An American Werewolf in Paris (1997)


Executive Produced & Directed by: Anthony Waller

Written by: Tim Burns, Tom Stern & Anthony Waller


Tom Everett Scott .... Andy McDermott
Julie Delpy .... Serafine Pigot
Vince Vieluf .... Brad
Phil Buckman .... Chris
Julie Bowen .... Amy Finch
Pierre Cosso .... Claude
Thierry Lhermitte .... Dr. Thiery Pigot
Tom Novembre .... Inspector LeDuc

Release Dates:
Theatrical: October 31, 1997 (UK) December 25, 1997 (USA).




Three American tourists are having the time of their life down in Paris while travelling around Europe as they travel up to the top of Eifell tower where one of them named Andy McDermott (Tom Everett Scott) tries to stop a troubled woman named Serafine Pigot (Julie Delpy) from jumping off as she had a note in her hand.
Later on Andy takes interest in her and she takes him to a club that is owned by her roomate named Claude (Pierre Cosso) as everyone is dancing and partying out but then the moon suddenly turns full and everything changes as Serafine tries to ward Andy away before he gets killed during this moment as the owners at the club turn into werewolves and devour their guests including Andy's friend Chris (Phil Buckman). Also, another werewolf clawed Andy as he wakes up the next morning thinking it's all a dream but Serafine tells him he's different than he normally was and that his mother was Alex Price and David Kessler when she experienced this terror in London back in 1981 and trying to overcome her lycanthrope disease. She tells him he's going to endanger others soon although he doesn't believe her.
He suddenly gets very hungry at night and eats like an animal at a restaurant and feels more powerful as well as hearing things from a distance.
He spots a beautiful looking bimbo named Amy Finch (Julie Bowen) that he plans to spend the night with but his undead friend Chris haunts him and warns him what he's going to do.
After Andy transforms into a werewolf and kills Amy he must find a way to end the madness surrounding him and Serfafine as they try to stop Claude and his cult as they inject themselves with a drug that can make them a werewolf any time.
Plus they are holding Andy's friend Brad (Vince Vieluf) for a sacrifice as Andy must rescue him too before it's too late.


Although this sequel doesn't meet up to John Landis' terror the story still delivers some fast paced action in this movie.
Nice moments with the American tourists having a great time exploring France especially when they struggle to climb up the stairway to the rifle tower. There's great shots on them at the very top of the rifle tower looking down which is creepy for those who are terrified of heights yet you can tell it was a set.
A nice shot on one of the characters named Serafine Pigot walking to the ledge of the tower crying and about to jump and Andy McDermott tries to convince her not to jump as you cringe wondering if they will both fall.
Great effects shot on the two of them falling with the air blowing at them full speed.
A goofy shot on Andy standing in a hospital holding the woman's shoe acting goofy with his discussion and Serafine slowly turning to him and about to walk towards him.
We have a funny conversations between the two of them at a cafe especially when some condomns dump out of his shirt pocket and she gives a look that she's not impressed about to leave if he doesn't explain and is good at trying to cover up and acting desperate.
Nice shots at the locals dancing at a nightclub and one of the people named Claude showing a menacing attitude.
It is a nice touch when Serafine is about to transform into a werewolf bluntly telling Andy to get away as possible when he acts dumb and questions her as she does well by throwing bricks at him from a ground.
A good camera shot on her looking down when she looks up at the full moon with her eyes changing.
A perfect shot on the people at the dance club changing and growling.
We have a real shocking scene with Chris walking towards what looks like some sort of a hospitalised panel and a werewolf suddenly leaps up and is about to attack as well as him trying to get away.
A nice shot on Brad holding a lantern looking towards a dark area and a great special effects shot of a werewolf running out and ready to leap.
A nice shot on Andy trying to get away and a werewolf is clawing at his leg.
We have a moment that grabs your attention with Serafine putting two hearts in a blender.
Next we have a good and memorable discussion between Serafine trying to talk to Andy trying to act a little lusting at the same time that he's not the same anymore. He looked good behaving sarcastically thinking she's pulling his leg.
A perfect shot on Andy jumping through an outside window of a house. We also have a hilarious moment with him acting like an animal eating his food at a restaurant and a good close up shot on his eyes after he spots a beautiful woman.
We get another funny moment with both Andy and Amy Finch pigging out at the restaurant and a good approach by Chris as the undead talking to him and it's goofy when Andy freaks out after spotting him.
Great camera shots on Andy and Amy making out in a graveyard on Jim Morrison's tombstone as the moment is very silly like it's meant to be.
A good shot of Andy running towards a pool of water and jumping in. A great shot on this showing steam and some bubbles and next you know a cheesy but great and suspenseful effect shot on the werewolf jumping out and Bowen screaming although she could have been slightly more convincing.
A nice shot on Amy dead lying in a drawer in a mortuary and then her eyes open up.
A perfect and overly funny three way discussion with Amy and Chris arguing along with Andy trying to escape the madness of all of this.
We have a corny chasing scene with Andy running away from Claude and his gang.
There's a good moment with Claude having a cult ceremony in his club area.
There's a great touching moment with Andy towards Amy with sympathetic situations when she feels her life should be taken but he makes sure that things are going to be fine as this scene looked nicely focused here. Of course it's always a nice romantic and traditional moment for a touching scene like this to happen in a horror flick.
A good fast action brawling scene between Andy and Claude in a subway train as well as a great cheesy effect on Andy charging after him and slowly transforming into a werewolf.
Bottom line is that that was almost like a disappointing remake but set in Paris with lots of corniness. Yes the dark comedy is there but not so much of the dark horror like in American Werewolf in London.
There is the odd laugh with this film too so it can be fun to watch along with cheesy special effects too.
You might also get a kick out of the undead dialogue like you spot in the first film.

