Monique Parent has been making movies for almost 20 years and in that time she has done almost every genre imaginable. She is probably best known for her roles in numerous adult thrillers such as 'Midnight Confessions' , 'Ladykiller' , 'Dance of Desire' , 'Masseuse' , 'Sunset After Dark' , and 'Dangerous Touch'. She's also appeared in several "sort-of" horror movies like 'Mirror Mirror III: The Voyeur' , with David Naughton and Mark Ruffalo, 'Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh' , 'Bloodthirsty' with Julie Strain, 'Blood Scarab' with Brinke Stevens, 'Voodoo Dollz' , and the upcoming 'Breath of Hate'. Along the way Ms. Parent has played an array of characters with fun and campy names like Tiffany Carter, Blu, Dr. Nyet, Charise, Amber Dextrous, Cassandra, Gina, Miss Dambahla, Taimie, Lacey, Shandra, Becca, Baroness Irina, J.J., Misty Autumn, and Demonica Toffet. Among the lovely native Californian's many many additional credits are 'Dead Boyz Don't Scream' , 'Sweetheart Murders' , 'Alien Escape' , 'James Dean: Race With Destiny' , 'Maximum Revenge' , 'Lebensborn' , 'Dark Secrets' , 'Vicious Kiss' with Margaux Hemingway, and 'Desert Blues'. She's not only lovely and articulate as well as talented, but also a true font of wisdom about the working aspect of show biz... And to top it all off she was wonderful enough to take time from her hectic schedule for this exclusive interview.

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  Monique, why don't you start us off with a visual and describe the place where you are answering these questions?

Several months ago, I made the decision to give up my apartment and put everything in storage for about six months so that I could get a little bit ahead financially. My day job requires that I travel a lot (and work ten hour days, seven days a week) so when I am in town, I stay at my boyfriend's home. This is where I am - sitting at the kitchen counter, in my bathrobe, drinking coffee. Listening to the rain and periodically putting my cat out in it for amusement. No, really. She likes it...a little.

Do you have a first memory of wanting to be an actress or some childhood event you can look back on and say, hmmm...that little girl is going to grow up to be a scream/erotic thriller queen?

I always wanted to be....someone else. Anyone else. Not that there is anything wrong with who I am - I just always wanted to be "more" than that. To be me, but to be Medea, or the fairy princess, or the maiden captured by pirates as well. I don't think I really qualify as a "Scream Queen" because I don't often play the victim. I'm usually the one who CAUSES the screams of terror, heh-heh-heh.

Tell me about your new role as Selma in 'Breath of Hate' with Ezra Buzzington and Felissa Rose. How did that come about and what attracted you to the part?

I met 'Breath of Hate' director Sean Cain through a mutual friend (who is now no longer speaking to either of us, lol) and I was NOT initially attracted to the character. Playing Selma terrified me! First, there is so much that is left unexplained and open to interpretation - which is great in a script or for the audience member, but as an actor, one cannot really PLAY without specificity. So I had to do one hell of a lot of sitting and thinking to try to make sense of Selma. Plus, she's pretty offensive and pretty out there sexually (I mean really, who masturbates with a baseball bat?) so I had to get to a place where I was comfortable exploring and sharing those portions of ME. Not comfy or easy, FYI. And no, I did not explore with the baseball bat - figured my imagination was good enough! But Selma is looking for thrills and she's so damaged inside that there is nothing left to make her FEEL. I'm mean really, being fucked with a gun with the bullet chambered and the finger on the trigger is fun the first time, but after that, you need new thrills. So she's just looking to feel something. As I tried to wrap my brain around who and what Selma is, I found myself wanting to take it further and further, and I think I eventually shocked Sean. However, I do not think I shocked author Wes Laurie, that sick fuck. I think he may have been a teensy bit pleased, though. Not that he'd say so.

You also portrayed the notorious Countess Elizabeth Bathory in 'Blood Scarab' with Brinke Stevens. How did you get into character for that role as the notorious blood drinking countess?

Let's face it. 'Blood Scarab' doesn't really qualify as horror. Horror Homage is more like it. The script was a little thin, to say the least. And Elizabeth Bathory, while interesting historically, is not the most sympathetic character. I knew the movie was not going to be in the least bit scary, but I felt like it was my job to make it entertaining. I tried to make this shallow bitch a bit funny and Del Howison made my job so much easier! The two of us played off each other very nicely and we had a lot of fun doing it. On an acting note, I didn't have to work too hard to play a peri-menopausal woman whose hormones are going nuts and who is incredibly shallow and willing to kill hundreds of perfectly good virgins to preserve her beauty. This is Los Angeles after all; I had plenty of prototypes with overly Botoxed, expressionless faces all around me. And while I'm not peri-menopausal, my experience with fertility drugs taught me a lot about how crazy hormones can make someone! I also have an especially bitchy cat, Harlow. I have to give her credit for the hiss. I would truly relish the opportunity to play Countess Bathory again in a more historically accurate or really horrific film. I barely got to sink my teeth into her.

You have made so many films - 'Bloodthirsty', 'The Catcher', 'Insatiable Obsession', 'Tender Flesh', 'Alien Escape', 'Busted', 'Maximum Revenge', 'Sweetheart Murders', 'Phantasmagoria 2', 'Ladykiller', 'Mirror Mirror III: The Voyeur', 'Vicious Kiss', 'Body of Influence', etc. Looking back do you have a favorite scene or moment or role of yours on film?

