Alien: Covenant (2017)


Produced & Directed by: Ridley Scott

Written by: John Logan & David Harper


.... David / Walter
Katherine Walterston .... Daniels
.... Oram
Danny McBride .... Tennessee
.... Lope
.... Karine
.... Ricks
.... Upworth
.... Faris
.... Hallett

Release Date: Theatrical: May 19, 2017




A crew on a colony ship experiences an accident creating many of their loved one's to being killed on board as well as discovering a remote planet that has wiped out any living beings there caused by some sort of a virus creating creatures to being born which they themselves become the next target with more terrifying creatures to date.


The beginning looks mildly stale in which we have a creator Peter Weyland talking to the lead character David as you get the feeling that this person is an android and explaining to him about life and what he is capable of doing which seemed to be drawn in although the scene was a bit of a bore.
A nice opening credits which looked fun to watch as the words starts to form just like what we saw in Alien and it takes place in outer space in which there's some neat special effects with a spaceship driving through outer space. Also we see some objects opening up from the ship as this looked amusing t o watch as well.
Perfect intense moments when we spot tragic moments to some of the crew with the spaceship going wrong as things looked good and intense as well as fast action moments here and there.
Perfect moments when people are grieving such as Daniels sobbing when she looks at a memory of one of her loved one's on a small screen which was brought to life or when Oram discusses sadly to the other crew members about it and to try and carry on with their lives which was another nice scene for the film.
Terrific moment when one of the crew members try to fix something on their mother ship which looked suspenseful wondering if something is going to happen as well as static when he tries to talk to them but there's an interruptance which makes you watch carefully wondering if something dangerous is going to occur to this person on the ship in outerspace.
Perfect strong discussions with Oram talking to Daniels about a planet that was discovered with some of their people there and wanting to go and check it out with her objecting to going down there and having a bad feeling as their arguments were nicely drawn in as well as this looking exciting for what we will spot later on while we continue to watch this story unravel.
Perfect energetic moments with some people communicating with others while bringing their small ship down to the planet and their sarcastic jokingly moments towards one another as these situations looked perfectly uplifting to watch.
Nice special effects one of the people on the planet is smoking a cigarette and steps on something with some sort of chemicals starts to float into his ear in which this is a good cringing moment that it isn't anything good at all.
Another good moment with the other crew discovering that alien ship that crashed and going to discover it as well as one of their men stepping on something similar and the particals going into his nostrils as this grabs your attention greatly.
Perfect settings of the inside of the ship as well as activating some objects as well as spotting a screen of one of their people talking but it's static which makes the story looking incredibly mysterious.
Great intense moment when one of these people who got that virus ends up getting sick and Faris tries to bring him into the ship to help him out as this showed alot of action packed power as well as later on finding out on what's happening to him which looked good and graphic along with this some sort of a creature coming to life which looked different than any of the Alien flicks as this grabs your attention greatly too. The special effects looked well done for this scene.
More attention grabbers when we see people struggling against these creatures running through and attacking in the forest and trying to gun these little monsters down which packed more exciting action as well as a near jumping moment when a hooded figure shoots up a flare gun and tells them to come with him as this looked impressive to watch.
A nicely focused moment with the hooded figure revealing himself which is of course Walter explaining as to why he was there and so fourth but it still seems confusing a bit at the same time.
Nice flashbacks on the people who lived on the planet as well as their spaceships with the virus floating out of it causing the extinction which looked intense as well as neat special effects on the happenings. It was nice to see some of these aliens as to where they resided. I thought it was well put in.
Great near jumping moment when out of nowhere one of the creatures attacks one of the crew memers as it was done at a real fast pace offering nice horrific timing.
Also a perfect tame moment with Walter talking to this creature slowly approaching this figure which is a real attention grabber wonder if he will be able to tame this beast and then a great intense disturbance when Oram springs into action and fires away at this thing. Looked pretty disturbing.
One of the best scene's is when Walter shows Oram the eggs as what his latest search was which were of course the same one's in the other Alien flicks and one starts to open and tells him to take a look at it as I was thinking WHOA! Since we all know on what's going to happen next. Also is clever to know that Walter is not a safe person to be around.
Perfect shot at the baby alien after bursting through someone's chest watching Walter as he communicates with this creature which looked impressive to watch.
A nice mellow moment with Walter communicating towards David and then BAM! He tries to kill him as this is a good surprising and jumping moment to watch.
Great suspenseful moments when some of the soldiers try to fire at one of the beings from the eggs or struggle against it wondering if they are doomed along with a perfect shot on the creature now full grown leaping down and ready to terrorise which offered nice timing.
Great classic battle between David and Walter as this looked brutal as well as their aggressive communications towards one another as it was impressive to seeing both androids fighting against one another.
More terrific action moments when the survivors leave the planet with their ship but the alien creature is on top of this ship and Daniels tries to find some way on snuffing this beast. It looked at times a bit off for this type of a flick since we don't really see these situations happen in the pervious films but it looked perfectly vengeful.
Also a great moment when they discover another one is in the ship with them and tries to outsmart it by using doors to try and trap it as well there's a lustful shower scene by a couple which is also a different situation compared to the previous one's which seemed a bit corny but the terror starts for them shortly after.
The ending offers a different twist as David isn't whom we thought he is which seemed a bit confusing wondering on what's going to happen during the end of this flick.
Bottom line is that the film at first looked exciting but however seemed a bit slow and not getting into the action so much. It's kinda nice to see some other creatures appear before the typical one's but things still seemed a little confusing as it never explains how the eggs came from or were they created by this mad scientist. Yet in Aliens there was a queen laying these ojects so there's still alot of explaining to do which it doesn't. A sequel to the sci-fi flick Prometheus and a prequel to Alien but yet I think this took place on a totally different planet.

