Niki Notarile has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time appearing in such films as the boobs, beers, and butchery fest 'Frat House Massacre' to the very creepy sounding 'Methodic' about a demonically possessed child to a zombilicious performance in 'Last Rites of the Dead' to her award winning role as Svetlana in 'Liar's Pendulum'. This promising young actress is Catwoman in the popular on line fan series and has even made several short films through her own company Blinky Productions. You'll be hearing a lot more from her in the future. She was also gracious enough to give the folks a few minutes of her time.

  Okay Niki, why don't you start us off with a visual and describe the room where you are answering these questions?

Well, I am sitting in our office which is a light green room. To the left of me there are a couple of shelves with horror icon figurines. There is a huge prop axe made out of wood hanging on the wall next to a picture of me as Catwoman. On the opposite wall to my right there is another shelf with even more and bigger horror icon sculptures. There is a real axe and real machete hanging on the wall. (We've used these in our movies.) Chris's drawing table sits below these things. On the wall that I'm facing, there are a bunch of Jim Balent's art works hanging, as well as a Samurai sword. And then we have a clutter of boxes filled with comic books, Chris's art, paints, pens, markers, props, masks, etc. And in the room we have the newest baby in the family.... a multi-disk burning tower!! Lots of creating goes on this room.

So was there any incident in your childhood that you can now look back upon and say, "Yeah, that little girl was destined to grow up to be a scream queen."

Not a scream queen necessarily, but definitely an actress; a SCREEN queen! I used to make my friends and family make movies with me or put on a show. I was the director and actress in it. I can't even recall what they would be about; ridiculousness... haha... what little kids imaginations are about. But when I look back on it, I always knew I was meant to be an actress! I would even watch commercials and tv shows and memorize what would be said at certain parts and feel I could do it better or differently.

Tell me about your role as Diana in 'Frat House Massacre' (2007).

It was soooo much fun to play Diana. She is one of the main frat brother's girlfiends who gets swept up in the madness and violence of the frat brothers. A bit of a bitch! Production-wise... We filmed FHM in three different installments. It took place during specific seasons and on a college campus so the first time I was flown out for 4 days. 6 months later I was flown out for a week, and 6 months later I was flown out for 2 weeks. And because I loved every single person on this project: cast, crews (It was one of the biggest productions I had worked on), it was like a family reunion every time I came back. We recently did ADR (audio dubbing) for some of the scenes and although I only got to see a few people from the project, it felt so nice to see them and work with them again. A couple of months ago I was a guest with them for FHM at Rock and Shock Horror Con and it was the same feeling. Rarely when you film a project do you get to se everyone again and more than once. You get very attached to these people because you are creating together and then it's over. But with FHM, it kept going. Haha. What's great about my character, Diana is that when I first went out to Ohio to film, the role was small. Draven, the writer, and Alex Pucci, the Director, would create the film as we'd film. My character ended up growing into a lead character. You find out more about the movie here: )

Another interesting new film of yours is 'Methodic' (2007) about a boy who becomes demonically possessed by a force known as 'The Dollman'. Can you tell me a bit more about the movie and how your fit in as Lana Matthews?

Methodic is my first "true" baby! I helped produce it, co-directed it, and was a lead in it. Methodic is about bringing back true horror. What horror was. It's not overly gorey and no real torture. It's thrilling, and scary. It lets the viewer's imagination take them on a ride. It brings back fear as an unknown! Very John Carpenter-esque, Alfred Hitchcok-esque. As Chris says, "It's Halloween on steroids". Methodic is the first Basher movie! All blunt force traumas and deaths.

Lana Matthews is more average on the outside, but she grew up with struggles, just like most people, if not everybody, including me. Her parents were killed by her brother when she was a baby. And though, that didn't happen to me, I can relate in other circumstances; with the struggle of trying to understand things that you have and had no control over. She's just trying to make sense of it all so she can move on; something she never was really able to do because this life altering situation happened at such a young age. Who can't relate to that?

So if you were to become possessed - what would be the name of your demon and what would it make you do?

Hehe... if I were to become possessed... to be honest, I have no idea what the name would be of my demon. I know it would be some ancient Asian warrior and it would be a chi sucker; an essence sucker. Depending on spiritual circumstances with humanity, economy and such, it would rob you of your essence because you didn't make proper use of it. I'm sure you can think of many people it would take. In some ways, this demon would be a sort of vigilante. Help me think of a name... I like it!

In 'Last Rites of the Dead' (2006) you played a Zombie Girl. As an actress what is the secret to playing a really convincing zombie?

Allow absolutely no thoughts to come in. Clear your mind. In doing so, your eyes will seem blank, your body will be limp. It wll seem like some other force is controlling you.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to let the readers know about?

Lots. Cat and Mouse, a suspense thriller, is our (Blinky Productions) next big feature. We're looking at a multi-million dollar budget for that and some names. We're stlil in the pre-production phase. We also have a tv pilot we're pitching called Captain Action, a comedy, based on the old comic and action figure, Captain Action. And we are in the phase of getting distribution for Methodic!

Another really cool thing I'm working on is: I play Shaundhi in a video game called Saints Row 2, in which I do the motion capture for! I know a lot of people have heard of Saints Row 1. Saints Row 2 should be out in 2008 for XBOX and Playstation. Very excited about this! I have so much fun working on this video game and it is the first time I've done something like it. I can't wait to play myself...

I've also been working on a self-help relationship series with Ride 5 Industries. The series deals with pretty real issues that can and do occur in most relationships. You can learn about that at : modern relationships. Maybe it will help you...

Tune into my website for more news and info: and my myspace page is another good place to go to: Also... for projects with my production company:

Congrats on being names Scream Queen of the Month for December 2007. Have there been any offers and/or repercussions from being cited by the SQ website?

Thank you!! This interview is the first. It was a nice opening. And I just had this Spanish writer contact me asking my permission to use me and some photos in an article he's writing for some sci-fi website. Apparently he's writing about Scream Queens.

What's the best Halloween costume you ever had?

The Best Halloween Costume I ever had was my Jim Balent Catwoman costume. I just become her. And it's sooo sexy!

What was the first movie you saw that caused you to go to sleep with the lights on?

The first movie I recall that really shook me up was, and I know it's kinda corny now that I'm older, but, Lerprechaun. There was something really creepy about that little evil green man running around and tearing it up. It shook me up so much that there was a period of time when I was little where I would not be able to flush the toilet until the door was wide open, the lights were off. This way I could flush the toilet and run right out the door before "anything came up from the toilet and grabbed me". Don't ask!!

Okay, we're pulling the car into the Niki Notarile Drive In.
a. What three horror flicks are going to be featured on the triple bill?
b. What goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?
c. And what will not be tolerated among the patrons?

a. -White Noise (this movie caused me to go crazy for a bit... do you believe in spirits, because I sure us hell do.

-Methodic... of course!

- Halloween

b. popcorn *my grandfather was the popcorn man, nachos, twizzlers, cotton candy, chocolate candies... things that will just help to make your movie watching experience that much better!

- snozages..... what is a snozage anyways. I don't even know if I spelled it correctly!

c. stupidity & hostility... there is tooo much of this in the world! We need more LOVE!!!!

Witches, zombies, creatures, aliens, Satanists, vampires, werewolves, psychos, telemarketers -- what horror icon does it for your Niki and why?

Psychos.... because these exist all around us every day and they can be right next door to you and you'd have no idea. It seems like more and more are sprouting up.

What is something that scares you in real life?

How more and more stupid people come to life every day, That genuine, unconditional love is missing.