Nobody Loves Alice (2008)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Roger A. Scheck


.... Alice
.... Alex
.... Abigail
.... Megan

Release Date: Dances With Films Festival: 2008



Abigail (Amanda Taylor) wonders if her fiancée Alex (Phillip Ward) is being faithful to her so she sets him up with her co-worker Alice (Nitzan Mager) to test the man's fidelity but however the next day he is missing and has a feeling that Alice isn't who she seems to be.


A confusing prologue is revealed with Alice as a little girl and a somwhat foster father verbally abusing her about people not loving her or something like that which is supposed to draw you in on what the story is all about but I didn't understand these situations too well.
Then present day we spot two friend who work together Megan and Abigail having some fun conversations together or Alex and his friend playing a game of cards and shooting the shit out in which these situations looked extremely bland to watch and was making me wonder as to when the horror will happen while watching the story unravel.
Yet with the boring situations that we spot in the story so far it starts to grow a little better with the horror finally revealing when Alice is at work calling her own phone leaving a message on her answering machine and while I spot what takes place inside while the answering machine activates there's a man tied up and already looking tortured with her making out they are having a relationship which looked genuinely twisted and making me watch for more later on.
Then Abigail and Megan have some drinks with Alice after work as she discusses whom her boyfriend is and so fourth as things looked a little strange and thinking to myself this is a victim being tortured that they don't know about in which the moments draw into a mysterious moment.
Then the next day or so they talk to Alice about her boyfriend and she told them they broke up which gave me a chilling feeling that she killed this victim which a total attention grabber.
Good and natural moments when Abigail and Megan are discussing to set up Alex with Alice wondering if he is faithful and making a call as this drew me in wondering as to what will go on later on as the scene seemed to be well focused.
A well natural moment with the two friends spying on Alice approaching Alex outdoors near a bench with him trying to talk to her and she's choked up which shows some nice tension on someone whom is shy about stuff as this was brought to life a great deal along with what goes on in their discussions later on. All of this looked well drawn in.
I got really interested in the story later on when he drives her home and she hugs him and walks in and he realises that she still has his cell phone that she needed to borrow for a sec in which I knew something terrifying was about to unravel later on.
Nice situations with Abigail talking to Megan about Alex not showing up at work and not being able to get a hold of him as well as discussing the police needing 48 hours on a missing person which adds some good tension for waiting that long. Plus a nice moment when they go to Alice's suite and asking if she's seen Alex since he was last seen with her as I was looking forward to what goes on in her suite later on after she tells them she hasn't seen him and boy do things look perfectly psychological making the story more watchable this time.
Nicely drawn in moment when Alex is tied up and he tries to find a way on freeing himself as this made me watch carefully wondering if Alice will enter the room and catching him in the act as this looked truly suspenseful and terrifying as well as to what Alice does to one of his legs with a meatcleaver adding a perfectly torturous moment especially to others who can't handle pain such as myself. This isn't pretty folks.
With ther story rolling with these two Alice speaks sweetly towards him when he is gagged and crying in pain with her discussing their marriage as this looked truly messed up by how this moment was put together.
Another good twisted moment is when she removes the tape from his mouth and telling him if he screams she will cut out his tongue and then she feeds him in a teasing way which truly made him look helpless as the scene looked well drawn in like the rest of the moments that she keeps him in her room trapped.
More situations keeping rolling along in a great way when a detective asks to come into Alice's suite to talk to her about Alex's disappearance and questioning as to why she has her room door locked kindly peppering her mind as I knew he would get suspicious and having a chilling feeling that something is going to happen to this detective as well as later on making out that he's leaving and sneaking into her suite and spotting Alex tied up when he enters the bedroom as I had a deep dark feeling that he was caught in the act and may not make it out which works every time in a psychological horror flick.
I really liked a moment when Alice shows Abigail her engagement ring and she looks at it which made me think she knew on what's up with her as well as a good drawn in moment when she talks to Megan down a hallway with Alice in the distance watching them and Abigail explaining that ring was hers which made me think that she will find out on what happened to Alex which was well put into the story.
Great tension when Abigail finds a way to get into Alice's suite and then finds Alex tied up and gagged in the bedroom which I got a creepy feeling that ALice will enter her suite and there's some nice struggling moments going on in the scene as well as a clever moment with Alex trying to tempt Alice to prevent her from killing Abigail as it made me watch carefully wondering if she will give in or not. Also there's some good flashback moments from Alice on her childhood years making more sense as to why she did the stuff she did.
Bottom line is that the film was slow in the beginning but picks up with the terrors but no special effects as it was a simple no budget psychological horror film from start to finish. It's passable but if you're looking for something that has more excitement to it you may want to skip this one but if you want to see someone being tortured and the tensions going on with everyone along with a troubled young lady with a psychotic behavior then check this one out by all means.

The acting is at an even pace in which (Alice) shows off an eccentric type of behavior as well as choking her words coming across as someone who seems a bit odd which shines off well. Also does a good job with her speaking making out she will get married to the person she has tied up coming across as someone psychotic. Plus does a nice job plunging a weapon down on someone with full thrust in which she was believeably menacing as well as having emotional attitudes too as this looked convincing with someone behaving very disturbed.
(Alex) wasn't too shabby by how he portrayed his role as someone with a guy next door type of appeal as well as having a convincingly friendly type of attitude which also shines off greatly. Plus does well with his painful reactions to being tortured as well as weakly speaking near the end of his performance.
(Abigail) shows off a good outgoing type of persona as well as adding some spunk into her performance along with seeming convincingly happy along with doing well talking to others too. Also shows off with her worriness on someone missing along with having some uncontrollable sobbing breaking down and being upset which looked very believeable. Plus does well with her energy freaking out while struggling against somebody else as she was the best out of the whole cast.
(Megan) was another fine performer adding good charisma and spunk into whatever she did. Also does well with her bubbly type of behavior as well as doing a good job with her speaking especially when she is calling someone pretending to be someone else which she brought some life into this. Shows off a good, warm and caring behavior in which she studied her part pretty good within whatever she did here.

Chopped off leg is revealed
Bloody stabbings and slit throat
Someone is whacked a few times by a metal fireplace pic and is bloodied

Benjamin Miller does the composing for this flick in which there's nothing much played in alot of the scene's but in other parts there's echoey mellow piano playing but yet it was done in good style for what we see while watching the story unravel. Some deep sounds and some light sounds too. Plus there's the odd chiming too which isn't too badly done as well.