Jersey Girl: Talking with Laura Giglio by Owen Keehnen

Flaming redhead Laura Giglio began her movie career as a kid with a PIXEL camera making horror films with her two brothers. It was very indicative of things to come. Her professional career began a bit later.In 1994 the 21-year-old from southern New Jersey made her debut for WAVE Productions playing Karen in ‘Sorority Slaughter’. In the decade since then she’s appeared in dozens of films for Gary Whitson at WAVE such as ‘Cannibal Hillbillies’, ‘The Blind Date Strangler’, ‘The Chloroformed Model’ series, ‘Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island’, ‘Abducted I & II’, ‘Betrayed Again’, ‘The Defiant Niece’, ‘Kidnapped’, ‘Firebrand and Amethyst’, ‘Cannibal Sacrifice’, Die and Die Again’, and many many others.  She is one of the WAVE brigade of stars alongside Suzi Leigh, Dean Paul, Barbara Joyce, Debbie D, Tina Krause, Pamela Sutch, etc. Laura has also starred and directed in segments for the Phil Herman Midnight trilogy anthologies from Falcon Video -- ‘Around Midnight’, After Midnight’, and the soon to be released ‘Always Midnight’. She also directs and stars in her own line of custom-made mermaid films (often alongside Debbie D) for her company, Mermaid Dreams Videos. AND She also finds time to be in features from Sharkey Pictures and Killer B Movies. Whew! This is one busy (and savvy) woman…but Laura was also nice enough to take a breather from her hectic schedule and answer some questions for us.


  Owen: Laura - you began your career in 1994 with 'Sorority Slaughter' for WAVE Productions.  And have done dozens of films with them since then like 'Who Wants to be a Vampire Bride?' 'The Thirteenth Clone', 'The Defiant Niece', 'Die and Die Again', 'The Blind Date Strangler', 'The Witches Feast', 'Revenge and Death of the Chloroformed Model', 'Cannibal Hillbillies', etc.  What makes working for them such a great gig?

Laura:  It's great working for WAVE because, for one, they're very local, so I don't have to travel far to get there. They're very fun and easy going to work for, plus they pay, which, unfortunately, a lot of low budget B movie companies are not able to do. We usually get a lot done in one day of shooting (sometimes an entire movie) and the movies are normally edited and complete within a few weeks, so I get to see the "fruits" of our labor rather quickly and it's always fun to watch the movies afterward!

Owen: WAVE also has a constant stable of female stars - Pamela Sutch, Tina Krause, Debbie D, Suzi Leigh, yourself.  Is there a sense of camaraderie with the studio and roles and filmings or is there some competition amongst the leading ladies of WAVE?

Laura: The girls of WAVE always have a lot of fun filming together! There's always laughter and joking around and everyone gets along pretty well!

Owen: I'm also curious how scripted the average WAVE production is.  Are there solid scripts or does the studio tend to go more by scenario and then have it be more improv?

Laura: There are quite a few fully scripted WAVE movies, but a lot of the videos rely on improv. There is usually a certain scenario involved and then we ad-lib a lot of the lines. For example, in "Who Wants to be a Vampire Bride?", Debbie, Pam, Dean & I ad-libbed pretty much the entire movie! There was a story outline we went by, but we made up almost all of the lines and situations as we went along and it turned out to be one of the funniest WAVE horror/ comedies we've ever done!

Owen: You've also done some nice work with Phil Herman in the fright anthologies 'After Midnight' as well as the upcoming 'Always Midnight'.  Tell me about your work in those films?

Laura: My husband & I filmed our segments for "Around Midnight", "After Midnight" and "Always Midnight" from scripts that Phil had written and we sent them to him to include in his movies. We had a great time filming them and I even got my husband and his friends to appear in them with me! I get to play a vampire in the films!

Owen: How did you start working with Phil?

Laura: Phil contacted me and asked if I would be interested in filming a horror short for "Around Midnight". I said yes and he liked my work so much, that he asked me to film segments for "After Midnight" and "Always Midnight"!

