Krista Grotte: 14 Beers and She'll Take on Kong by Owen Keehnen

Minneapolis born Krista Grotte is a starlet on a mission... and that mission is rapidly coming to fruition. Talking with her it's hard to imagine anything less.

Krista has starred in several films such as Agent Lori Harris in 'Real Premonition' (2005), as horror hostess Necro Nancy in 'The Nightmare Collection Volume 1' from Enigma Films, 'Hardscrabble' , 'The Reaper' , and as (ahem) Pussey in the Metropol Productions horror short 'Filthy' . Not to mention this young lady was Scream Queen of the Month for February 2006. More film roles are in the offing. Coming up is a starring role as Regine Hunter in 'Vendetta' co-starring Lee Horsley and as Tyler in the wonderfully titled horror movie 'Carnevil'. And she's starting to make the rounds on the horror convention circuit as well.

She's smart, savvy, and a lot of fun as you'll soon discover in this exclusive interview. Lookout Kong... she is nobody you wanna grapple with.

Krista - can you start the readers off with a visual and describe the room where you're answering these questions?

I am in fact outside of the L.A.X. airport in Los Angeles. Let's see, there is a black man walking past, I think he is at a disagreement with himself. There are a group of Vietnamese men, to my right, just looking at me. There are a group of Vietnamese men to my left.... looking at me

You are in pre-production as Regine Hunter in 'Vendetta' with Lee "Matt Houston" Horsley. How did that role come about?

Yes, I was contacted on behalf of my performance in "Filthy". Sheri Lawrence who played my mama, Fermie is involved in the production as well. The role is going to be great fun and I am looking forward to working with such incredible people.

You also starred as Agent Lori Harris in the Ziad Ahmed written/directed movie 'Real Premonition' (2005). Tell me about that film.

I am very proud to have been a part of "Real Premonition". The role was intense for me, in addition to being a successful contrast to the roles I have been accepting. I play agent Lori Harris on a mission with my partner to bust the mob. The story is intense. It was shot beautifully by Dave A. Barrett, cinematographer and filmed in both Florida and Morocco. I am especially proud of it because it taught me to push myself beyond my limits with no complaints. I have a great fear of being underwater- in fact; I have to plug my nose to go under. I had 1 day to learn to scuba dive and choreograph an underwater scene with Ziad. Well, I did it without hesitation and I had a blast!!

Have you ever had a premonition of something that is going to happen you or someone you know or some event?

I am very in tune spiritually and open to experiences. I have had many premonitions. The most intense was when I was about 9 years old. I was staying with my grandma and my little sister was at home with my mom. I had a horrible, sick feeling and I jumped off of the couch and told my aunt there is something wrong with my mom. I told her to call her, now! My aunt looked at me confused and with fear, she called. My little sister answered and said my mom was sleeping. I was yelling to wake her up. She attempted 2 times. My mom wouldn't wake up. Then my aunt knew by my emotions and the situation that something was wrong. It turned out that my mother had attempted suicide by swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills. They said at the hospital, it was just moments before she would have passed for good. I have had others, like a car accident I was in. I had a dream about it prior.

Now we go on to the "character with great names" portion of the interview. First up, tell me about your work as Necro Nancy in 'The Nightmare Collection' (2004).

The Nightmare Collection is a compilation DVD of Indie horror films. My character Necro Nancy hosted. She speaks of her back-story and revenge mission throughout hosting. The major details of how she became Necro Nancy will be played out in upcoming editions.

Okay - and while we're talking about names. Tell me all about your character "Pussey" in the horror short 'Filthy' (2003). With a name like that you've got to have a most vivid memory of shooting the movie.

It is actually pronounced Puss-ee. Yes, I sure do have vivid memories of shooting that one! First of all, my character was a sexy, insane, childlike product of incest. That in itself was a fun challenge! The whole shooting experience is one that will forever be with me. The cast and crew are all still close, we spent so many hard working, grueling hours together, we just became a real family...not to mention, we had so much fun, I never laughed so much in my life. It was a lot of fun, when us dirty, bloody crazy looking characters chilled outside during breaks, waving at the traffic and ultimately cops as they passed us doing a double take.

I want to hear about your excellently titled upcoming scare flick 'Carnevil'. What attracted you to the project?

First of all, I was attracted to Carnevil because it is a Film State 51 Production. In addition, the best fuckin script I have read. Andy lalino is a member of Film State 51, he wrote and directed "Filthy". Andrew Allen wrote "Carnevil". The script is phenomenal and I am psyched!! It is immensely scary. I cannot wait to do my magic with my character "Tyler". Realistically, I don't think it could get more scary than taking a happy, colorful childhood fantasy and flipping it to create a horror experience as they so intellectually state: Mayhem in the Midway...

As Scream Queen for February 2006 did you get some cool certificate or placard or a t-shirt or any cool perks? I'm curious about how that title came about from the website ?

I got the most important treat I could receive...recognition.

Do you have any other projects in the works you would like to plug, brag, or inform the readers about?

Currently I am shooting with the notorious Rob Simms of Fitness Models International among many other great magazines. You can check out some pics on my site: none . I am also producing a music video for up and coming hip-hop artist Jakeh. My Production Company is Intrepid Rock Productions- where courage is set in stone. Ya like my slogan don't ya??? I am working on my own script "1527" and my book about breaking cycles that bind us into our perpetual negative processes.

So where do you want this career in films to take you?

I want this career to take me wherever I am meant to go. You do what you love, for the love, and the rest will follow. Remember that saying, especially during trying times. Do you have an overarching game plan or are you just riding with it? My game plan is in the works, all aspects of filmmaking. Performing, Writing, Directing.

I know you have started doing the horror convention - Chiller in particular. What was that experience like?

Chiller was amazing. I felt so honored and amazed as to the reaction and recognition by my fans. It was wonderful meeting celebrities and I will be back next year!!

Was there any celebrity you've met at the horror convention circuit that just blew you away?

I loved Frank Vincent. He was a pleasure and I am a big fan. Herschel Gordon Lewis made me feel so special, and he made sure I was aware that we would be working together. Sweet, wonderful man.

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, ghosts, cannibals, aliens, creatures, telemarketers --- which one is your favorite horror sub-genre Krista - and why?

I love serial killers. Part to do with the fact that I have always been fascinated by their thought process and life experiences. The serial killer movies get me because their frightening behavior truly exists.

Okay, we're pulling the car into the Krista Grotte Drive In. What three horror flicks are on the triple bill tonight and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

Three horror flicks include "The Devil's Rejects" cause that is one of my favorites, where we will be serving "Chinese-Japanese-Dirty Knees-Look at these...fried eggs. Natural Born Killers will be served with "How fuckin Sexy am I now cop donuts" The scene where Mallory beats the cops that part!! Can't forget Fahrenheit 9/11 great horror flick to me. We will be serving The Politician Platter with that one.

What makes you go psycho in real life?

14 Beers. I'll take on King Kong.

What scares you in real life?

Waking up after 14 beers to recap my brawl with King Kong.