Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story (2015)


Directed by: James Moran

Written by: Ian Shorr
Joseph DeLage & Troy Wagner (Web Series)


.... Sara
Chris Marquette .... Milo Burns
Jake McDorman .... Charlie MacNeel
Doug Jones .... The Operator
Michael Bunin .... Dan Wittlocke
Alexandra Holden .... Rose Wittlocke

Special Appearances:

Damon Gupton .... Dr. Farrell
.... Gary Rockwell
.... Kyle
Angus Scrimm .... Percy

Release Dates:
Video On Demand: April 7, 2015; Limited Theatrical: May 15, 2015 (USA)





A small news team discovers a box of old VHS tapes in an abandoned home where they do some research on as well as interviewing the law enforcement as these tapes reveal a faceless figure dressed in a dark suit that haunts, torments and possesses a family and suddenly this is happening to them as well.


The beginning looks exciting with a group of kids trying to escape something and scramble into their vehicle with some of them not being able to make it which is promising while we keep watching the story and see how it unravels.
Then we spot new characters having a fun new years eve along with both Sara and Milo talking alone in a room and discussing their resolutions as this looked uplifting as well as the party looking full of life. Of course this is a good beginning for a found footage horror flick before the tragic strikes them later on.

Afterwards impressive moments on Sara, Milo and Charlie going into some abandoned homes to look for missing clues as there's nice careful takes on where they're going as well as spotting some symbols leaving a creepy feel to the story as well as being caught by surprise by a dog barking at them which is a near jumping moment as well as leaving a fearful feeling if this animal will bite them.
Also a still moment with Milo cautiously going down some dark stairs as you get a cringy feeling wondering if something spooky is down there which makes you watch very carefully.
Things seem impressive when they find VHS tapes and watch them in an editing room with nothing happening but then when they leave something different happens with a shadow appearing in a room leaving a mild mysterious moment which makes you want to watch for more on the outcome later on in the story.
Along in the film these people interview locals like the police etc which seemed corny to watch as it made me wonder if I was in for a cheesy flick but this is one of the only moments I have criticism for since it gets better later on.
A nice moment when Milo tells them what he sees on the screen of a figure watching at a girl's birthday party which is clever since you need to look very carefully. It was well shot making you miss if you blink.
Also good night shots on Milo filming around the home to look for something unusual as this looked perfectly creepy to watch by how this was all done and nicely put into the story almost making you have the chills.
Effective moments with Milo sleeping on the couch and his dog next to him as well as the camera getting glitchy and turning colors since this leaves an impression that something paranormal is happening here.
Also more creepy moments when Milo goes back to an abandoned house to find another tape with some sounds happening and him being frightened as this gives you the chills while watching.
Perfect intensity when Milo barges in telling Charlie and Sara about spotting the figure which looked powerful to watch and making you wonder if a brawl will break out as one of them reveals an anger to do so as well a s kicking Milo out of their home leaving great tension and frustrations on what is going on. A real powerful scene that this was indeed.
Also another big fight breaking out by what Charlie spots on the screen towards Milo as this is yet another well drawn in scene. Then out of nowhere BAM! Something crazy happens as this was done at an extreme intense pace. This offered great timing.
Perfect intensity with them going nuts in a hotel looking like they're trashing the place due to something terrifying as well as good glitches and audio troubles as this psych's you out thinking "What the hell is going on???"
Great terrifying situations when the three of them watching another footage on the family with the husband and wife being abusive with one another which looked shocking to watch and deadly too as well as what the wife does to their home which looked like a possessive situation.
Then things gets rolling big time when they ask if any of them were still alive and explaining where the housewife was and then they pay a visit ot her which things start to become more creepy on what we find out as to how she reacts to them which looked endangering.
Near the ending looked perfectly twisted and classy with them residing in a remote cabin with nice shots in the home as well as an intense moment on what looked like a tragic suicide caused by the figure out of nowhere but not like we think that this person is dead in which a possession seems to take place causing more tragic moments endangering the other two as this looked perfectly well done.
Bottom line is that this flick borrowed alot from Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project but is not a ripoff on those whatsoever. It's really enjoyable and better than the movies you see these days so I give these filmmakers credit for all of this. It doesn't make you jump so much but it's still chilling and entertaining regardless. Check it out for yourself.

The acting is is done in fine taste as lead actress (Sara) seemed to portray her role quite well as someone light headed and trying to do her job with news reports. At times she needed a bit of inspiration while doing this but she wasn't too far off. Also does a great job with her freaked out emotional behavior later on as she brings this to a great hype as well as almost losing it too. Plus shows a great intensity when the terror surrounds her.
Chris Marquette (Milo Burns) focused on his role pretty well as he offers a nice concentrated attitude within whatever he did here. Plus shows off a nice guy type attitude during a new year eve party. He really showed off a perfect anxious attitude when he spots the ghostly figure as well as losing control when he's talking about it. Plus does a great job acting wildly aggressive and behaving intense. He seemed to study his role inside out and knew on how to drive his insanity pretty good and clear within everything that he did in each scene.
Jake McDorman (Charlie MacNeel) stood out the most in his role as he shows off a good charming and outgoing type of attitude as well as acting believeably bubbly. I really enjoyed his performance as he also had the hunky looks which fits for the character that he portrayed. Plus shows it off revealing his anger too as well as his temperamental behavior in which he came across as someone whom is ready to take a swing at you if you crossed him. He was a ball of energy and hats off to this guy.
Alexandra Holden
(Rose Wittlocke) only had a supporting role in the film and is mostly seen in an old vhs copy on what was found but I found her to be the best out of the cast in which she does well acting like a dysfunctional basket case in which she delivers this clearly as well as acting crazy in other spots along with her forceful attitude. Knew on how to spring in action and acting unpredictable. She was a worthy character actress indeed.

Some low rumbling sounds and other creepy noises we hear the odd time which is basically the same for any found footage flicks but it still gives you the creeps regardless.