PARTY ALL NIGHT!!!! TEENAGE WASTLAND!!!!: Kyle Holman by Greg Tiderington

You may remember Kyle Holman as the vandalous and goofy headbanger Snoboy who graffitied everything including Angela's tent (Deadly mistake!!!) in the cheesy slasher flick Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland as he was quite a chracter in that film. Kyle is a talented and versatile actor doing stage, voice-over's and independent films (some of them are horror films) and also has his own production company called Hot Mic Productions (Go to his official site at I was chatting with Kyle on the phone (In real life he doesn't have a hyped up voice like he used in SC3 as he was a well trained character actor) as he is an extremely nice guy and a busy guy working as an actor and doing behind the scenes too and also had some other horror films under his belt. He even owns the box set of all 3 Sleepaway Camp DVD's from Anchor Bay.

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Greg: At what age did you see yourself as an actor?  

Kyle: I started when I was 6 and I was doing stage and did my first professional stage show when I was 9 or 10.

Greg: Did you see yourself acting in horror films?  

Kyle: Um... Yeah, because of my background in magic and my brother and parents were magicians too. I've always liked the darker stories and magic. I was at an early age learning to use make up and disguises like that. It made me more taken with horror films. I liked making masks or make up and I remember my friends not wanting to watch horror films and I said to them naw that's all fake and made up and not real monsters. I remember was when how Hal Holbook was playing Mark Twain using and using all those effects from CBS. He came to Alablama 3 or 4 years ago doing that show as Mark Twain in 'One Man Show' and it was so great that he came here. I also liked his character as Professor Henry Northup from 'Creepshow'.

Greg: That was the chapter 'The Crate' from that film with Adrienne Barbeau.

Kyle: Yes, Hal played the husband of Adrienne's who trapped her in his lab with that monster.   

Greg: What was your first horror film?  

Kyle: Hmmm... I believe it was 'Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland'           

Greg: How did you get the part as Snoboy in the film?  

Kyle: My agent sent me to read for Tony DeRaro. I went over and read for it and got a callback 3 or 4 weeks later. Then my hair was dyed black cause I was playing a Spanish guy in a stage production. When I had another callback to read with the actresses and this time was it dyed white for another stage show (Laughs). I was then asked to read for Snoboy. It didn't matter to me to read for a different character as I was open for anything. When I read that stuff I found it much cooler. And the character Snoboy was perfect cause I had bleached hair.

Greg: What was required for you to audition?    

Kyle: They handed me a side couple pages of dialogue. I don't remember what exactly I read. I was in Atlanta for 6 minutes with the dialogue. I read for both Tony and Snoboy.   

Greg: What was it like working with Mark Oliver who took the role as Tony?  

Kyle: He was great and really nice. 

Greg: Did you see the original 'Sleepaway Camp' film before you played the part as Snoboy?

Kyle: No, when I came back from that audition and rented Sleepaway 1 and was like what is this??? Then my agent asked me how the audition went and I told my agent I didn't know if this was going to be worth it as I was busy with stage and I found that the original 'Sleepaway Camp' was totally different. I couldn't figure what this scene was all about. I was trying to figure out how they were going to tie this in with and what I was going to do. My agent told me that the script has changed with a different group and it's gonna be very tongue in cheek. It's Not a comedy but much more of a comic twist and that I'd love it.

Greg: Did you enjoy the first one?

Kyle:  Oh yeah, definetely! It was a classic! 

Greg: Who did you get along with the most on the set?

Kyle: Um... Hung out alot with Bill Johnson cause of interest with make up. I had prosthetic make up in my basement. I hung out with him alot, and I also hung out with Valerie Hartman. She was a sweetheart and a production assistant on the third one and we hung out alot on set. I didn't know she was Ally in part 2. We both went into Atlanta several times at the mall. We also went over to Birmingham to do stuff. We were at a hotel one night and she showed me the trailer for part 2 and saw Valerie in it as Ally and I was like "Oh my god, you're in part 2!"