Nope. I always like the last thing I did the best. And every time I see any of my work, I am always disappointed and feel that I could have done a better job, given a little more. But that's par for the course as an actor and an artist. I do the best that I can, but films don't come out for a year and in that year, I will have grown and changed, so I am doomed to always feel inadequate. Don't get me wrong, when I DO feel that I hit a note perfectly, I give myself props. It's just all those OTHER notes.....sigh.

Of the people you have worked with who has impressed you the most and the least in your career?

Lauren Walsh in 'Breath of Hate' is really good. I think we are going to see more of her in the future! I would recommend her to any director. Ezra Buzzington is so incredible to work with. He really enjoys the craft of acting as much as I do, which makes it all the more challenging to be your best and keep creating. John Colton, who plays my husband on 'Moving Numbers' is pretty darned impressive. I want to be him when I grow up. I won't name names as far as "the least" goes, but I will say that I know a number of actors who will state on a production that, "This is beneath me". That just bugs the crap out of me. If you are there and taking part, then it's not beneath you. If you belittle the production you belittle yourself. There is one actress who says it on every production and yet she keeps getting hired. I'm not sure exactly what job is worthy of her talents but I really wish she would just get off the fucking set and leave the job to actors who appreciate and contribute.

What is the most frightening thing that has happened to you on any film set?

Being asked to shoot a live round into the air. That's just stupid and irresponsible. I refused to do it.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you want the racksandrazors readers to know about?

I'm really happy with the political webseries 'Moving Numbers' that can be found on It's not horror, but I play a Republican congressman's wife. Close enough. I'm also involved in a new erotic series for cable 'Radiowaves' that looks like it will be really interesting and will give me the opportunity to dip my toes in the directing waters. Guess I'd better put my money where my mouth is! I have a series of action scripts that I have been working on with my writing partner Charlie Axworthy, I can't say much about them right now, but they are getting some attention....fingers crossed!! Oh yeah, then there's my book, 'Nudity on Film'. When there's something to tell, I will. Until then, more editing, more rewrites.

If a young woman were to come up to you and ask for advice about breaking into the indie horror or lower budgeted film business, what advice would you give her?

Do it because you love it and for no other reason. I've been in the business for 20 years and it has NEVER paid my bills. There is no glamour, no money and fame is sooo overrated (and inconvenient). But I love it and don't ever plan on stopping. Do it because to not do it is death.

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, creatures, aliens, telemarketers...what does it for you horrorwise Monique and why?

Years ago, I was shooting the film 'Stripshow' in Death Valley Junction. We were bored and started "Scooby-dooing it" around the old hotel. We even had a se'ance. During the s'eance, something came into me, I guess I was channeling some long dead spirit. All I know was the screaming and crying was not emanating from ME but from someone else, through me. That was some scary shit, man!

What was the first movie to scare the shit out of you?

'Jaws'. Growing up in California and living near the beach, I was always in the water. Until 1976 that is.... Oooh... 'Amityville'. Especially since I was still living with my parents and we had just moved into one of the first house in a new tract. Yikes!

And what was the last horror movie you saw that really disappointed you.

I'm going to disappoint your readers and say that I don't watch a lot of horror. I just can't distance myself from the film making process enough to find it scary. I see lots of blood and gore and all I can think is how sticky and uncomfortable is all is.

Okay, we're pulling into the Monique Parent Drive In. What three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

'Midnight Meat Train'. My boyfriend built the train so I'm kind of proud. Plus we have a meat hook from it sitting up on the mantle just like any other all American couple. For this, the concession stand is serving up these awesome tri-tip sandwiches I get up in Ventura at a place called Just Barbecue. The sauce oozes and drips and makes a huge mess so there's nothing to be done but lick all that spicy, gooey red stuff off your fingers before you are clean enough to touch your napkin. But you are still going to need a shower. Since I don't watch much horror, I gotta throw one of mine in there. 'Breath of Hate'. And to get the appropriate flavor, the concession stand should offer a delightful mix of vanilla pudding, oatmeal and Captain Crunch - watered down to a nice pasty, chunky liquid. 'Carrie' My BF has never seen it which is just appalling. I never found it that scary, probably because I could really relate to being Carrie. I think it's due for a revisit. It's been awhile, so I'm not sure about the menu. I'm going to go with a nice tangy pulled pork sandwich with fried pickles on it. Just 'cause it sounds really good right now. And you know the whole pig thing. Sauce licking too. Notice a theme with my food of choice? A nice red wine is appropriate for all I think. In abundance.

What is your dream horror movie role?


What's the best Halloween costume you ever had?

I liked my 'I Dream of Jeannie' costume when I was seven so much I re-created it when I was in my 20's - using about the same amount of fabric. Why do we women always want to dress like sluts for Halloween? I really prefer not to go out on Halloween. I feel that as a child, I got to experience the heyday of the holiday and that it's important as an adult to stay home and give out candy to children. If all the adults keep dressing up and going out and acting like kids, who is passing on the torch? Though I WILL make Jello shots to hand out to the parents along with the candy for the kids....

What scares you in real life?

That I am going to have to keep working THIS hard for THIS little my whole life. I'd love to be able to afford a vacation. Or jeans that don't come from a thrift store. I don't need rich, but acting has left me with no savings and no cushion for the hard times. I am so thankful that I DO have the passion and energy to keep doing what I love, but I'd sure like to be able to offer help to my parents when they need it and to be able to provide for myself and not do this desperate scrape every single month.