Red Christmas (2016)


Produced, Written & Directed by: Craig Anderson


Dee Wallace .... Diane 
 .... Suzy 
David Collins .... Peter 
Janis McGavin .... Ginny 
 .... Jerry 
 .... Joe 
 .... Scott 
 .... Hope
 .... Cletus

Release Dates: Sydney Film Festival: June 17, 2016; Fantasia International Film Festival: July 23, 2016; Denver International Film Festival: November 9, 2016; Imagine Film Festival: April 17, 2017; Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: September 10, 2017





A family woman Diane (Dee Wallace) aborts her son after she realises that he will have down syndrome but yet survives this incident and twenty years later she invites her estranged family together for Christmas and trying to get it together but yet many dysfunctional moments start to occur as well as her aborted son arriving at her home to haunt the whole family as well as slaying them one by one.


The beginning of the film didn't impress me much in which there's shots on protestors on abortions but of course that was what the story was all about. However it was impressive showing a prologue on the supposed unborn child moving his baby fingers as this looked mildly creepy to watch. 
There's is a nice black screen shot with red writing announcing the title of the movie and then the story taking place present day revolving arounf the family woman Diane with her mentally challenged son Jerry which seemed to look fairly decent but then the story gets stale when it moves along in which there needed to be a bit of a push to keep things rolling as it was uninspired by what they do.
Also a phony moment with a creepy farmer acting abusive towards the full grown supposed aborted fetus whom is known as Cletus as this looked too corny to watch and unnatural especially when Cletus kills this person as this all looked pretty amateurish to watch.
Also when Cletus approaches to the family's doorstep bringing Diane and envelope titling Mother this looked too silly and even more amateurish to watch in which this was all supposed to look mysterious to watch and it fails big time.
However the moments change big time when Diane snaps and gets harsh towards this strange fellow and is physically thrown out of the house and a jar of peanuts thrown at his head as this leaves a clue that he will go on a killing spree. Things here looked truly intense and disturbing too.
In the story a rebellious pregnant family member Ginny is smoking up as this left me an impression that she's irresponsible as this shines off pretty well. But some other scene's involved looked fairly bland but then it gets exciting later on.
Great intense moment between two siblings Ginny and Suzy having a fight meanwhile one of the younger siblings is outside and gets murdered as I thought the horror really comes into the story big time and the suspense piles up in a good way offering great timing during these two situations.
The excitement starts to happen when Cletus is sneakily roaming around the home to put away some of the other family members and they are hiding out in their home with many great dark moments on this happening which piles up the suspense big time making up for the awful beginning on this flick. Plus during these situations Ginny goes into labour when they have to hide from this maniac which offers nice psychological moments here.
Terrific slaying on a police officer when he enters the home as this looked powerful to watch adding more great chemistry to the horror story.
Yet things slope a bit when Cletus reveals himself by taking off his hood which you could tell her was wearing a rubber mask on what he looks like but again this is a low budget indie flick. But it didn't look too creepy as it was intended to have been.
However there's more intense moments when Jerry gets into a rage with his mother pointing a shotgun at her after finding out about her aborting Cletus due to the fact he had down syndrome since Jerry himself has this too as this looked strongly done and good emotional situations by the two of them along with the intensity involved too. Then a real tragic moment happens afterwards which makes you nearly feel like crying when we see as to what happens here.
The ending in this flick is a bit of a let down and not a happy moment whatsoever as the story was really revving up big time as the makers looked like they had a hard time as to how everything had to come together later on.
Bottom line is that this flick could easily be categorised as a ripoff to The Strangers but not in a terrible way by any means. It starts off poor but when the horror happens it looked very entertaining and spooky to watch. An interesting look at a dysfunctional family trying to get it together during the holiday season.

The acting is fairly mediocre in which Dee Wallace (Diane) who also had a hand at producing this flick seemed to do a good job with any show I've seen her in but at times she seemed a bit over the top with her aggressive and emotional attitude but however does nicely in other spots while behaving like this especially acting disturbed during what went on in a scene really losing control of her temper. She showed off good energy and aggressions with her fears especially while firing a shotgun. Seemed fairly passable as someone with a dark secret and knowing on how to act a bit dysfunctional.
 (Suzy) shows a good sharp behavior as the mature daughter of the bunch in which she seemed to do an okay job as someone who tries to act level headed within what is going on as well as showing a good stern behavior in other spots whenever she needed to behave this way.
David Collins (Peter) shows a good nervous attitude as well as a fellow who tries to work out issues on situations offering some okay enthusiasm within all of this and not seeming to act too phony within his behavior. Although not a terrific actor he was passable at the same time. 
Janis McGavin (Ginny) had the one of most effective supporting roles as a rebellious type and offers a belieaveable arrogant attitude as well as knowing a thing or two by behaving irresponsible as well as showing great raging aggressions. Seemed to really study her part incredibly well. Had the right looks and appeal for this role too so she was a great choice.
 (Jerry) who actually has down syndrome really brings off a nice spunky charm into his role and does a great job due to his condition. Does a believeable job acting full of life during the beginning of his performance as well as changing that big time quarter way through acting emotionally disturbed and upset after he finds out a deep and dark secret. He really packed a punch big time. I'd have to say that he had the most effective supporting role and stood out incredibly well.

A fellows butt is briefly revealed with his pants sloping down when fornicating in a bedroom.

Head impaled by a saw.
Body is sliced in two. 
Axe stabbed in someone's head. 
Eyes explode out of someone's head. 
Police officers head is sliced off with a bear trap. 
Sharp object impaled through a body.

Alot of low humming types of sounds as there's not alot of music but it fits in perfectly for the still situations going on in the home when the family tries to find a way on being safe. POlus there's the odd Christmas theme song which stands out greatly too. I do remember some classical sad soundings near the end of the film which seemed to stand out okay. Also a nice brief smooth violin music for the ending credits as this was well paced. All of this was put together by Helen Grimley