Owen: Those segments were also directed by you?  Do you plan on doing more work behind the camera in the future?

Laura: Yes, I directed those segments as well. My first love is acting, but I don't mind directing once in a while (as long as I get to be in the movie as well!). I also direct the movies for my mermaid video company, Mermaid Dreams.

Owen: I also find it interesting that in your movies often feature naked women and yet you say you will personally never do nudity?  Is that a "carved in stone" NEVER or does that mean gratuitous or unless the price is right -- what if a great role came along that required it?

Laura: It's definitely a "carved in stone" never! I don't have anything against people who do nudity in films, but it's just not something I'd ever be comfortable with. I want to be recognized for my acting, not for taking my clothes off. It doesn't matter what the price is -- I would never do nudity. I think there are plenty of ways to be "sexy" in a film without taking your clothes off. I don't mind wearing sexy clothes or bikinis or showing a little skin, but not going nude. There's something to be said about leaving things up to the imagination.  ;)

Owen: As you mentioned earlier, I also am familiar with your film company Mermaid Dreams Videos which specifically make  "mermaid based" movies starring yourself and oftentimes Debbie D.  How did that production company come about and how solid is the mermaid market?

Laura: I've always loved mermaids since I was a little girl and I noticed that there were a lot of mermaid websites on the Internet and people who also love mermaids. I decided to start a little production company that specializes in mermaid movies. I ordered custom-made mermaid tails from a girl on the Internet who makes them (, and had her create a website for me. I really wasn't sure if I'd get any interest, but you wouldn't believe the response I've been getting! Since I started the company in 2003, I've gotten over 13 custom video orders from mermaid and underwater fans! 

Owen:  So what personally attracts you to mermaids?

Laura: I've always loved fantasy creatures, such as unicorns, Pegasus, fairies, dragons and especially mermaids. I love the ocean and I've always thought that mermaids represent the fantasy aspect of the sea. There's something enchantingly beautiful about them, being half woman, half fish, gliding gracefully through the ocean and singing on rocks. I love the stories surrounding them and I've always wanted to be one! In a way, now I can!  :)

Owen: And why don't you tell the readers how to check out your Mermaid Dreams movie selection.

Laura: You can order your own custom mermaid video or one of my finished videos at

Owen: So I also notice you seem to go freely in films from being good or bad.  Is it more fun being the terrorized victim or the demon who terrorizes?  Warning: this is a not-so subtle therapy question, which comes more naturally to you? 

Laura: There's something about playing the bad girl.... I don't know.... It’s always fun playing the evil character. But I enjoy playing the good girl, too. I like playing a variety of roles!

Owen: What has been your favorite film role to date and what about that role or that film makes it a good example of your best work?

Laura: It's really hard to choose one role or one film that I would consider my best work. I put my all into every role I play!

Owen: You are also a veteran of horror and scifi conventions like Chiller Theater in NJ.  What do you enjoy most about that experience...and do you have a favorite fan meeting story?

Laura: I love going to the conventions! It's always such a great feeling when fans come up to me and ask me to sign something or take my picture! It's so flattering when they tell me that they love my work or a particular role that I played!

Owen: What are you currently working on or what do you have coming out in the near future?

Laura: I'm currently working on finishing up my custom mermaid videos for the summer. Falcon's "Always Midnight" will be available in the near future along with WAVE's "Just Between Friends 2" and a few others.

Owen: So is being a cult film actress a dream come true for this girl from New Jersey ?

Laura: It is definitely a dream come true! I never would have thought I'd come this far!

Owen: Laura - Vampires, werewolves, mummies, aliens, psychos, zombies, creatures, giant insects...what does it for you and why?

Laura: I love horror movies and all aspects of them! Let's see.... I’ve played a vampire, a werewolf, a psycho, a zombie, a mermaid (good and evil), a super heroine, an evil jungle girl, a ghost... Bring it on! I'm up for pretty much anything!

Owen: What scares you in real life?

Laura: I'd have to say, the horror stories you hear on the news. Real life psychos and murderers.... that’s pretty scary!