5 Dead On the Crimson Canvas (1996)


Written & Directed by: Joseph F. Parda


Liz Haverty .... Gloria Streeb
Joe Zaso .... Bill Streeb
Mony Damevsky .... Richard Streeb
Rick Poli .... Geisler
Xavier Domingo .... Inspector Andez
Edoardo Ballerini .... Blaine
Lynn Macri .... Hillary

Release Dates:
1996 Fantafestival (Rome, Italy); LA PORTA SUL BUIO II (Rome, Italy): October 31, 1998




A disturbed painter named Richard Streeb (Mony Damensky) creates macabre paintings which creates a huge sensation. Then one dark night someone is dressed in black and kills him or so people might think to give Richard a taste of his own medicine.

Suddenly Richard's body has vanished and everyone is labeled a suspect including his estranged brother Bill (Joe Zaso) as he investigates the unsolved murderer while having an affair with his sister in law Gloria (Liz Haverty).

Bill encounters a bunch of perverts, prostitutes and psychopaths and even gets drugged at a cafe then has a bizarre nightmare.

Eventually Bill does meet up with the killer as the killer has slaughtered many other suspects but it's not what Bill thinks.


The beginning of the film looked pointless and extremely bland with a murderous scene in the shower. Also there's an art museum scene as it looks way too acted out of course this is due to bad dubbing.
There is a moment on the character Gloria Streeb when she falls to the ground when her husband is murdered which looks effective in the story as well as with the camera shot on him as well as experiencing this tragedy that the woman has when she spots this.
There's a nice dialogue between the characters Gloria and Inspector Andez about the questioning on the murder case in which this looked and fairly strong watching this moment happen.
There's a nice and calm scene with Bill Streeb and Gloria together outside in a patio near a forest with the sun shining on them leaving it a nice touch to the story.
A dialogue between Bill and a professor looked quite corny to watch in a study mansion when Bill tries to get information from him.
We see a very twisted moment with Bill when he is in a cafe and a strange poetry is happening there and then goes into a hallucination as there's colorful effects to the picture when this happens which looks well done but extremely strange.
Next there's a mysterious and gothic like dialogue between Bill and a mysterious character Rosie giving the film a nice little touch as the makers of the film makes it look good in every way.
There's perfect camera shots on Bill and Gloria performing a sex scene together as well as something a little terrifying afterwards in which seems to show nice timing here.
There's a moment in the film when we see a character named Hillary trying to come on strong with Gloria by trying to seduce her it seems to have a nice lesbian artsy type of appeal to this.
The best part in the film is that there's the character named Gloria who has a deep and dark secret revealing towards Bill that unravels the mystery in the plot as they all make it look good as well as great camera shots on each of them when they talk.
Also in the film there's some good camera shots on some artsy moments with actresses taking off their clothes wearing lingere's about to act kinky as well as great shots on the killer coming in to murder his victim's.
Bottom line is that the film could've been better as it needed alot of polishing but it wasn't terrible. It gets a bit better though.
Made on a film budget mostly but however the editing is a little uneven with the audio and such but this film was trying to be a take on those Italian horror flicks.
A neat artsy slasher flick that carries on the tradition of other slasher films but in a different way. However, it does lack a bit but not too much.

The acting is at times uneven and sometimes passable but the audio was terribly dubbed on the actors in this film as it almost looked like a foreign film dubbed in english but these are really the actors voices.
Lead actress Liz Haverty (Gloria Streeb) seems to do well with her character by showing good emotions to her role as the wife of a murdered man and wants to find out who killed him. She also does well by acting shocked in her first scene in which she leaves a nice impression to her acting skills while spotting this. Also she has a nice almness to her speaking in certain scene's which looked pretty impressive too.
Joe Zaso (Bill Streeb) is great too as the brother of the victim showing good expressions, intensity and anger to his role. He also shows some good energy when he is shocked or psyched out in a situation as well as acting believeably anxious in certain spots. He also knew on how to get into a lustful mode making his reactions with all of this pretty believeable too.
Xavier Domingo (Inspector Andez) pulls off his character well too as a detective making his character look fairly good.
Supporting actor Mony Damevsky (Richard Streeb) seems to stand out well playing someone almost insane as the husband supposedly killed. He shows off nice energy here.
Lynn Macri (Hillary) really needed improvement as the lesbian maid in the film but she still had some interesting and dark moments to her role. However when she tried to come on strong with her lustful and obsesssive attitude she lacks a bit with this type of performance in her role.
Supporting actress Gina Colon (Rosie) makes her character truly mysterious too in the film as a possible suspect.

A lady is taking a shower full nude before she gets kills during the opening of this film.
There is a sex scene between Joe Zaso and Liz Haverty's characters.

A guys face is eaten alive by pirahna's.
A guy gets stabbed in the neck with a sharp metal object which is a little graphic and during a dream sequence.
A man's chest is cut open and a person takes out his heart which is wrapped around a picture if a painting.

The music was composed by Jerry Djerassi whom at first is rather boring with the piano playing during the beginning of the film when a lady is taking a shower and then murdered but he really improves especially during the other murders along with some icy synthesizer playing too making it a horror effective sound to the picture.