Logan Hunter Will Do Whatever It Takes: by Owen Keehnen

Logan Hunter isn’t named for the hunters in ‘Logan’s Run’ -- that’s for damn sure –- but the young actor/writer is sure destined to be a sought after commodity. He’s playing Nick in the upcoming Bigfoot-inspired fright flick ‘The Shrieking’ for Shawn Hunt at Funhouse Pictures. He’s previously worked as Eli in the Tony Urban/Crazy Ralph flick ‘Hunting Season’ where he got the apropos Splat Pack nickname Monkey Monster. This young actor will do whatever it takes to get the shot. Dedication is in his character and that’s true when it comes to acting itself. As a seasoned theatrical actor Hunter has solid experience in the field. When opportunity knocked this guy threw open the door in full costume with a monologue in hand.

Logan is also skilled in the screenwriting department and has just penned a psychological horror/suspense script that is getting some big time serious con$ideration in Hollywood. On the heels of that he is completing work on another script – the second is one a gore-ror treat about zombies.

Describe the room where you are answering these interview questions?

I am actually outside on the balcony of my apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. No Blood and guts… Aside from the cold barely cooked left over steak from last night that I am continuing to gnaw on yet this morning.

Yum! First off I want to hear about your role as Nick in 'The Shrieking'.  What kind of guy is Nick and how different is he from Logan?

For girls that like frat guys… Nick is the kind of guy that they want to meet. He is sarcastic, bold and tough on the outside, but he actually has a heart. Nick means well and has good intentions but at the same time he has an image to uphold. Logan on the other hand, haha… (I’m wondering what is safe to say…) No… really, I have nothing to hide, except the fact that I am a huge dork, but I’m just a fun loving guy, usually cracking jokes and trying to help everyone enjoy themselves.

I've heard the movie described as a cross between 'The Legend of Boggy Creek' and 'The Hills Have Eyes' --- would you add anything else into the 'Shrieking' recipe?

I think that’s a pretty accurate description. But you know, one of the unique things about the “Shrieking” is that director Shawn Hunt went by the motto “ less is more”. Shawn was brilliant in trying to revert to more of an unseen terror strategy for the duration filming. In that way I see similarities to the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

I want to hear your take on the Bigfoot legend --- is Bigfoot real or a Big Fantasy?

Wow… Who knows? I believe that anything is possible, so if an animal like that has been smart enough to stay hidden from the human race for so long…more power to them. Either way though, you’ll never hear me say that something is impossible.

How did you initially hook up with Tony Urban and Shawn Hunt and the Funhouse/Crazy Ralph folk and become a Splat Pack member?

I originally hooked up with Tony for “Hunting Season”, my first horror film experience. I never really watched horror films or had any interest in them until Tony Urban opened my eyes to the insane amounts of fun that it is. I actually filmed my audition for “The Shrieking” with fellow Splat Pack member Nathan Faudre, during production of “Hunting Season”. I guess we just have good chemistry.

Speaking of your work as Eli in the Funhouse/CGF horror/suspense flick 'Hunting Season'.  What is your predominant memory of that film shoot?

“Hunting Season” was my first horror experience. The entire shoot was a blast! Really I think there are two things from the shoot that really stick out in my head. 1- Eli was such and A** Hole character, I kind of instinctively fell into the zone of method acting. I turned into a complete dick for about a week and a half. 2 – Everyone on the shoot will remember Logan, AKA Monkey Monster, climbing up everything in sight. I was climbing up a tree and one of the branches broke out from under my feet. I fell straight down, not grazing a branch on the way, into a giant bush. In the eyes of the onlookers, the branch broke; I fell and then apparently just disappeared into a sea of shrubs. I guess it was pretty funny.

So do you think the people that knew you when you were a kid are completely shocked or not surprised at all to see you are making horror films?

I think that most of the people who knew me when I was younger find the fact that I’m doing horror movies about as amusing as I do. It’s a little weird though considering I also do musical theatre.

Oftentimes you hear about thespians in horror movies having to do all sorts of difficult stunts and disgusting things.  Has that been your experience?  If so what is the most frightening and/or disgusting thing you have ever had to do in a film?  And have you ever refused to do something for the camera?

In the world of independent films, horror, comedy, drama, and anything else a true actor/actress will go the extra mile no matter what the situation is, be it helping carry equipment, holding light reflectors, setting up or breaking down the set, whatever it is, we do it for the love of our job. I have always thought this is a great way to decipher the Drama Queens who want to be famous from the people who really love what they do. I have never refused to do anything on screen and I most likely never will. In fact I am one of those crazy guys who will do anything, to make the film look better even if I may be putting myself at risk. I do things that even stunt guys won’t do. Like ride off a 60-foot cliff on the front of a four-wheeler in a Bigfoot suite into a river. (Not The Shrieking)

What category of horror connoisseur do you fit in Logan - ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires, aliens, creatures, psychos, witches, dentists, mimes, telemarketers...and why?

Humph…Really I like all of them. I just have a huge fascination for the unknown… And for blowing things up with guns, haha. All categories of horror have their own really cool individual characteristics. Personally I was a huge fan of “The X-Files” and the new series “Supernatural”. That’s my kind of thing.

So we are pulling the car into the gravel lot of The Logan Hunter Drive-In and hooking the speaker on the car window.  What three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight and what goodies are they serving up at the concession stand?

Well I think I would have to be playing “The Shrieking”, but aside from that I think I would probably stick with a few of my favorite classics. “The Shining” and “Godzilla meets Bambi” …and there would surely be veal on the menu for the evening.

Hey I've got a question about your name.  Is it your real name or is it based on 'Logan's Run'?  Weren't those guys who hunt down the over 30 crowd called Logan Hunters?

Its funny you ask about my name. I wonder if that is going to be a question that I hear for the rest of my life. When I was working as a waiter I used to hear that about once a week at least. Honestly I have never seen the movie and that is probably why. “Oh your name is Logan? Like “Logan’s Run”. Hu ha hu ha.” I can still hear the stupid chuckle of the filthy rich costumers who think they’re better than everyone and are trying to give you a hard time just to show off to their not so good looking girlfriend. *******!

Logan -- Do you have any other projects you would like to plug, promote, brag about, or inform the www.racksandrazors.com readers about?

I write movies for the most part. I just got done writing a suspense thriller that was labeled a mix between “The Sixth Sense” and “The Shining” It is creepy as hell, but more of a psychologically scary movie. I just got the script out to Shamberg Productions -- the guys who produced Pulp Fiction. The script went through all five levels of their readers in several days and is apparently going to be read by Michael Shamberg himself. I am also finishing up the best script I have written yet. It is a full-fledged horror and it is AWESOME. My story is the traditional, “zombies have taken over the world” style, but it picks up about a year after the major outbreak. I know your probably thinking, “Great, another rendition of Land Of The Dead”. Not even close. I saw Land of the Dead the day it came out and was very excited to see that it is nothing at all, like my story. Good luck Romero, I’m ready to put my dark, grungy style story, showing the true nature of man kind, up against your political horror anytime. But being that it isn’t finished yet, I can’t tell you much about it. But I will guarantee that it is going to be huge.

What makes you go psycho in real life?

Well there are different degrees of psychoses, some of them being good and some of them being not so good. In general though, people who have their head so far up their own a** that they think they’re better than everyone “Actors”, that usually makes me pretty psycho. Also… enough whiskey will usually get the job done.

What scares you in real life?

Sharks and women.