Pretty Fine Things (2016)


Produced, Written, Edited, Cinematographed, Casted & Directed by: Ryan Scott Weber


Joe Parascand .... Walter Banner
Patrick Devaney .... Thomas Banner
Lauren Renahan .... Wendy
Emelia Sylte .... Hayden 
Camila Perez .... Ashley
Adam Ginsberg .... James Banner
Ralph Cobert .... Conrad Banner
Ryan Scott Weber .... Detective Jake MacDonald
Kristen Accardi .... Detective Jennifer Conners
Christopher J. Murphy .... Captain Dale Matthews
Jesse Stier ... Jay
Krista Robelle .... Heather

Special Appearances:

Lynn Lowry .... Helen Banner
Andrew Divoff .... Dr. Murray

Release Dates: Monster-Mania Convention: March 11, 2016;
Hoboken International Film Festival: June 4, 2016; HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival: September 11, 2016; Fright Night Film Festival Louisville, Kentucky: November 25, 2016; Macabre Faire Film Fest: January 13, 2017; New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival: September 5, 2017



A murderous family called the Banners kill beautiful young women to please their father including some sorority girls that are partying in their home. However they're in for a deadly surprise later on.


When I spotted the beginning of this flick I had a feeling that I was in for a bad horror flick and I was right as we have our head killer Walter Banner not seeming deadly at all when doing away a quarreling couple and then going home to wash himself up. Nothing much to tell afterwards that is worth mentioning for the next few scene's.
Oh wait! We have three sorority sisters going away for a fun trip it makes me feel like joining in. NOT!!!! This was weakly inspired. Also they do a satanic ritual which looked pointless and made me wonder as to why they were doing this but then it adds up near the end of the story.
Walter is talking to his father whom I wonder if he's blind or not in which this looked rather confusing as to what's what here about killing more beautiful young women along with flashbacks on his dead mother as although this scene looked terribly lame the flashbacks looked slightly mysterious.
A dorky fellow named Jay hands out flyers to others about his missing sister as this looked extremely lame to watch and unbelieveable too in which the this scene needed to be whipped into shape.
What was even more corny to watch was two detectives Jake MacDonald and
Jennifer Conners having conversations and looking for clues on missing cases as well as dead corpses in which this looked terribly stale to watch all of these moments with the two of them going on their mission to do all of this.
Walter is on his killing spree again coming from next to a garbage bin and attacking another woman which looked extremely amateurish and hokey to watch. I mean were we supposed to be taken by surprise by all of this??? This was humiliating to watch.
More hokey sitations with a police officer having a counselling session as this looked way too over the top and although this was supposed to be serious it misses by a longshot.
However there's a moment when Walter has a body bag and throws it in a pond as this was well shot and choreographed.
Walter and dresses up a corpse with a recorded voice of his mother trying to help his Dad by getting over her death making out that she's still alive as this was supposed to have an original horror feel which looks extremely mental.
Yet there's a nice drawn in moment with the three brothers having a discussion at a table on their plans to kill more women when they start their party which I had to admit looked well done comparted to the other trash while watching in agony.
Then the party begins in which looked so stupid as we have some people hammered that doesn't look convincing at all but then the killings start to occur as someone stabs a woman in the head in which you could tell the knife was a phony fake prop. Really sad to see this as they needed to have a better budget to make this look more realistic.
Another scene when one of the Banner brothers tortures a couple of the sorority girls and try to escape as this take place in a basement in which it almost looked intense but not quite.
The filmmakers saved the best for last as to what happens to the killed sorority sisters as this offered a new twist almost earning this piece of junk one bat but not quite. If only they made the scene's beforehand like what I saw nearing the end of the movie I would've felt entertained on a so bad it's good. A real disappointment.
Bottom line is that it looks like the fellow who made this was inexperienced on how to make a horror film worth while as there's too many bland moments and it was cheesy at it's worst too. This is sad as I was expecting something a bit better while watching this. Most of this was made by one person so this could be the issue if he had a hand in writing it and choosing better methods in other spots too.

The acting is terrible in every aspect and only few stand out here so I will do my best as to who was worth mentioning here.... Okay, we have our leading actor Joe Parascand (Walter Banner) as our bloodthirsty killer in which he wasn't intimidating in any way also he acted very feminine which was a turnoff. Plus was way too over the top and goofy when he tries to act vicious which was laughable and in a bad way. He needed serious acting lessons or better yet a different career.
Patrick Devaney
(Thomas Banner) had the bad ass looks as he looked like a rough biker type but his acting stunk big time and was saying his lines and trying to sound aggressive and arrogant but he doesn't do the trick whatsoever.
Adam Ginsberg (James Banner) however was the best out of the cast and really drove his part quite well as he has a nice dark and vicious side to him. He seemed to study his role quite well probably because he was well experienced than the rest. Knew on how to deliver his lines in a good sharp manner.
Ralph Cobert (Conrad Banner) played the father of the bunch and wasn't as bad as the first two mentioned here but was stiff in his character. Seemed to try to come across as someone a bit strange but needed to offer more characteristics than what he was doing here.
Filmmaker Ryan Scott Weber (Detective Jake MacDonald) plays a part in his role and was incredibly bland when he has discussions on finding clues or discussing some murder cases. He wasn't a character actor at all by any means.
Jesse Stier (Jay) was overly irritating by what he did and was extremely goofy within everything he did in his role. Was way too hyperactive and not knowing by what he was doing in his part as he was not meant to be in this business at all.
Lynn Lowry (Helen Banner) was great in her performance as I always liked as to what she did in all that I've seen here in. Does a nice job with her calm speaking as well as having at times intense reactions too.

Some bloody stabbings through the head, neck and other parts of the body.

Scott VIncent did the score and he doesn't do the trick too well as there's lame piano playing as well as some deep sounds along with the odd echoey guitar playing as he makes the scene's sound amateurish in every way. However he changes that with gloomy sounds for the revenge scene's that involves the sorority sisters as I will give him a bit of credit for that.