Peoria born actress Amy Weber is certainly no stranger to horror. Just this year she played Lynn Starks in gore-fest 'The Pumpkin Karver' (2006) and even served as the associate producer on the project. Lovely Amy started out in films on a terrorific note as The Evil Queen in 'Dangerous Seductress' in 1992 with Tanya Lawson and in between has starred as Kyra in the 1999 horror flick 'Kolobos'. In addition to her horror credentials Amy has also appeared in a number of other shows and films like '7th Heaven', 'Mike Hammer, Private Eye', 'L.A. Heat', 'Port Charles', 'Sheena', 'Joe Dirt', 'Portrait of Eve', 'Pacific Blue', 'Saved By The Bell', 'Scarlet Mirror', 'Pauly Shore is Dead', 'Starforce', 'Melrose Place', various W.W.E. projects, 'Howard Stern', 'The Tonight Show', etc. That's quite a resume and Amy is quite a woman. The stunning actress even has a 2007 calendar out which can be purchased through her site at ! She was also cool enough to spare a bit of her time for this exclusive racks and razors interview.


  Okay Amy - can you start the audience off with a visual and describe the room where you're answering these questions?

I wish I had some sexy answer for you but I am sitting in my office which has a great view of the Hollywood sign..

When I checked out your website I saw your 2007 calendar. It looks wonderful. Tell me about that project? Should folks order it through your site?

I am really happy with the way that the 2007 calendar came out.. I produced the shoot myself. I shot it in Clearwater, Florida where the sand is so fine that it sticks to your body.. Yes, order it on "" and click on store.

Another big recent project of yours I'm eager to discuss is your role as Lynn Starks in 'The Pumpkin Karver' (2006). Why don't you give me a little teaser of that film that will make it irressistable to all the horror fans at Racks and Razors?

I think that this movie is spectacular.. We shot in such an amazing location with these old broken down tractors and silos.. it scared the crap out of me every night to be shooting in such a scary looking place.. It is a must see because everyone has their own idea of who the killer is when they are watching it..

You also served as Associate Producer on 'The Pumpkin Karver'. What exactly did those duties entail?

So many things.. everything from casting to location scouting, crewing the movie... it was an incredible learning experience..

It's interesting too that your first film role was in a horror flick. Back in 1992 you starred as The Evil Queen in 'Dangerous Seductress'. What was your main memory of that first film experience?

Being so tired.. We shot nights and I would be peeling off the layers of special effects makeup and prosthetics when the sun was coming up...

If you were queen, and you don't necessarily have to be evil, but what is a mandate that you would enforce throughout your kingdom?

I would make it a law that people have to be nice to others.. We are so mean to each other nowadays..

I also want to hear about your work as Kyra in the 1999 horror flick 'Kolobos'. What is that scenario of that movie in a nutshell?

It is loosely based on a reality show that puts a bunch of strangers in a house to live and they film your every move.. but in this film, people start dying.. Wow.. you make me realize that I have done quite a few horror movies!!

You have done so much great stuff and worked with Sean Penn, Dylan McDermott, Pauly Shore, Jay Leno, and in shows like your recurring role on 'Port Charles', and in series like 'Melrose Place', '7th Heaven', 'Saved By The Bell', 'Silk Stalkings', 'Jenny', 'Baywatch', etc. What has been your favorite moment of seeing yourself on screen -- the scene you would like put in a time capsule to show your acting abilities?

I really liked 7th Heaven.. all of those scenes reminded me so much of the real me...

"There is nothing better than playing a bad girl for two months, then turning around and playing someone sweet. Films give you this opportunity." That's a quote of yours. I'm curious, what are your favorite roles to play - you've done drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror -- and played both good and bad?

I like comedy because it is challenging.. But it is also so much fun to play a bi&^%$(.. lol

Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to tell the Racks and Razors readers about?

I have a pretty big thing coming down the pipe but I signed a confidentiality agreement.. I just did some work for Icehouse beer and will be appearing at the Appleton Bike Show in Nashville Jan 13 and 14th if anyone is in the area, I will be selling autographed calendars..

Do you recall the first movie you saw that scared the shit out of you?

'Omen'.. That little boy and the whole 666 thing.. creepy!!

Okay, we're pulling the car into the Amy Weber Drive In. What three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight and what gooies are they going to b e serving up at the concession stand?

Well, we would start with some old school like "Halloween" then of course feature "The Pumpkin Karver" and probably end with "The Grudge"

What scares you in real life?

Sock puppets

What makes you go psycho in real life?

I am not really the psycho type, but I can't stand liars and bullshitters.. drives me nuts..