Gorgeous actress Ashlie Rhey started modeling in high school and from that gradually moved into movies. To date she has appeared in dozens of films. She was on the ground level of the adult thriller video craze and has made a good amount of horror flicks as well. Some of her titles include ‘Witchcraft VII’, ‘Demon Lover’, ‘Midnight Tease’, ‘Body Count’, ‘Revenge of the Calendar Girls’, ‘Ring of Fire II’, ‘The Summoned’, ‘Boiler Room’, ‘Cannibal Taboo’, ‘Broken Vessels’, ‘Forbidden Games’, ‘Squanderers’, ‘Deadlock: A Passion for Murder’, ‘Prelude to Love’, ‘Body of Influence’, ‘Bikini Hoe Down’, and ‘Bikini Drive In’. And in my opinion – you’ve gotta love any actress whose list of characters includes Carol, Connie, Trish, Debbie, Annie, April, Gina, Carlotta Bone, Mantra, School Girl, Stewardess, Dominatrix, Bar Girl Gang Member, Redhead, Ty-Dy, and Nude Ninja.

Oh yeah – we’re fans. It’s her party – but the good news is you’re invited!


Ashlie, would you be so kind as to start the visually oriented readers off with a visual and describe the room where you're answering these questions?

This space is about 30 X 15 with lots of windows.

So I have heard you say on several occasions that you have stage fright. Was overcoming that something that prompted you to go into an acting career? How did Ashlie in Movies come about?

I have always dealt with stage fright, even when I did fashion shows I was nervous. But I also always wanted to do what the stars do. When the modeling started to wind down I got serious about the acting work and threw myself into classes and simultaneously started shooting for Playboy. Then, once I knew I was going to be published nude worldwide I started auditioning for roles that were 'nudity required'. That’s when my film-acting career began. For me it was a mission for my soul to overcome my tremendous shyness.

So looking back over your 40 or so films and acting projects what scene or flick can you watch and say to yourself - "That's my best moment as an actress, I really nailed it there."

I think that moment may be in a short film I shot recently. I have not seen it yet, but hope that what I was experiencing as the character will translate well and the audience will fully relate. It was a heartfelt human drama piece. One other moment that really stands out was when I had to kill my husband in “The Summoned” to stop the demon that possessed him. For me it was a very deep moment in character, the cameraman was making fun of me calling it “therapy on the set” or something like that.

Throughout the 90s you did a number of adult thrillers. That genre seems to have diminished in the past decade. Any theories about what has happened on that front?

I am not sure how that genre came about and why it dropped off. I do know that the fans of those movies want more new product and there is just not as much being filmed now.

I want to hear about 'Cannibal Taboo'. What was your predominant memory of filming that movie?

Reading the script and seeing the psychotic things my character does was a trip. Although her actions are normal for an incestuous cannibal, I was like, wow! I was really excited to play such a deviant psycho person who just acted like that was Norman Rockwell everyday life. I also had quite a time changing my hair color to red (or in this case, it was ‘sorta red’); red is not an easy thing to do.

You play Rachel in 'Witchcraft VII: Judgment Hour' (1995) in which you are seduced by a vampire and subsequently seduce as a vampire. What do you consider to be the allure of those creatures?

I think it is the ‘eternal life’ thing… I think it is a basic human desire to know or believe we go on ‘somehow’.

And while we're on the subject, what has the power to turn you into a witch in real life?

P.M.S.  I call it "Pity Me Someone" and if you don't...

I enjoyed your work as Jenny Harris in the film 'The Demon Lover' as well. What were your memories of working alongside such horror icons as Robert Z'Dar, Joe Estevez, and Michelle Bauer?

That was my first starring role and I was working with these established well-known actors! I was so glad that they were so gracious and nice to me as the beginner I was at the time. They are really great people as well as really great actors. That showed me a lot about what being a star ‘really is’ rather than what one might ‘fantasize’ that it is. I remember thinking, I want to be like Michelle one day; with a great body of work, well liked, well know and respected.

In your work you are also closely associated with several Playboy projects. Was that a good stepping-stone into movies or did you find it put a sort of ceiling on where your film work could go?

As far as the nudity-required work it was definitely a stepping-stone. As for mainstream work it might limit my working for some of the commercial clients, as they don’t necessarily want their products associated with ‘Playboy’.

What's the oddest request you've ever had from a fan?

A nipple-print-autograph. It’s where you put lipstick on your nipple and print it on a picture, I had never heard of it before that request. I was like, you want ‘what’?

Okay, we are pulling the car into the Ashlie Rhey Drive-In (it can be 'Bikini Drive-In' if you want!) Anyway, what three horror movies are you going to be showing on the triple bill tonight and what goodies are you going to be serving up at the concession stand?

The Birds, The Exorcist and Rocky Horror Picture Show (I need some fun after all that tension).

Special concessions would be: small fried birds, pea soup, gummy bear bat brains and we gotta have popcorn. O.K., it sounds like what a 5 year old might decide to do for this event, but it is fun for me and it’s my party :-)

What scares you in real life?

Too much caffeine, I do it all the time and it makes me jumpy.