Greg: Do you have any memorable experiences you'd like to share with us on set of filming it?

Kyle: I rememember being impressed by the camera assistant who's name was Dudley but I can't remember his last name.. he was a big biker guy and knew his stuff really well it was great. He was really good and dedicated with his stuff and I became involved as a camera operator for some shows. The props guy very intense on his work and I asked if he can be the one to be hit on the head with the Phoebe stick and I wanted him to smack me really good to make it look real and knew the exact spot I wanted him to hit me so he wouldn't hurt me. I can't remember his name though.

Greg: What kind of a set was the camp site done at?  

Kyle: Well it was a real camp right there in Waco, Gerogia. It's been torn down since.

Greg: Why was it torn down?

Kyle: I think that the property was sold to industrial warehouses. It was already closed down when before we shot the film. You needed a 4 wheel drive to get to the camp. The roads have not been kept up since it was closed and luckily had a 4 wheel drive. You had to carpool there otherwise as it rained like crazy and were stuck at camp. The hotel was another exit down the freeway towards Atlanta. It was 8 miles away from camp.

Greg: Could you relate to your role as Snoboy?

Kyle: Oh yeah absolutely. Pretty much I can do that character to pull my own experience with. That role to me was typical kid in class never took anything seriously and wanted to goof off. Pretty much like me

Greg: You weren't really a troublemaker were you?  

Kyle: No not at all. Snoboy wasn't much of a troublemaker like someone Daryl Wilcher's character Riff was like. He just a kid who couldn't take anything seriously. You don't look at it of not someone to trust like you would with someone dangerous like Riff, just not to trust to stay out of trouble. Snoboy was just a goof off.

Greg: What kind of an experience was it like meeting Pamela Springsteen? 

Kyle: It was great. For the first two days of shooting I didn't know who she was. She was extremely nice and easy to talk to. People Magazine came up to me and said what's it like working with Pamela Springsteen and do I think that her attitude is affected by who her brother is? I looked at him and said "Who's her brother?" I had no idea and he laughed and said "Oh that's good." He said that her brother is Bruce Springsteen and at the time he was the deal. They didn't call him the big boss for nothing.

Greg: Did you see her in any of her other films like 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High', 'Reckless' or 'Scenes from the Goldmine'?  

Kyle: I've seen all of those 'Fast Times at Ridemont High' is important to me. Sean Penn is just phenomenal. Wow. 

Greg: I believe that Pam dated Sean a bit when they were doing the film.

Kyle: I had no idea..    

Greg: I heard that her brother did fly down to Georgia to do an unplugged session nearby.

Kyle: Someone told me that he came to the camp. All the production guys were jamming qwith musical instruments at the old dining hall with the fireplace, drum sets, keyboards, guitars and anything you could imagine. It was so great! After filming, the crew people would come down jamming and the day after filming someone claimed that Bruce jammed with them. It was on a Saturday I think and someone said next day after my shooting was finished that Bruce played with them all at the mess hall.

Were the actors good to work with? Any of them difficult at all?

Kyle: All of them were great and the only guy who was hard to get close to was the guy who played Barney and was he was a fight choreographer and stunt guy for the film as well.

Greg: Yes, Cliff Brand.

Kyle: He was choreographing a fight scene between Mark Oliver (Tony) and Daryl Wilcher (Riff). He was probably keeping that stand offish attitude while he was playing a character. He was a nice guy he didn't wanna talk to anybody. He stayed pretty stern while others goofing off having a good time.

Greg: Sounded like that he kept to himself.

Kyle: Michael J. Pollard and I got along. He was quiet and shy. He would talk to me and we talked about nothing I guess cause we were talking about what was going on there instead of me asking him about his movies like 'Bonnie & Clyde'. Michael, Valerie Hartman and I went to the Buckhead Mall ritzy mall and it was cool walking around as Valerie was production assistant. Next thing Michael has disappeared and we were looking around the mall for 45 minutes and ended up finding him in a shoe store cause he was tired of people following him around as he always had people following him around since he was a name. It was probably part of the contract too as Valerie was not his assistant and his assistant said that she was responsible for him if they were going out somewhere with him and we ended up losing him. (Laughs)

Greg: How long did you and Valerie date?

