Michael Villella crashes the Slumber Party with a drill!!!! by Greg Tiderington

Yes folks it's Michael Villella as many of you who have seen 'The Slumber Party Massacre' would know whom he was as the maniac who escaped from the asylum with a large power drill putting holes into people around a local area of Venice, California and then going to a house where teenage girls are having a slumber party as he even kills the pizza delivery guy.
He was quite menacing by chasing after everyone as he will be fondly remembered for what he did here as his weapon really became iconic.
I was so excited when he accepted an interview by me since I wanted to do one for a long time in which we did this online.
Afterwards he was in other low budget movies non horror as he had a smaller role by the same makers known as 'Love Letters' which starred Jamie Lee Curtis as well as
'Wild Orchid'. Both of these flicks were romances which is a different genre alltogether.
He was definetely trained as a serious actor in which he went to acting school by studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, California.
Let's get going into what he had to say about his work in 'SPM' shall we????


At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer ?

Probably around age 11 ... relatives were at the house and I started to dance on my toes and my uncle said .. boys don't dance like that.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

Never thought about acting till I was in my late 30s ... matter a fact horror films scare the shit out of me. The scariest film I ever saw was 'Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein'

What was your first horror film you acted in?

Just the one and only ... 'Slumber Party Massacre'

What was it like playing the role of the driller killer Russ Thorn as you really got into chasing others down and doing them in?

Well first of all I had to give the Russ a life... the way he walked the way he approached his victim ... his inner life, to do what he did he, he had to do it for love.

Which scene was the most memorable experience for you that you enjoyed doing the most?

There's a few but I loved the scene when I crawled through the window and slowly put a knife in Debra Deliso's character and slowly did the dance of love and death... the scene was cut and you never saw me dance with her to the floor.

Wow that was my favourite scene when you came into the bedroom as well. Which was the most struggling to do?

I can't remember struggling in any scene... the crew sometimes had to struggle with me.. I was so much into the killing they had to drag me off them...

I remember the scene when you were slowly getting slayed by the poolside and you falling in was that a tough one to do?

I was totally out of it... I broke through to the other side... I didn't feel a thing... I was crazed not pain... What's great about all it was done under complete control... acting technique.

Did you ever see 'Halloween' and get the feel for this role since it had a similar theme to it?

Never saw a horror film... besides 'SPM'.

Of course a sequel was made as your character as well as the characters Courtney and Valerie reprised but were played by a different cast. What was the reason as to why you, Robin Stille and Jennifer Meyers not returning to play them?

I was killed how many times... I was never approached... and if I was I would have turned it down... there's only one and only.

He returns as a ghost of a rocker

Maybe you should write it.. or better yet... Russ in hell...

It was released in 1987 as Crystal Bernard played Courtney. It always made me wonder why they chose a different cast but I guess you never knew about it?

That's Hollywood.

Did you get feedback from fans?

Still do.. I think one of the things that turned people on was that I wore no mask or make up I was a regular guy... who wandered too far into the other side.

I understand you were in a short horror flick called the 'White Room' Who do you play in it?

That was a student film at Strassberg .. I played 3 different characters. I'm surprised you knew of that short.

Imdb does wonders I want to thank you so much for taking your time doing this its been a great help and made my night

Good night.. if you print this interview send me a copy... thanks.