The acting is very good with a large cast but only certain one's stood out worth mentioning so I will take a look here ..... (David / Walter) played two different character's but was very convincing to have different personalities as well as different accents as well in which he was very gifted while doing all of this. Does a great job acting expressionless and emotionless while learning life as he studied this solidly. Also knew on how to portray someone wise as well as evil by coming across as somewhat a mad scientist. Also shows great forceful energy and looking convincingly powerful and wicked. Yes he did it all and offering a perfect versatality.
Katherine Walterston (Daniels) was probably the best out of the cast in which she really showed off a perfect upsetting and emotional attitude while griveing a death or showing upsetting reactions to other things that are happening which she brought to life a great deal. Also does well acting tough too whenever she had to be this way. Shows a perfect vengeful aggression when trying to snuff an alien creature as this looked impressive too. She was a force of nature and had excellent energy within whatever she did here.
(Oram) was okay playing the captain of the crew of soldiers but wasn't as tough as you'd think that he would've been. He did the job as best he could and pulled it off showing a low courage level which seemed to be on what hsi character was about. Also shows some nice upsetting emotions or having good energy with his speaking too. Does the job and deserves some good credit.
Danny McBride (Tennessee) shows off his charm greatly as a lightheaded type and does well with his sarcasm in which he draws in alot to his characteristics. Seemed to come across as a likeable type in the film. I really liked on what he did here as well as having a good burly type of looks and appeal to his role in which he was a right choice for casting this type of part.
(Upworth) showed off a good sharp attitude in her speaking and showed some wise characteristics too as someone helping controlling the mother ship. Seemed to have the right looks and appeal onto the screen in which her supporting role grabbed my attention a great deal. Shows off a good seriousness into her part.
(Faris) was another good example in her supporting role as she showed a sharp attitude and knew on how to act alert to situations. Also shows a nice panicking energy while trying to bring someone to safety. Also shows off a great crying and scared attitude bringing this to a perfect hype which anyone who saw her perfom in this would be hard to forget.

A brief breast shot on a woman taking a shower

A creature rips out the back of a person
Someone spits out blood with another creature popping out
Creature attacks and munches on someone
Baby alien bursts out of a person's chest
Dead corpse with gruesome results
Acid is splashed on someone's face
Alien bites through someone else while taking a shower

The composing by Jed Kurzel was fairly well done as he composes the traditional music from the original flicks for the most part especially for the opening credits which worked in greatly. Seemed to bring it together pretty good although it wasn't as smoothly done. Still there's nice clarinet, flute and trombone music. Also some original music too which seemed to work in okay too. Also we hear some light piano playing for a sad scene in the film which was a bit different than what you'd normally hear in this legacy but it's not too badly done.

[first lines]
Peter Weyland: How do you feel?
David: Alive.

Daniels: Are you sure about this, Captain?
Oram: How do you mean?
Daniels: We don't know what the fuck's out there.

Daniels: You hear that?
Oram: What?
Daniels: Nothing. No birds, no animals. Nothing.

Walther: They've made a few upgrades since your time.

Tennessee: She was scared. My wife has never been scared before.

Daniels: Let's kill this fucker.

Daniels: David? No... No!
David: Shh. Don't let the bed bugs bite. I'll tuck in the children.