Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003)

Written & Directed by: J.T. Petty


Karl Geary .... Marvin
Alexis Dziena .... Rosy
Rebecca Mader .... Carmen
Amanda Plummer .... Simeone
John Kapelos .... Detective Gary Dumars
Lance Henriksen .... CDC Agent Kirchner

Release Date: Philadelphia International Film Festival: April 14, 2003

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Local residents in an apartment starts to disappear and a young photographer with a severe illness named Marvin (Karl Geary) who takes pictures in his neighborhood cause he's confined to his room due to his illness witnesses a murder of his local residents getting killed and takes pictures but however can't spot what killed this resident.
People end up disappearing one by one in the apartment as a breed of giant carnivorous insects are eating these people and Marvin must find any support he can before it gets him and his family.
He also has to deal with a local CDC agent named Kirchner (Lance Henriksen) who wants to use him for bait to kill these things.


We spot a beginning with a child spotting a pigeon almost dying as well as a large fiugure looming over this kid. Then suddenly intense moments on an attack as this was impressive for a beginning.
We spot many pointless scene's with Marvin near his window sill taking pictures on people in a building or the nieghborhood which at times looks amusing seeing what everyday people do including some heavy arguments with couples and so fourth but it seems to go around in circles a little too much and a total time waster as well.
Then we have his cheeky little sister Rosy bringing home a beautiful girl Carmen to introduce to as things seems passable on him being nervous and then getting sick needing something to help his illness cause he sensed that she smoked as this looked adrenalised as well as a frusterating moment on not controlling his sickness when he wants to know this chick. Certainly drew in farily well.
Also good moments between Marvin and Rosy taking pictures out in the night as well as spotting a garbage man and a terrifying situation with the giant roach attacking which we see the shots on the streets of this happening as well as them witnessing all of this and getting anxious. The interactions were brought to life but at the same time we needed a bit more inspiration on all of this happening.
A nice still and powerful moment with both of them telling their Mom Simeone and her boyfriend Detective Gary Dumars about the incident as well as Gary getting demanding and stern with them as this makes you want to strongly dislike the guy acting ignorant about all of this not believing their story. It was drawn in together pretty good.
More pointless moments on Marvin taking pictures and stuff like that to waste more of the time in the flick.

Things looked oddly interesting when both Rosy and Carmen go to the home of the garbage man to look for some clues with Marvin on the lookout with his camera as well as him spotting on this resident we call the garbage man whom is CDC Agent Kirchner getting aggressive with someone else and about to enter the area where these two girls are spying on him and his sidekick as well as a good moment on Marvin talking on his cell to them to get out of that place which packs some nice mysterious suspense. Then we have Marvin trying to knock on her Mom's door as we hear her and Gary having an orgy as I was thinking to myself "Ho hum!" on a disturbance with them getting it on with one another and being distracted by this boy. Meanwhile a nice camera shot closing in on Marvin's camera and then seeing the building as we see a shadow of a giant cockroach attacking as this looked mildly dark and suspenseful which we need to see more of this happening like in the previous flicks.
However things looked nice and still when Gary is looking around the streets with Marvin watching in the window taking pictures as well as Gary accidently crashing into a woman carrying stuff as this is a near nice surprising situation reminding you on someone taking you by surprise. Plus a nice shot on a giant roach storming towards these two with perfect terrifying results on these roaches attacking them.
Perfect dark moment when Kirchner tries to struggle away in a vehicle from a giant roach and then grabs a hold of Rosy using her as bait for the cokraoches as well as stuffing her in a back of a vehicle along with him forcing both Carmen and Simeone what to do as well as the roaches attacking in a building with fire and flames happening in the area along with Marvin trying to trap himself in a fridge to get away from the madness adding powerful touches but at the same time this doesn't seem to be anything special at all since we've seen this before in the previous flicks on trying to survive these mutant insects.
Bottom line is that this is the most boring one of all in this film as I was wondering where this story is going and when the insects will approach to attack. This one was the lowest budget of all the Mimic flick and pointless to top it all off. Also they don't disguise themselves at all and barely show themselves till quarter way through the story. I almost bombed this clunker except for some of the action earning only one bat.

The acting is alot better than the previous sequel as we seem to have a solid performance by most of the cast members.
Lead actor
Karl Geary (Marvin) is wonderful playing the part of someone who has a bad illness making it believeable. He also does a convincing job acting choked up and gasping for breath as he really got into this perfectly. Plus does well with his nervous attitude too. Shows a nice bluntness at times as well as showing a great adrenaline when trying to escape from the terror.
Alexis Dziena (Rosy) was terrific as his outgoing sister and can really go places in future shows. Adds some good spunk into her attitude as well as acting full of life which she was extremely convincing by doing. Also offers a good cheeky and annoying attitude too. She also shows off some nice frightened energy when she tries to struggle away from the madness surrounding her.
Rebecca Mader (Carmen) shows off a nice pretty girl next door appeal and seemed to do well with her nice attitude. She shows it off greatly when acting uncomfortable after seeing someone getting sick and not knowing what to do. But there's times her energy is a bit low when a dangerous situation happens towards her as this needed a bit of a turnaround.
John Kapelos
(Detective Gary Dumars) does well as a sleazy and flakey detective too and seems to bring out alot of character into his role. Offers a good stern and demanding behavior in one part of the scene as you feel like hitting him. He was pretty good by acting cocky and arrogant as well. Shows off a nice gruffness in his speaking too. One of the most effective supporting actors in this one.
Amanda Plummer (Simeone) is convincing enough playing a mother but yet she wasn't as good as the rest in this film. However shows a nice clearness in her speaking as well as how she comes across with her personality. Also does a good job by being short or stern when she gets distracted or disappointed within everything. Had the right looks for a single parent too.
Lance Henricksen (CDC Agent Kirchner) is terrific with his nasty performance in this film. He offers a great coldness to what he does as well as getting good and demanding. Offers a perfect ruthless and evil attitude which he brings to a punch. Also shows off great energy when pointing or firing his gun. He was the best supporting role in the film and a nice key type of character. Certainly the most mysterious one too.

Cockroaches are tearing at people and blood gushing out.
There is blood and body parts smeared all over a suite.

The music is nothing special in this movie as it's plain keyboard playing by Henning Lohner dutring most of this movie. We do hear mild classical suspenseful music for the terrors happening with the giant raches but it's too typical sounding. There's some effective windy and hissing sounds which works in okay.