Kyle:  We went out a few times during that couple weeks. We just went out to eat, go to a movie and went to Birmingham. We tried to stay in touch afterwards but was busy and she was looking to take off to L.A. She was thinking of acting in Simpson's upcoming comedy 'Fast Food'. Michael A. Simpson mentioned the film to me but afterwards I never heard from him. Michael A. Simpson was a super nice guy and I would happily work with him again.

Greg: Did she do any other acting gigs that you remember? 

Kyle: No, I hadn't seen or heard of any.

Greg: Your line was "Party all night! Teenage Wasteland!" Did it give anyone an idea with that one liner to title it Teenage Wasteland?

Kyle: No, it was already called that I was like "Oh man, I hate that!" I got over it and did tough it out not to think about it so much. Something like that for an actor can be so forced like "My name is Bond! James Bond." It was a goofy line.

Greg: Originally in the script of your character getting killed was that Angela was spraypainting your face and then lit a match but instead she whacks you in the head with a log and then burns you. When was that changed?

Kyle: It was changed about 3 or 4 days before filming it. It was a higher budget to do it and more time. They blew all budget on Part 2. I was disappointed about it as I thought it would've been better but it would take a whole day to shoot. The stick scene was shot in about 3 different coverage takes. Saved alot of money.

Greg: Is it true that the film went direct-to-video?

Kyle: I'm pretty sure it did. I knew it went theatre's in Italy told by my agent. I'm pretty sure it went direct-to-video elsewhere.

Greg: Did you ever get a screener copy of it when editing was done?

Kyle: No I sure didn't. I ended up buying it when it was availble on video. 

Greg: Did you ever get feedback from fans of the film?  

Kyle: No, just people that I know who have seen it. Not people I don't know. Alot of guys I work with at the Haunted House were saying "Party all night! Teenage Wasteland".

Greg: You have your own haunted house?

Kyle: Yes, I run it with a few people. We open it every October for charity. It's one of the largest haunted houses in history. Go to to find out.

Greg: Have you kept in touch with any of the actors afterwards?

Kyle: No, I worked with make up guy Bill Johnson for a couple jobs. Then with assistant director Jerry Pece ended up doing a horror film in Alabama called 'Elvis' Grave' since we lost our original AD and Jerry took over did a pneumonal job. The film was a comedy horror musical.

Greg: What is the story about?

Kyle: It's about a psychotic Elvis impersonator and he basically decides to be crowned the best so he kills other impersonators.

Greg: Who do you play in it?

Kyle: I played a guy named Pervis and he was the lead in it. Purvis is a horrible Elvis impersonator and is really bad. An event has a big Elvis contast and all these other Elvis impersonators come and this character freaks out and kills them.

Greg: Was it released?  

Kyle: It got a limited release in theatre's but Graceland Estate put a cease and desist on it or would be sued. The guys that owned it freaked out cause something was wrong with the insurance.

Greg: So it was shown? 

Kyle: Yes. We beat the film 'Quigley Down Under' starring Tom Selleck at our theatre down in Alabama.

Greg: Is it availble on DVD? 

Kyle: The writer/director David Hughens is trying to get a way to get it released but to protect himself from getting sued by Graceland. I have no idea what assets he has.

Greg: You are in a new comedy-horror film called 'Hide & Creep' which is soon to be playing at film festivals but it did play last September 23rd at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival with your comedy flick 'Alice Misadventures in Wonderland' as a sneak preview. How was the turnout for that film?

Kyle: It was a sold out show. The reviews are on Movie Poop Shot and . The reviews are all good. Everyone is comparing it to 'Shaun of the Dead'. 

Greg: When will we be seeing 'Hide and Creep'?

Kyle: Go to the you would find out where Hide & Creep is playing.

Greg: So it's already playing in festivals?

Kyle: Yes.

Greg: What is your role Keith all about?

