time, but the guy has a great career, I think it turned out to be a blessing!

So tell me about your work in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'. Did you have any indication during shooting that the movie was going to be so big?

In Fast Times, I had auditioned all day on a Saturday with Brian Backer and Phoebe Cates. Phoebe said at the time it was an actor's pergatory. I guess they always had in mind to cast Jennfer Jason Leigh in the lead, but I didn't know that. Later on I was offered the role of Cindy the Spirit Bunny if I was willing to fly myself out to LA. I was. The minute I got on the set, I knew I was part of something really special.

So as a veteran of the film, what are the essential ingredients in throwing a 'Scream Queen Hot Tub Party'?

Essential ingredients of throwing a 'Scream Queen Hot Tub Party'? Looking back, or at the time? Cuz looking back I bet all of us Scream Queens feel like the essential ingredients SHOULD'VE been a great lawyer and an ironclad contract stating that we would get part of the profits, etc. Those verbal agreements aren't worth the paper they are written on.

Tell me about 'Slayground' that you made with Peter Coyote.

I love doing Slayground. It was my first film role. My first time playing crazy. My second time shooting someone dead. Again, I was there about one or two days. My stand-in was crying in the bathroom because she wanted to play the part. The director Terry Bedford and a couple of us drove all over Manhattan so he could see it. He was from England. I did see Peter Coyote eating lunch when we got back off the road shooting (no pun intended) but since I was done for the day, we were introduced and I went home. End of story. Sigh.

Okay, how about some one word descriptions of some of your costars.

One Word Descriptions--these are alot harder than they sound!!!!

Jan-Michael Vincent-----Professional!

Mary Woronov-----Giver and Paul Bartel---Gentle

Catherine Mary Stewart--Friend

Monique Gabrielle--Determined

Anything else you want to say to all your racks and razors fans out there?

Yup, I would like all the fans to know that I tried very hard to acquire the rights to 'Night of the Comet', now owned by MGM. I had a great attorney and was ready to proceed. Had a wonderful letter from Thom Eberhardt giving me his blessing. MGM's Senior Legal Counsel informed me that MGM no longer wished to sell the rights because they wanted to develop it themselves. I certainly hope that they listen to the fans and stay true to the story. I think most people want to find out what happened to Reggie and Sammie, not see a whole bunch of effects. I was going to release a proper DVD, had some writers working on a couple of variations of what happened next, and had wanted to 'keep it in the family' with Thom Exec. Producing and bringing back the old cast and introducing new characters, etc. Explaining the Comet more and would it come back? Would anyone else from outer space turn up? etc.

Other than that I plan to get producing and funding together for a film called 'Nightmare Carnival' as soon as possible.

Wynorski continues to bring up possible films for us to do together, mostly to get me to take his calls, I think. ; ) They never happen.."he craps out; doesn't deliver." That's a quote he often uses, BTW.

Okay, we're pulling the car into the Kelli Maroney Drive-In. What three horror flicks are they going to be showing on the triple bill and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

I would love to have a drive in----my own flicks of course, and all my friends old flicks too.

There are 3 films I want to see that I haven't seen yet, so there will be a pot luck bill.

Bloody Marys, flesh colored pulled taffy, charred mystery meat from the grill served by a ghoul, popcorn with a hand at the bottom (probably your date's) assorted milkshakes that are really love potions and witchcraft cookies. Hard candy or Gummy fangs.

What scares you in real life?

What scares me in real life? The lack of caring for other people in this world. Callusness, jadedness, apathy, selfishness.

What makes you go psycho in real life?

What makes me go psycho? Cruelty to animals, and stupidity.