Rose of Death (2007)

Executive Produced, Written, Directed & Edited by: L. Alan Brooks

Story by:
L. Alan Brooks, M. Mitchell & Fabian E. Quevedo


Sandra Winogrocki .... Meg
Luke Jones .... Jake
Danny Countess .... Sgt. Admonte
Matt Thomsen .... Det. Haines
Ash Dauenhauer .... Kevin
Mariana Crasto .... Julie
Jess Thompson .... Joey
Kyle Richards .... Stephen
Sarah McGuire .... Rose

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: August 7, 2007



A teenage couple named Rose (Sarah McGuire) and Kevin (Ash Dauenhauer) are enjoying their night after their prom but a bunch of drunken kids try to pull a prank on them and one of them happen's to be the ex-boyfriend of Rose's named Jake (Luke Jones) who beats Kevin half to death thinking that he's dead and rapes Rose.
Next, Jake kills Rose and everyone agrees to keep this all a secret while they put their bodies in a car and then pushes the vehicle into the lake. However, before the car landed into the lake Kevin weakly tells Jake that he'd seek revenge by killing them all.
Ten years have passed and everyone gets together for their reunion but still feel guilty after all that happened. Each of them see the ghost of Rose and then are slaughtered by a man wearing a white mask.
One of the survivors named Meg (Sandra Wingocrocki) is getting very scared by all of this and thinks that Jake is possibly behind all of these murders not believing that neither these two people that were killed have risen from the dead.


There's real intense shots on Jake beating Kevin to a pulp as there's many good brutal shots along with a nice camera shot looking up on this victim.
A good shot on Jake coming up from behind Rose and whacking her with a stick which there's good close up shots on him doing this making the scene incredibly disturbing.
A good shot on Jake pushing the car with everyone else along with Kevin in the car seat weakly saying to him he's going to kill them all which looked extremely effective.
A nice camera shot looking up oneveryone for this scene discussing to keep what they did a secret which looked perfect.
There's a good moment with a scene between Stephen being scolded by his boss on not doing a good job which looked quite powerful.
There's a corny discussion between Stephen and a prostitute getting kinky with one another as well as a good shot on him handcuffed and blindfolded to a bed and getting in the mood with a sudden camera shot on a door opening and a down shot on Rose, without her face being revealed, coming in and then a shocked moment by what he sees when his blindfold is removed along with a good shot looking up on Kevin wearing a mask looking down on him with Rose next to him plunging a deadly weapon down on him.
We spot good conversations between Jake and Meg reuniting after 10 years and speaking seriously towards one another about the tragedy they created with the odd aggression by Jake about it all which looked quite impressive.
A nice conversation between Julie by trying to make Meg feel better about what happened in the past in which the setting seemed very natural as two friends having a discussion.
There's many corny discussions between Sgt. Admonte and Det. Haines as detectives trying to figure stuff out which was supposed to look funny but the situations totally falls flat on all of this.
A good shot on Joey at a hallway suddenly staring out along with a shot on Rose looking back and then walking away with him trying to follow her. Next there's a good shot on Joey once again at a toilet with Kevin coming up behind him and a shot on some giant clippers in the air and then plunging down on him.
There's nice intensity between both Jake and Meg towards one another when she thinks he's the killer and he gets obnoxious and forceful towards her.
Bottom line is that this is probably one the best budgeted film that was on the Tomb of Terrors collection in which most of those films were made on a cheap camcorder and was thrown on that set but not this one. This one very much cloned I Know What You Did Last Summer but instead of a hit and run it's murdering a prom couple and keeping a secret but we all know the makers borrowed heavily from the film mentioned. For it's Zgrade budget there's many interesting haunting moments along with the slashing scene's too. Yet the story isn't too believeable that these young people are hurting by keeping such a dark and deadly secret so it's not too psychological in that matter of sense. However, there's lots of fun touches with the killings but at the same time that the killings were supposed to be mysterious on who the killers really are everyone knows. Oh well, at least these people tried the best they could with all of this. Plus there were many goofy scene's with the detectives which didn't fit the story at all. If a sequel arises I'm all hands for it since I had alot of fun watching this film even if it lacked in alot of spots.

The acting is not too bad as lead actress Sandra Winogrocki (Meg) seemed to bring a nice smooth talking calmness to her part in the film as well as a good target for the killers too. She had the right look too for the role she portrayed as well as doing good when she freaks out about what is going on along with her disturbed attitude on what happened after the prom.
Luke Jones
(Jake) played a perfect bad ass in the film as he was terrific with his menacing aggressions and violent behavior too when he needed to do so on set. He just looked like one of those typical troublemakers that you don't want in your life.
Danny Countess
(Sgt. Admonte) tried to play a serious goofy detective in the film but however he seems to try a little too hard to play this type of role that it looks a bit fake. However he does bring his seriousness together nicely after he tries to come to the rescue for the next time the killer does their evil deeds.
Matt Thomsen
(Det. Haines) who played his sidekick was just plain annoying and was very mellodramatic trying to act opposite of him by not taking his work seriously. He did nothing for me at all. Just not a born character actor at all.
Mariana Crasto
(Julie) showed alot of good characteristics as a sympathetic one and showing lots of energy to her part in the film really knowing her role inside out. She had the right looks too which was one of the film's plus.
Kyle Richards
(Stephen) was another mellodramatic one in the film but again his part was to be a total goofball in it. He is still over the top nonetheless and tried way too hard at portraying this role in which you can tell while watching him. Thank god he was the first one to be killed. Yet had a great shocked reaction after what he spots before he dies.
Sarah McGuire
(Rose) really knew how to act ghostly showing her expressionless looks and silent behavior. I give her a two thumbs up for acting very haunting like.

Some bloodied bodies
A pair of clippers stabs through a person's neck and their head is chopped off showing the remains as well
A knife is stabbed through a person's chest

We hear many nice thumping beating sounds for the creepy moments in the film as well as some rumbling noises too. Plus during the middle of the film there's some keyboard music which almost sounds similar to the theme song of The Shining but in a cheesy fashion all composed by Paul Orwell.