Kyle: He is a president of the Thorsbygun Club and he's basically one of the redneck survivalist types guy. Keith is one of the heroes in the film. When he saved the day the audience applauded at the sneak preview and I didn't realise the audience would cheer for it.

Greg: Is he the lead in it?

Kyle: Keith is one of the leads. He kinda follows the five people. The story follows the characters of me, Chris (Chris Hartsell), Barbara (Melissa Bush) and the Preacher (Barry Austin).

Greg: Is this flick very much like other comedy-horror zombie flicks like Shaun of the Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Return of the Living Dead?  

Kyle: Yeah it's really clever the way the film is done. The comedy is really good and very dry the way it was acted and clever. Several tips of the hat to the very famous films and you can only catch the story to this one if you were a fan of the films. Zombies take over the town and nobody questions about it. No silly stuff going on the way people treat the situation which makes it funny. The southern rednecks were not done in a typical idiot Jethro Hillbuillies redneck way or stereo typical toothless idot ways. People are getting to see that.There's no goofball Jim Varney type of roles.

Greg: This is a horror film? 

Kyle: Oh yeah. Very much compared to 'Evil Dead 2' and 'Dawn of the Dead' and is being brought up in reviews it's being compared to.

Greg: With your Hot-Mic productions you could easily help out some of the local Georgia actors you worked with like Mark Oliver, Daryl Wilcher, Kim Wall and Haynes Brooke get more acting work since acting is so scarce. Have you thought of contacting them about future film projects?

Kyle: Um... no, I don't do much in the casting area and with Hot Mic. I'm not doing a whole lot of production anymore. Everything I do is right here from the studio doing commercials and voice over work as it's a cool job. I'm busy acting in other peoples work. Usually how casting directors work is that they have their own ideas of who they want. Only time was when Jerry Pece was assistant director on 'Elvis' Grave' or Bill Johnson for make up. I've done it only those times.

Greg: Now a film will be coming out called 'Return to Sleepaway Camp' which is Hiltzik's true sequel to the first one. He may make another one if this one goes well if he asked you to be in it would you do it? Snoboy's character of course was killed off in 'Teenage Wasteland' but Hiltzik is making 'RTSC' a true sequel to his first one and ignores Simpson's work on them.

Kyle: Of course I would!

Greg: Now here's some fun stuff:   What are your favourite horror films?  

Kyle: First one comes to mind as little kid is 'Salem's Lot'. I'll always be connected to 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' nobody could get a look at Freddy and wanted to make a Freddy costume. I started going out and making my own Feddy costume as I had the stuff to make it and no one else did and winning costume contests. Now places started selling Freddy gloves etc.

I also love all Vincent Price films.

Greg: If you have a film you'd like to change what would that film be?

Kyle: Hmmm.... I guess it would be 'Elvis' Grave'. I'd want another shot and get the damn insurance they need cause it's a great great film.

Greg: What is the film you acted in that you would cherish the most?  

Kyle: That's hard... I mean for me the work when I'm actually on the set, then when it's over and then watching it is a different thing. Lots of films I've worked on I enjoyed. Film is an editors medium. All you can do is enjoy the work you're doing. The most fun I had with the last two films were 'Alice's Misadventures in Wonderland' and 'Hide & Creep' Another film titled 'Peanut Business' is something I'm proud of too. Awards I won was a little film I won 'Who Is Colin Cherry'. That's the one I'm most close to. I won a Writing Award Audience Choice Award. The film is a mocumentary about a performer.

Greg: If you were just a top scream king for a day whether this actor was alive or dead who would he be?

Kyle: Bruce Campbell. He's phenomenal!

Greg: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Kyle: Riding my chopper in the middle of nowhere without my cell phone.

Greg: What is your ambition in life?

Kyle: I'd like to continue doing film work. My voice over acting I enjoy doing too. I had a lead in a video game for Acclaim but it went out of business. It killed me and I am dying to get into the video game and cartoon stuff. I Haven't landed anything yet but I've been up for several.