The acting is passable as we have lead actor Tom Everett Scott (Andy McDermott) as the American tourist trying to risk his life after turning into a werewolf. He tries to show a humorous character to his part but he just doesn't cut it perfectly. However he does well acting sarcastic when he needed to behave like this. He really does well after he realises that he is turning into a werewolf with his intense expressions. He does show some good energy whenever he struggles against his foes.
Julie Delpy
(Claude) as the werewolf mistress shows a nice calm attitude to her part and knew how to get tough and powerful too. She also does very well by acting aggressive whenever she transforms into a werewolf as well as reacting well to being in pain. She also does well by acting lustful in a certain scene.
Phil Buckman
(Chris) certainly was a character to his part in the film as he offers alot of wit and spunk into his role. Does well with his charm and likeable attitude. Had the right looks and apppeal to his role. He really gets into his role when he becomes undead.
Supporting actress Julie Bowen (Amy) was darn right funny with her part as an outrageous bimbo and becoming the undead as well. She made me laugh. She also does well by acting weak in certain spots when she tries to convince someone to kill her.
Pierre Cosso
(Claude) showed a great nasty streak to his part as the head cult of the werewolf pack at the pub and showed his stuff superbly.
Had the right evil looks to his role as well as having a nice coldness in his speaking. Plus was a great powerful source of nature when he goes into a struggling moment which he shows off terrific energy within all of this.
Tom Novembre (Inspector LeDuc) was incredibly slick in his supporting role as someone who is sharp with his speaking and his presence as well. Defientely came across as someone unpleasant with his emotionless and expressionless attitude. He proved to be a solid character actor.

Julie Delpy exposes her breasts sitting on a bed.

An arm is torn off.
Two hearts are put in a blender
A woman is clawed half to shreds
A woman corpses eyeball pops out of her head

Wilbert Hirsch composes some strong adventureous classical music with the violin and horn playing. It really packed a punch as he focused well on each scene of the story. Has a ton of great chantings and harmonising during the beginning of the film as well as towards the big moments on the ceremony of the werewolf attacks. He definetely deserves great credit for everything that he did here.

There was a big selection of songtrack artists played throughout the film with groups like

Human Torch - "Fastball"
Bush - "Mouth"
Skinny Puppy - "Hardset Head"
Redd Kross - "Sick Love"

You know what I mean. Some of it didn't appeal to me though.

Serafine: I want you to blow a big bubble for me.
Andy McDermott: What?
Serafine: Well... It's a custom in France. The bigger the bubble, the more a boy likes a girl.

Surgeon: Did you see a girl? She's stolen my heart.
Andy McDermott: I know the feeling.

Andy McDermott: Great. Come to Paris and check out les drains.

Claude: I LOVE Americans. You all have a good taste.

[the undead Amy rises from a slab as a zombie]
Amy Fitch: Thanks for the lovely evening, douche-bag. You really know how to treat a lady.
Andy McDermott: No! You're dead!
Amy Fitch: No, I'm undead. Which means I'm forced to walk this wretched earth until you die.
[Brad appears as a zombie]
Brad: Not so fast! You want my buddy dead, you're gonna have to come through me.
Amy Fitch: Oh, that's something. (to Andy) It took me four years to get a package figure like this. You ripped through it like a lamb chop.
Andy McDermott: This can't be happening.
Brad: Don't blame me Andy. I warned you.
Amy Fitch: (to Andy) Wait a minute. You knew about this all along?
Cadaver: Hey, keep it quiet! Some of us are trying to rest in pieces here.

Andy McDermott: I didn't choose to become a werewolf. I can't face the fact that I've got to go around killing and eating people for the rest of my life.
Brad: Better get used to it.

Amy Fitch: Who do you have to sleep with to get a guy to have sex with you?

Bouncer: [outside the Club Luna] Claude said no one is to be admitted once the door was locked.
Serafine: The full moon is rising; would you rather I remained out here with you?
Bouncer: Uh, no.
[opens the door and lets Serafine in, quickly locking the door behind her]